October 23, 2018

October 22, 2018

Supreme Court Temporarily Stops Youth Climate Lawsuit Days Before Trial

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday temporarily blocked a climate change lawsuit brought by young activists who accuse the federal government of violating their constitutional rights with policies that exacerbate climate change. Chief Justice John Roberts asked the plaintiffs to respond by Wednesday to the federal government's latest attempt to get the case thrown out. The Supreme Court had refused to toss the case in July. 

October 19, 2018

Kinder Morgan Cancels Fracked Liquids Pipeline Plan, and Pursues Another

In a win for local environmentalists, Kinder Morgan has abandoned a plan to reverse and repurpose an old pipeline to carry natural gas liquids across six states. Pipeline safety advocates consider natural gas liquids more dangerous than natural gas because they not only carry an explosion risk, but can pollute ground or surface water supplies. The fight is not over:  The company will instead seek to ship fracked natural gas through the line.

EPA to Unveil Plans to Weaken Rule Limiting Toxic Mercury Pollution

The EPA is marching steadily towards weakening the economic justification for a rule limiting toxic mercury pollution from coal plants. Critics of the rule say Obama's EPA shouldn't have counted health improvements that would have come from eliminating other kinds of pollution from coal plants, including soot and nitrogen oxide, in it's cost analysis.

U.S. Greenhouse Emissions Fell in 2017 as Coal Plants Shut

Greenhouse gas emissions from the largest U.S. industrial plants fell 2.7 percent in 2017, the EPA said, as coal plants shut amid competition from natural gas and solar and wind power. That's a steeper drop than in 2016, when emissions fell 2 percent, the EPA said.

October 18, 2018

Corporate Renewable Energy Deals Smash Records in 2018

Companies are buying more renewable energy. As of August, non-utility buyers had announced contracts for more than 3.5 gigawatts of renewable energy projects in 2018, setting a new single-year record in the U.S., Greentech Media reports. A lot of the growth is coming from first-time buyers.  

October 17, 2018

High-Stakes Fight Over Rooftop Solar Spreads to Michigan

The high-stakes fight over rooftop solar has spread to Michigan. A major utility is proposing to change how rooftop solar owners are compensated for electricity they sell to the grid. It's being called the most worrying attempt to undermine net-metering since Nevada nearly killed its solar market in 2015.

Study Shows Massive Insect Loss Over Past 40 Years

Huge numbers of insects have been lost over the past 40 years in a pristine national forest in Puerto Rico, a study found, and the forest's insect-eating animals have gone missing, too. This adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests that insects and other invertebrates are in serious trouble because of climate change.

The Permian Oil Boom Is Showing Signs of Overheating

The Permian Basin, in Texas and New Mexico, is six years into a boom sparked by advances in drilling methods that unlocked a sea of previously unattainable oil. But growth has begun to slow, throttled by shortages of pipelines, workers, power and roads.

October 16, 2018

Rick Perry’s Coal Rescue Runs Aground

Energy Secretary Rick Perry has spent more than a year pushing plans that would invoke national security to help power companies keep their economically struggling coal plants running. But Politico reports, citing sources, that the White House has shelved the plans amid opposition from some of the president's own advisers.

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