January 22, 2021

January 21, 2021

Biden Signs Sweeping Orders to Tackle Climate Change and Rollback Trump’s Anti-Environment Legacy

After four years of steady erosion of the nation’s climate policy, President Biden offered big plans on day one through a flurry of executive orders. The orders included moving to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, signaling a review of vehicle emissions standards and directing federal agencies to review and even reverse more than 100 rules that the Trump administration made on the environment.

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On Day One Biden Cancels Keystone XL and Ends Arctic Drilling, Signaling a Larger Shift Away From Fossil Fuels

The era of the United States being the world’s top oil and gas producer may have come to an end with the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The president on his first day took sweeping executive action, including rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline’s presidential permit, signaling that his administration will scrutinize fossil fuel development and swiftly move toward a carbon-free economy.

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January 20, 2021

Court Strikes Down Trump Rollback of Climate Regulations for Coal-Fired Power Plants

On President Trump’s last full day in office a federal appeals court landed a major blow to his administration’s deregulatory campaign by rejecting its boldest attempt to stymie climate regulation. The D.C. circuit court threw out Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule—which replaced Obama’s far more stringent Clean Power Plan—saying it failed to adequately protect the environment and human health.

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The Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Climate Change. Is it Ready to Decide Which Courts Have Jurisdiction?

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh cut to the chase during a hearing Tuesday in a climate change case in which the City of Baltimore is seeking major compensation from the fossil fuel industry related to climate-induced extreme weather and sea level rise. The high court will rule on a narrow legal question, but the outcome will reverberate in dozens of other climate-related lawsuits nationwide.

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