May 10, 2021

E-Commerce Mega-Warehouses, a Smog Source, Face New Pollution Rule

Officials for a southern California air quality district adopted a landmark rule Friday that will force about 3,000 of the largest warehouses in the area used by Amazon and other retailers, to slash emissions from the trucks that serve the site or take other measures to improve air quality, the New York Times reports. The move could spur similar measures nationwide and speed up electrification efforts for freight trucks.

The New York Times

In California’s Farm Country, Climate Change Is Likely to Trigger More Pesticide Use, Fouling Waterways

As climate change drives population growth among insects, California’s waterways could face more toxic runoff as farmers opt to spray more pesticides, scientists warn. Temperature strongly influences insect growth, development and reproduction, while carbon dioxide can affect insect feeding behavior. Additionally, more frequent and severe storms help wash the chemicals into rivers and streams.

Inside Climate News

A Just Transition? On Brooklyn’s Waterfront, Oil Companies and Community Activists Join Together to Create an Offshore Wind Project—and Jobs

The Biden administration has built its climate agenda on a promise that the country can create millions of high-quality jobs and address environmental injustice, all while driving a rapid transition off of fossil fuels. But this notion of a “just transition” has remained largely conceptual. An offshore wind project in New York could be an early test in spelling out the specifics.

Inside Climate News

May 7, 2021

‘America the Beautiful’ Plan Debuts the Biden Administration’s Approach to Conserving the Environment and Habitat

The Biden administration on Thursday introduced its “America the Beautiful” plan to conserve 30 percent of the nation’s land and water by 2030, calling it the country’s first-ever national conservation goal and issuing a stark warning about the state of the country’s natural areas. The plan would also help combat climate change, create jobs and promote racial equity, officials said.

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Despite Strong Utility Support, Arizona Regulators Rejected 100-Percent Clean Energy Rules

Arizona regulators have rejected new rules that would have required most of the state’s electricity providers to get 100 percent of their power from clean energy sources by 2050 to limit carbon emissions and address climate change, the Associated Press reports. An amendment that turned the requirements into goals derailed support for the measure, which was backed by the state’s major regulated utilities.

Associated Press

May 6, 2021

Meeting the Paris Climate Goals is Critical to Preventing Disintegration of Antarctica’s Ice Shelves

Warming will push Antarctica’s ice sheets to the brink of irreversible melting, even if nations make good on the new commitments to cut carbon dioxide emissions they announced during the U.S.-led climate summit last month, according to two new studies published in Nature. Limiting warming to just 1.5 degrees Celsius is the best way to avoid that scenario, the studies concluded.

Inside Climate News

Progressives Introduce Revised Bill to Build Nationwide Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Progressive House members Andy Levin (D-Mich.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) introduced a revised bill Wednesday that would build out a national network of electric vehicle charging stations, allowing people to travel anywhere in the country on electricity alone, The Hill reports. The lawmakers introduced a similar measure last year, but think it has a better chance of passing under President Biden.

The Hill

Germany Buttresses Its Fight Against Climate Change, Aiming for Net Zero Emissions by 2045

German officials proposed Wednesday that the country could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045, five years earlier than previously committed, after Germany’s top court ruled that existing plans place too much of the burden for curbing climate change on young people, the Associated Press reports. The new goal so far includes few details on how the emission cuts would be achieved.

Associated Press

Biden to Visit Storm-Battered Louisiana to Tout Infrastructure Spending

President Biden will visit Louisiana on Thursday to promote his $2.25 trillion infrastructure spending plan and $1.8 trillion education and child-care proposal, both of which face stiff opposition from Republicans, Reuters reports. Winning over Louisiana voters, who have backed GOP candidates for two decades but have also experienced increasingly severe storms, would be a big gain for the president’s climate agenda.