September 4, 2018

August 31, 2018

Climate Change Could Render Many Ecosystems Unrecognizable

After the end of the last ice age, Earth's ecosystems were utterly transformed as sea levels and temperatures rose and glaciers receded. A sweeping survey of global fossil and temperature records from the past 20,000 years suggests terrestrial ecosystems are at risk of another, even faster transformation.

In Bordeaux, Rising Temperatures Bring a Reckoning for Winemakers

Bordeaux's climate is steadily getting hotter, and that has French winemakers on edge. Growers are rushing to harvest their fruit before it grows too sweet or too ripe, and scientists say they'll eventually have to start looking to more heat-hardy varieties of grapes. That's not an easy sell in Bordeaux.

August 30, 2018

Colorado Voters Will Get to Decide Whether to Tighten Oil Drilling Rules

A Colorado ballot initiative that would sharply increase the required distance between new oil wells and populated areas will go to voters in November, state officials announced. If approved, it would increase the distance from as little as 500 feet to at least 2,500 feet, which could affect the majority of development on non-federal lands, according to a 2016 state study.

At Water-Starved Lakes Mead and Powell, 'Crisis Is Already Real'

Lake Mead's water levels have dropped so much they could trigger water use cutbacks within two years, and a new report says the situation is just as worrisome upstream at Lake Powell. The Colorado River basin, which provides water for about 40 million people, has long been over-allocated, and the strain is compounded by drought and climate change.

Warmer Water Under Arctic Ice a 'Ticking Time Bomb,' Researcher Says

A pocket of warmer ocean water underneath the surface of the Canada Basin could melt a significant portion of the region's sea ice pack if it were to ascend, a new study suggests. Scientists believe the warmer water is coming from the edges of the basin, places like the Northern Chukchi Sea.

August 29, 2018

California Assembly Votes for 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2045

In a summer when California has been fighting record wildfires while facing off against the Trump administration's attempts to rollback climate policies, the state legislature is seeking to double down on its commitment to shift away from fossil fuels. The state Assembly last night approved a new goal of 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Canada’s Strong Words on Climate Face a Test in Trump’s NAFTA Rewrite

Canada has staked out a position that any changes to NAFTA must recognize climate change, a stance that is now facing a test as the Trump administration says it and Mexico are finalizing a revision. Based on the few details that have been released, the revised version doesn't mention climate change, and President Trump is urging Canada to sign on or face more tariffs.

Virginia Gov., Environmental Justice Advisers at Odds Over Gas Pipelines

An advisory board appointed by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is recommending that the state rescind permits for two natural gas pipelines, putting the panel at odds with the governor, who says the regulatory process is working. The 15-member Advisory Council on Environmental Justice is raising questions about the pipelines' impact on health and the environment.

‘Climate Gentrification’ Is Changing Miami Real Estate Values

Home values on Miami's coast are already worth 10 percent less than if climate change wasn't a factor, according to the co-author of a Harvard study that looks at the role of global warming in real estate markets. The study looked at the values of single-family homes across Miami going back 45 years and found that properties at higher elevations are increasingly worth more.

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