February 22, 2019

European Commission Head Pledges Billions for Climate Initiatives in Speech with Swedish Student Leader

The European Union should spend hundreds of billions of euros combating climate change during the next decade, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday in a speech alongside 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who has inspired a global youth movement for climate action. Juncker pledged that 25 percent of the EU's 1 trillion euro budget over seven years will go toward action to mitigate climate change.  

February 21, 2019

How a Top EPA Regulator’s Law Firm Profited from Air Rule Rollbacks

The nation's largest coal-burning utilities paid a lobbying firm millions to fight Obama-era environmental rules, and now one of the firm's ex-partners, Bill Wehrum, is shaping those rules as the Trump administration's top air pollution regulator. Documents reveal which companies paid for services and the extent to which Wehrum was involved.

Energy Execs Spend Big at Trump Hotel

Oil, coal, natural gas and mining interests have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at Trump hotel events frequented by top administration officials, according to documents E&E News and Sierra Club. Federal workers regularly stop by what one Energy Department staffer called "Republican Disneyland."

Alabama Power to Shutter Coal Plant, Cites Environmental Laws

Alabama Power Co. says it will shut down an old, polluting coal-fired power plant. A company executive says the cost of meeting federal rules, including for coal-ash disposal, are too high to justify continuing to run the plant. Read more from ICN about the widespread problem of power plant coal ash contaminating groundwater.

February 20, 2019

Massachusetts Governor Proposes Controversial Change in How State Spends Money on Global Warming

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker wants to change how the state spends proceeds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to allow some of the money to be spent on adaptation and mitigation related to climate change, as opposed to focusing on programs that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The proposal touches on a broader policy debate about the extent to which mitigation should be part of the mix.

February 19, 2019

Climate Scientist Wally Broecker, Who Popularized Term ‘Global Warming’, Dies at 87

Wally Broecker, a prominent climate scientist who brought "global warming" into common use with a 1975 paper that correctly predicted rising carbon dioxide levels would lead to pronounced warming, has died at age 87. He was among the first to recognize the thermohaline circulation, or ocean conveyor belt, and to warn a U.S. president about climate change (in 1965). "The climate system is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks," he said in 1998.

February 15, 2019

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