January 27, 2021

Animals Can Get Covid-19, Too. Without Government Action, That Could Make the Coronavirus Harder to Control

More and more species, including tigers, gorillas and dogs, have contracted Covid-19. Now researchers want to know which ones can also transmit the virus to humans, worried the animals could become sources of transmission after the outbreak is controlled in people. Some say that could complicate efforts to control the spread if more isn’t done by government officials.

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January 26, 2021

Coal Communities Across the Nation Want Biden to Fund an Economic Transition to Clean Power

Economic development groups in West Virginia, Kentucky and other coal-producing states are asking President Joe Biden, who has promised to tackle climate change and environmental justice, to include their workers in his “just transition” to a clean economy. Among other things, the groups want the administration to create a new task force that’s focused on rebuilding the economies of coal communities.

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January 25, 2021

Climate Change Will Shift Earth’s Tropical Rain Belt, Threatening Water and Food for Billions, Study Says

By 2100, billions of people are at risk of facing more flooding, higher temperatures and less food and water, a new study warns. The research found that climate change will cause the Earth’s tropical rain belt—a latitudinal area near the equator responsible for a significant portion of the planet’s precipitation—to unevenly shift in areas that cover almost two-thirds of the world. 

CBS News

Activists See Biden’s Day One Focus on Environmental Justice as a Critical Campaign Promise Kept

The White House is expected to roll out another series of environment-related actions this week. But activists are already praising President Biden for actions he took on his first day, which many say put an unprecedented focus on racial equity and environmental justice. Two executive orders will “serve as a north star” for the federal government in terms of equitable policy, one activist said. 

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Eminent Domain Lets Pipeline Developers Take Land, Pay Little, Say Black Property Owners

Eminent domain—the government practice of taking private land for public use—has become easier for fossil fuel companies to utilize under President Trump, who removed regulatory barriers for the process. But environmentalists warned that move would disproportionately affect Black communities. That prediction already seems to be playing out in the southwest region of Memphis, Tennessee.

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Many US Utilities Plan to Hang on to Their Coal Plants for a Decade, Sierra Club Report Says

The most coal-dependent utilities in the United States plan to keep around 75 percent of their coal-fired power plants running for another decade, according to a new analysis by the environmental group Sierra Club. The report, which reviewed the plans of 50 utilities, reflects the challenges President Biden will face as he pursues his ambitious climate agenda, including decarbonizing the power sector by 2035.