February 16, 2011

DOE Finalizes Loan Aid for Nevada Power Line

The U.S. DOE finalized on Tuesday a $343 million loan guarantee for a Nevada power line expected to carry 600 MW of electricity including from clean sources such as solar power.

Feinstein Battles House CR Bid to Nix Renewable Loan Guarantees

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is seeking to mobilize senators against House Republicans' attempt to end Energy Department loan guarantees for renewable-power projects.

3 States Challenge Federal Policy on Storing Nuclear Waste

Attorneys general from New York, Connecticut and Vermont expressed concern about the prospect of long-term storage of radioactive waste at plants.

Investments Worth Trillions at Risk from Climate Change: Study

Climate change could put trillions of investment dollars at risk over the next 20 years, a global study released on Wednesday said

China Regions Defy Caution to Push for Carbon Trade

China's provinces are drawing up plans to launch local carbon trading platforms in the next five years, but as caution prevails in Beijing, none of the ideas are likely to create products of interest to overseas buyers.

UN Climate Chief Warns Warming Can Cause Conflict

Global warming is a looming threat to stability and national security around the world, and militaries should spend some of their ever-expanding budgets on reducing carbon emissions to avoid "climate chaos," the UN's top climate official said Tuesday.

GAO Report Adds Interior Department's Oversight of Oil and Gas Leases to High-Risk List

Concerns about how the Interior Department manages the nation's oil and gas resources have earned it a spot on a closely watched list of the government's most at-risk offices and programs.

California to Green its Grid with Energy Storage

In a significant but little noticed announcement, Cal ISO this month declared it would begin to integrate energy storage devices like batteries and flywheels into the grid.

Magma Says Geothermal Industry Growth Limited

Magma Energy Corp is looking for investments outside the geothermal energy sector, the company's chief executive said on Tuesday, lamenting geothermal's limited scope for growth.

UK's Shifting Population Placing Environment Under Intense Strain

The UK's growing population, a rising number of older people and an increase in households with fewer people in them is putting the environment under intense strain, a report warned on Wednesday.

EU Sets New Limits on CO2 Emissions for Vans

The European parliament signed off Tuesday on new carbon dioxide restrictions for commercial vans to cut fuel costs and limit emissions blamed for global warming.


UK Firms' Emissions Reporting Inconsistent: Report

The way British companies report their greenhouse gas emissions is extremely inconsistent, a study by research body the Environmental Investment Organization (EIO) showed on Wednesday.

February 15, 2011

White House Budget Proposal Cuts Funding for EPA, But GOP Wants More

Pres. Obama's fiscal year 2012 budget plan would slash funding for the EPA by roughly $1.3 billion while continuing the administration's political collision with Republicans on climate change.

Few Significant Changes in Energy-Area Spending

The president's budget tried to keep the ball rolling on alternative energy research, while cutting some environmental protection programs.

Chu Puts Energy Dept. in Spotlight

Pres. Obama has made a serious bet on clean energy with his budget. What that really means is that he's banking on one man: Steven Chu.

Ecuador vs. Chevron: Not Over Yet

A judge in the Ecuadorean border town of Lago Agrio may have ruled that Chevron should pay up to $8.6bn in damages for soil and water pollution, but the cash will not be flowing anytime soon.

BP Faces New Oil Spill Lawsuit by Ohio, NY Funds

State pension funds in Ohio and New York filed an amended complaint against BP seeking to recover investment losses due to the Gulf Coast spill, when BP shares tumbled by nearly half.

Waxman Attacks Upton Over ‘One-Sided’ Hearing on Enviro Rules

Rep. Waxman, the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, is alleging that a Tues. hearing will be unfairly stacked with witnesses who allege enviro rules are hurting the economy.

Ontario Election Sows Green Energy Uncertainty

The outcome of an autumn election in Ontario could stunt a budding renewable energy industry in the Canadian province just as it is becoming one of the world's hot investment destinations.

India 'Cannot Pollute Way to Prosperity' Says Minister

India's crusading environment minister has rejected criticism that his pro-green policies are driving away foreign investors and said the country "cannot pollute its way to prosperity."


BrightSource Raises $89M Out of Planned $100M for Solar Thermal

Solar thermal company BrightSource Energy has raised $89.5 million out of a planned $100 million round, according to an SEC filing.


Coal Exporting Plan in Northwest in Dispute

A plan to build the nation's first West Coast facility for exporting coal to Asia has come under increased scrutiny after the disclosure of documents suggesting that the company proposing the project did not convey the full scope of its plans to state regulators here in Washington.

Greenpeace Protests Spain Nuclear Plant Renewal

Greenpeace said activists climbed a cooling tower at a Spanish nuclear power station on Tuesday, and the environmental group called on the regulator to reject the plant's bid to renew its operating permit next month.

Analysis: Lower Wind and Solar Prices to Usher Speedier Adoption

Rapid recent solar and wind price falls are likely to bring new markets and mass adoption a step closer over the next decade and raise the prospects of mergers.

Report Warns of Worsening Western Water Crisis

A new report, produced by the Stockholm Environment Institute, warns of climate change-related water shortages in the region, and recommends various approaches to restricting water use in the U.S. Southwest.

February 14, 2011

Obama 2012 Budget Provides $8 billion for Clean Energy

Pres. Obama proposed on Monday boosting funds for clean energy research and deployment in his 2012 budget by slashing subsidies for fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

Oil Industry Pounces on Obama's Budget Request

The oil industry immediately pounced Monday on a proposal included in President Obama's budget to slash tax credits for the oil and gas industry.

Gingrich's Energy Policies Rile Conservative Critics

Negative reviews focused on two stumbling blocks that Mr. Gingrich, who is weighing a presidential bid, faces with the activist base of the Republican Party: ethanol and climate change.

Chris Huhne Steps Up Fight for Tougher EU Emissions Targets

Chris Huhne, the UK climate change secretary, will attempt on Monday to rescue his bid for tougher EU greenhouse gas targets in talks with Europe's climate chief.

In Food Vs. Fuel Debate, U.S. Resolute on Ethanol

Unlike in 2008, when a wave of global panic over grain supplies provoked a fierce "food vs. fuel" debate, there's so far only muted outcry over biofuels in the U.S.

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