September 18, 2018

September 17, 2018

NASA Launches Satellite to Monitor Earth's Ice Changes

NASA launched a satellite into polar orbit over the weekend that's designed to precisely measure changes in Earth's ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation. NASA Earth Science Division Director Michael Freilich says the mission will advance knowledge of how the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contribute to sea level rise. 

Land Conservation Draws Spotlight as a Climate Change Action

Governments and businesses, including Walmart, pledged at an international climate summit last week to protect natural lands that serve as climate sinks. Seventeen U.S. states pledged to measure the carbon storage capacity of their forests and incorporate land conservation into their greenhouse gas reduction plans by 2020.

As Administration Pursues ANWR Drilling, Trump Official Accuses Federal Employees of Creating ‘Road Bumps’

A top Trump administration political appointee is complaining that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees aren't eager to follow the president's order to hold oil lease sales in part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. "You could just tell from all of the nonverbal communication going on in the room that they were not happy to see us, they were not happy to talk about this, they still weren't necessarily prepared to accept this new reality," Joe Balash said.

September 14, 2018

How Long Can the Fracking Spending Spree Last?

A debate is underway in the energy and investment sectors on whether to keep pumping money into oil fields to keep the fracking boom going. Interest rates are rising and investors are demanding better cash returns, which is putting pressure on oil and gas producers to improve their financial performance.

September 13, 2018

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes — Worsened by Climate Change

Hurricane Florence is an unusual storm for a variety of reasons—and it's being made worse by climate change, say. Researchers estimate its rainfall forecast is about 50 percent higher because of warmer oceans and more moisture in the atmosphere brought by global warming, and forecasters fear it will bring days of torrential rain to an already saturated region.

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