August 14, 2019

Climate Change Is Making Hawaii’s Beaches More Dangerous

In Hawaii, coastal erosion, warming water and rising sea levels are prompting changes on the beach. Lifeguards are relocating watch towers, emergency responders have started tracking heat-related illnesses and officials are bracing for more jellyfish, stronger rip currents and increased exposure to water-borne diseases.

August 13, 2019

New Lawsuit Filed Over Mountain Valley Pipeline

Conservation groups have filed a new lawsuit against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to vacate its decision to approve the project and citing its impacts on threatened and endangered species. The groups say the agency should re-evaluate those effects, and that work should stop while that happens. 

The Soaring Cost of Rising Seas

Florida has the costliest climate change adaptation price tag in the contiguous 48 states, nearly double that of the next closest, a recent report says. "Just for seawalls alone across the country, it's $400 billion over the next 15 years," David McDougal of the Miami Climate Alliance said. "For Florida alone, it's $76 billion."

Extreme Climate Changes in America

Before global warming thawed winters in New Jersey, Lake Hopatcong hosted wintertime carnivals with skaters and cars on the ice. Those winters don't exist any more. Temperatures in the state are up nearly 2°C since the late 1800s, almost twice the global average.

August 12, 2019

City Urged to Attach 'Climate Risk' Reports to Pensions

British members of parliament are calling on big companies, investors and pension funds to advise investors of the financial risks they face due to climate change. The mandatory climate reporting is meant to avoid jeopardizing hundreds of billions of pounds in pension savings.

August 9, 2019

August 8, 2019

U.S. Power Generators Reporting Savings, Other Benefits From Phasing Out Coal

Power generators across the U.S. are touting the cost savings of retiring coal-fired power plants, despite the Trump administration's pro-coal efforts. "You know there was once a time when we had to make a sucker's choice between clean and expensive energy or the cheap and dirty stuff," said CMS Energy Corp. President and CEO Patricia Poppe. "That just isn't true anymore."

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