October 20, 2010

Bangladesh, India Most At Risk from Climate Change

Bangladesh and India are the countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to an index on Wednesday that rates the Nordic region least at risk.



India Sets Up ‘Green Court’ To Make Polluters Pay

India launched a “green” court Tuesday to make polluters pay damages as it steps up its policing of the country’s environmental laws.


Portugal to Open Electric Vehicle Network in 2011

Portugal is on track to open the world’s first nationwide electric vehicle charging network early next year, Portuguese Energy Secretary Carlos Zorrinho said on Tuesday.


Schwarzenegger Urges Voters to Protect Climate Law

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday he wants voters to trounce Prop. 23 to prompt Washington to create a new national energy policy.


Investment Firms Lobby Against California Prop 23

Nearly 70 investors and investor groups on Tuesday lined up against a Calif. proposal to put the state’s climate law on hold in a sign of the rising stakes for the measure.


Waxman Chides U.S. Chamber on Climate Bill: ‘A Stalemate Is Not a Solution’

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on Tuesday told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that it erred in attacking his climate bill and called for collaboration in the future.

The Hill

U.S. Ethanol Makers Seek Renewal of Tax Breaks

Attacked as subsidy addicts, U.S. ethanol makers may need help from friends in high places, including the White House, to hold on to lucrative tax breaks.


UK Defense Review Highlights Rising Energy and Climate Security Risks

The government’s Strategic Defense and Security Review has today highlighted the growing threat to the UK faced by increasing levels of energy insecurity and the anticipated impact of climate change.


BP: Company to Drill in Deeper Water, Assess Risk

BP and the industry will drill in deeper waters and go farther in their search for oil reserves, and must understand the risks so they can mitigate them in the future, a BP executive said.


Massey to Idle Mines for Day of Safety Training

Massey announced that it will idle production at 92 coal mints on Oct. 29 for safety exercises “to reinforce the fact the company expects its miners to follow.”

Coal Tattoo

Former EPA Chief Whitman Wants Place for Nuclear

Former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman said Tuesday that Congress should include nuclear power in any requirement for utilities to tap more clean energy sources.


Energy Department Wants to Remove Hanford Reactor

A key DOE report is recommending that the K East Reactor in Washington be torn down rather than put into long-term storage like most of Hanford’s other reactors.


Weatherization Went Awry, Audit Shows

Twelve of 15 homes that underwent improvements financed by stimulus funds failed final inspections. For 10 homes, contractors billed for charges that were not incurred.

New York Times

Canadian Mining Firms Worst for Environment, Rights

Canadian mining companies are the worst offenders in environmental and human rights around the world, according to a study commissioned by industry and never made public.

Toronto Star

Masdar and Siemens Sign Clean Energy Deal

Siemens has tied up a deal with Masdar, the carbon-neutral city being built in Abu Dhabi, to base its Middle East HQ there and to help develop the city’s smart grid.

Financial Times

1366 Tech Raises $20M for Cheaper Solar Wafers

Startup 1366 Technologies announced Tuesday it has raised $20 million to develop a new technology that would slash the costs of silicon wafer production.



Greener Palm Oil Needs More Asia Support: Unilever

Palm oil buyers in India and China need to join those in Europe in signing up for a certification scheme to promote sustainable palm oil, consumer goods giant Unilever said.


October 19, 2010

China a Surprise Leader in Clean Energy: Study

The world’s top polluter, China, is a surprise leader in clean energy efforts, a study showed Tuesday, outstripping the U.S. and Japan and leaving Australia lagging far behind.