October 31, 2018

The Climate Crisis Beneath the Waves

In the last few decades, the world's oceans have undergone unprecedented warming. Driven by these warming waters, marine life is on the move. Changes in the water have ripple effects on land, affecting industry and worker livelihoods, too. A new series from Reuters explores the climate change effects in the world's ocean.

October 30, 2018

This is the 'Last Generation' that Can Save Nature, WWF Says

Global wildlife populations have fallen by 60 percent in just over four decades, the World Wildlife Fund says in a new report. It identified accelerating pollution, deforestation, climate change and other manmade factors as causes of the rapid population decline.

Study: Natural Gas, Wind and Solar Are the Cheapest Power Generation

A new study finds that natural gas and renewable energy options are the cheapest ways to generate electric power when environmental factors are considered, with wind the cheapest across the Central Plains and Appalachian Mountains and solar leading in the Southwest. The study was released as the White House continues to consider bailing out coal and nuclear.

October 29, 2018

October 26, 2018

Building Higher on Cape Cod to Escape the Rising Sea

Cape Cod can't ignore the reality of sea level rise and increased flooding, but residents say they aren't planning to move farther from the coast. Instead, they're builder higher and stronger. The area's residents are planning for climate change, but they're divided on what they believe is causing it.

GM Breaks with Trump in Call for National Electric Car Mandate

The Trump administration has been working to end California's mandate for automakers to sell more electric cars in the state each year. General Motors, which supports the requirement, now plans to propose a nationwide program based on the mandate, Bloomberg reports. Read more from ICN on how automakers have shifted to producing more trucks and SUVs.

October 25, 2018

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