January 8, 2020

EPA Employees Push 'Bill of Rights' to Protect Scientific Integrity

EPA unionized employees have drafted a bill of rights, asking the agency to recognize the need for scientific integrity, research into climate science and the ability to enforce environmental laws without political interference. It follows years of complaints from those inside and outside of the EPA saying the agency has been sidelining the scientific advice of staff.

January 7, 2020

Trump's Former Pick to Lead FEMA Resigns From Agency

Jeffrey Byard, a top official at FEMA, resigned in December, four months after a background investigation derailed his nomination to lead the agency, NBC News reports. President Donald Trump nominated Byard to run the agency last February, but the White House withdrew his nomination in September.

January 6, 2020

U.S. Military Precariously Unprepared for Climate Threats, War College & Retired Brass Warn

A string of climate-related disasters that struck multiple U.S military bases in recent years has exposed the military's vulnerability to extreme weather, putting a spotlight on its failure to prepare and the consequences to national security. Yet the Defense Department, now facing a presidential administration that rejects science and ignores climate risks, has been slow to respond.

Russia Announces Plan to ‘Use the Advantages’ of Climate Change

Russia has published a plan to adapt its economy and population to climate change, aiming to mitigate damage but also "use the advantages" of warmer temperatures, including less sea ice in the Arctic. The plan is an indication the government officially recognizes the problem, even though Vladimir Putin denies human activity is the cause.

January 3, 2020

Controversial BLM Chief's Tenure Extended Again Without Nomination, Despite Conservation Groups' Protests

Nearly 100 conservation groups called for William Perry Pendley to resign or be removed as temporary head of the Bureau of Land Management this week, saying he betrays the mission of the agency. But an order signed Thursday will keep him at the helm for another three months. It's raising questions about the legality of a Trump administration tactic that avoids confirmation hearings.

Where Is the Green New Deal Headed in 2020?

Since bursting into the national conversation last year, the Green New Deal has emerged from an onslaught of criticism as an animating force in climate politics, with its advocates determined to make it the most important touchstone of the 2020 election. Here's how this "moon shot" federal program merging climate, jobs and economic security might look like.

Amazon Workers Say Company Threatened to Fire Them Over Climate Activism

Amazon employees say the company is threatening to fire workers for publicly pushing their employer to do more to combat climate change. Amazon Employees For Climate Justice, a climate change advocacy group founded by Amazon workers, said Thursday that the company sent letters to its members telling them that they could be fired if they continued to speak to the press.

January 2, 2020

Wildfires Trap Thousands on Beach in Australia as Death Toll Rises

Thousands of people in Australia have been forced to flee their homes as wildfires spread, with some taking refuge on beaches after the flames blocked their escape routes. Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared last week that the past two months of deadly fires and heat waves won't alter his government's policy on climate change.

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