April 3, 2019

Has the Green New Deal Changed Republican Politics on Climate Change?

A handful of elected Republicans now acknowledge that human activity is the primary cause of climate change and are calling for action to address it, a big shift from a previous position of denying the existence of climate change. Sens. Mitt Romney is among those who have made this shift at a time when climate change is high on the agenda because of the Green New Deal.

April 2, 2019

Shell Quits Fossil Fuel Lobbying Group Over Climate Change Positions

Oil giant Shell has pulled out of the industry lobbying group American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers citing differences over the Paris climate agreement, carbon pricing, fuel mandates and the reduction of methane emissions. It's still in the American Petroleum Institute and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, despite what it called "some misalignment" on climate.

The Group Behind Trump's Green New Deal Estimate

The American Action Forum, where Elaine Chao was a director before becoming transportation secretary, created the "price tag" being used to argue against the Green New Deal, even though the Green New Deal's details haven't been written yet. The group received financial support from conservative groups that fund political attacks through undisclosed donors, E&E reports.

Saudi Aramco Lists Climate Change Lawsuits, Policies as Business Risks

Saudi Arabia's national oil company listed climate change as a risk several times in a document released for an international bond filing. It wrote that "increasing attention on climate change risks may result in an increased possibility of litigation" and could lead to "government policies, laws and regulations, international agreements and treaties" reducing demand for oil. 

A Key to the Arctic’s Oil Riches Lies Hidden in Ohio

The findings of a test well drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge three decades ago have been a closely guarded secret, but now, as the Trump administration pushes to open ANWR to more drilling, details are coming out. "The discovery well was worthless," said a retired lawyer who was involved in a long-since-forgotten lawsuit filed there in 1987.

Electric Cars Outsell Traditional Ones in Norway

In a symbolic first, electric cars outsold fossil fuel-powered ones in Norway last month. Norway has provided incentives to boost electric car sales, including waiving vehicle import duties and sales taxes for buyers and road tolls for users. Its Parliament voted to require that all new cars sold in the Scandinavian country be electric by 2025.

Rockefeller to Wind Down Funding for 100 Resilient Cities Program

The Rockefeller Foundation announced it will wind down funding for its 100 Resilient Cities program, the largest privately funded climate-adaptation initiative in the U.S. The foundation will shift some of its resilience funding to the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank, and will provide a $12 million grant to continue to support some aspects of the program.

April 1, 2019

Wall Street Embraces Weather Risk in New Era of Storms

As global warming makes extreme weather more common, meteorologists have become critical to finance, mitigating uncertainty and boosting risk-related profits for a wide cross section of the economy including insurers, banks and commodity traders, shippers, retailers and the travel industry.

A Texan’s Big Bet on a Fossil-Fuel Future for California

Andrew Beal, a billionaire and major Trump backer, could upend California's carbon-free power goals with a case before federal regulators. Beal, who owns a natural gas power plant in California's Central Valley, is arguing before federal regulators that state policies discriminate against fossil fuel generators.

March 29, 2019

Extreme Weather Disasters Hit 62 Million People in 2018, UN Says

Extreme weather, intensified by climate change, affected about 62 million people around the world last year, the UN's World Meteorological Organization says. Its annual "State of the Climate" report says flooding affected 35 million people and droughts affected 9 million. Officials note the number of disasters around the world is growing because of climate change.

Google, GM, Other Corporate Giants Form Alliance to Spur Clean Energy

Some of the nation's top tech firms, manufacturers and consumer companies are banding together to create a boom in renewable energy purchases throughout corporate America. Their new Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is a trade organization to help companies take advantage of new ways to purchase clean energy. 

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