Species On The Move

As climate change impacts habitats around the world, species are on the move, trying to adapt — and survive.


  • Audubon

Courtesy: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Conservation Status

Baird's Sparrow was once very common within its range, but not any more. According to Audubon's analysis, its decline likely stemmed from the loss of its habitat in its summer range due to farming and the loss of habitat in its winter range due to overgrazing. 

Source: Audubon's Field Guide

Looking Forward

By 2080, Baird's Sparrow is expected to lose all of its current summer range and 22 percent of its winter range, according to Audubon's climate model. It's unknown whether the sparrow will be able to adapt.

Source: Audubon's Climate Report

Courtesy: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

About This Species

Baird's Sparrow is a somewhat nomadic songbird. It's small and brown-streaked, and is adapted to grassland habitats that have historically varied year to year due to drought, rain, fire and herds of grazing animals. In the winter, Baird's Sparrow calls north-central Mexico and parts of the southwestern United States home. In summer, it can be found in south-central Canada and the north-central United States. Baird's Sparrow forages for insects and seeds and builds its nests on the ground. 

Source: Audubon's Field Guide

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