December 13, 2018

Mayors and Governors Rebut Trump Administration Position at Climate Summit

While the Trump White House promotes fossil fuels at the UN climate talks in Poland, another group of U.S. leaders is ready to take action on climate change. A coalition of U.S. governors and mayors is meeting with foreign officials and says it's committed to reducing greenhouse gases even if the federal government is not.

December 10, 2018

Why Some Greens are Turning Away From a Carbon Tax

Putting a price on carbon has been an idea with some amount of bipartisan support in Washington for decades. But taxes on greenhouse gases are proving a hard sell with the public, even as time to head off disastrous climate change shrinks.

December 7, 2018

December 6, 2018

China Is Both the Best and Worst Hope for Clean Energy

China is the world's biggest carbon polluter and it burns half the world's coal. But it's also a leader in renewable energy and gets a quarter of its electricity from renewable sources. That makes it a key country to watch in climate talks.

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