May 14, 2018

In Canada, a Former Pipeline Company Engineer Joins Protests

A former Trans Mountain pipeline engineer is among the people opposing a plan to expand a tar sands pipeline between Alberta and British Columbia. "We're in a climate crisis. Now is absolutely the wrong time to be investing in any more fossil fuel infrastructure," she says.

May 11, 2018

Trump Administration Cancels Carbon Monitoring Research Program

The Trump administration has quietly killed funding for NASA's Carbon Monitoring System, which helps analyze satellite observations and other data on Earth's greenhouse gas emissions, in part for verifying emissions reductions. A NASA spokesman says existing grants will be allowed to finish but no new research will be supported. 

U.S. Military Seeks Rules to Restrict Oil Drilling in Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Expanding oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico would interfere with U.S. military testing, the U.S. Department of Defense said in a report to U.S. lawmakers this week. "Military flexibility in the region would be lost, and test and training activities would be severely affected" without mutually agreed restrictions, the report says, according to Reuters.

New Costa Rica President Vows to End Burning of Fossil Fuels

Costa Rica's new president has vowed to turn his country into a global example of how to end the burning of fossil fuels. "We have before us the titanic and beautiful task of abolishing the use of fossil fuels in our economy, to open the way for the use of clean and renewable energy," Carlos Alvarado said as he took the oath of office this week.

May 10, 2018

The Allergy Explosion and Climate Change Connections

Spring allergy season has been brutal across the United States. Researchers say climate change is contributing to an increase in pollen counts and a regional shift in where severe allergies are happening, with the southwest being hit unusually hard.

UN Climate Talks Hit Deadlock

UN climate negotiations in Bonn have gotten bogged down in technical issues as they work out a rulebook for carrying out the Paris Agreement. Participants have scheduled an extra week of talks for September to try to find compromises on contentious topics.

May 9, 2018

Major Automakers Urge Trump Not to Freeze Fuel Economy Targets

Auto industry officials are pushing back on a Trump administration plan to freeze auto emissions standards. They want to avoid a legal battle with California, and they say they support continued increases in mileage standards through 2025. Read more from ICN on why weakening auto standards could be Trump's most climate-damaging move yet.

Colorado River Forecast Looks Grim

Water in the Colorado River, vital to the Southwest, is forecast to be well below normal after storms failed to produce much snow in the mountains that feed the waterway, forecasters said. The river is forecast to carry only 43 percent of the average amount of water into Lake Powell.

May 8, 2018

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