May 8, 2018

Utah Coal Mine Owners Gets Fee Discount for Hard-to-Mine Areas

Utah's largest coal mine is getting a $19 million discount on federal royalty payments to work a hard-to-reach part of a mine. The Bureau of Land Management approved the discount for Bowie Resource Partners but gave little information about why. Read more from ICN about how federal mining subsidies and tax breaks are leaving ranchers and taxpayers out in the cold.

State Bayou Bridge Pipeline Permit Illegal, Louisiana Judge Rules

A Louisiana judge ruled that the state Department of Natural Resources violated a law meant to protect the public and environment when it issued a coastal use permit for construction of the controversial Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The judge ordered that the permit be reconsidered and that emergency response plans be completed before any permit is issued.

May 7, 2018

EPA Clamps Down on Records Requests About Pruitt

Aides to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt have added another layer of screening to records requests related to Pruitt, leading to long waits for responses. Internal emails show political aides chastising career officials for releasing documents without allowing for additional screening. The unusual level of vetting worries transparency advocates.

New York Governor Proposes Ban on Offshore Drilling

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is promoting legislation to block drilling leases within three miles of the state's coastline as well as drilling-related infrastructure on state land. "The federal government should hear my message. There is no how, no way we will ever allow offshore drilling," he said.

May 4, 2018

Using Litigation to Fight Climate Change

As scientists are better able to tie extreme weather to climate change, it strengthens the ability to sue the companies that are responsible. Recent lawsuits against energy companies may just be the beginning of a wave of litigation. Read more from ICN about the lawsuits underway today.

May 3, 2018

In Oklahoma, Critics Say Pruitt Stalled Pollution Case After Taking Industry Funds

Scott Pruitt, now head of the EPA, received at least $40,000 in campaign donations from people associated with the poultry industry when he was running for Oklahoma attorney general. Environmentalists say that once in office, he put the brakes on state efforts to clean up the Illinois River, where manure from a large number of chicken houses contributes phosphorus blamed for algae blooms. 

Obama Climate Policy Was Poised to Help Economy, Industry Groups Say

Two industry groups involved in heating, cooling and refrigeration sent the Trump administration a report that argues Obama climate policies were going to help the economy and reduce the trade deficit. Their industries made changes to prepare for the Obama policies and now are watching as Trump wants to change the rules.

May 2, 2018

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