January 6, 2011

Pew Survey Finds Little Change in Split U.S. Views about Global Warming

A new Pew Research Center poll finds that 59% of adults say there is evidence that the earth's temperature has been getting warmer over the past few decades. In October 2009, 57% said this. Roughly a third say that global warming is occurring because of human activity, which also is little changed from last year.

Electric Car Startup Coda Raises $76 Million Towards Pre-IPO Goal

Electric car startup Coda announced it has raised $76 million of a planned $125 million in what should be the company's final round of financing before it tries for an IPO.

January 5, 2011

India: Cap-and-Trade Regime Coming for Industrial Emissions

India's environment ministry is mulling the idea of introducing an emissions-trading scheme as a pilot project in the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu to control emissions from industrial plants.

EU Will Surpass 20 Percent Green Energy Goal: Report

The EU will exceed its target of meeting 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, a report by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) said.

Solar Energy to Provide 10% of Germany’s Electricity by 2020

Solar energy will account for 10% of Germany's electricity by 2020, according to BSW-Solar, with investment in research and development doubling during this period.

Oil Industry Pushing for Changes to Administration's Five-Year Drilling Plan

The oil industry's trade group said it is planning to press the Obama administration to come to a consensus on opening up large areas off the country's coast to offshore oil-and-gas drilling.

Ice Collision Creates Floating Antarctic Climate Lab

When a tongue of ice split from the Mertz Glacier in Antarctica last year, it established a natural lab that will enable scientists to study melting ice and the future of global temperatures.

Chicago Climate Exchange Closes Nation's First Cap-and-Trade System But Keeps Eye to the Future

The nation's first experiment in carbon emissions cap and trade has come to an end, but its mark on the climate change industry will be felt for some time to come.

BP Braces for First Official Report into Gulf of Mexico Disaster

BP is preparing for the publication next week of findings from President Obama's commission into the causes of its Gulf of Mexico disaster, the first official investigation to conclude.

Gulf Oil Spill Fund Czar Gets Unlikely Supporter

An attorney suing BP over the Gulf oil spill opposes a request by fellow plaintiffs attorneys to rein in compensation fund czar Ken Feinberg, saying he believes Feinberg is doing a good job.


Cairn Keeps Focus on Greenland

Cairn Energy said it has contracted two vessels to drill up to four oil and gas exploration wells this year offshore Greenland, following the drilling of three wells in summer 2010, which provided mixed results.

New York Firm Seeks Tidal Power Plant in East River

Monday marked a milestone for tidal power, with the nation's first-ever application to build a tidal power plant licensed to transmit energy onto the nation's electrical grid.

China May Need 300 Years to Beat Desertification

Huge population pressures, scarce rainfall and climate change have made China the world's biggest victim of desertification, a problem that could take 300 years to reverse, state media said.


California First State to Adopt New National Efficiency Standard for Light Bulbs

The California Energy Commission says Golden State consumers will be the first in the nation to save money under a federal law improving the energy-efficiency standard of light bulbs.

Environmental Economist Joins White House Staff

Nathaniel Keohane, most recently the chief economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, has moved to the National Economic Council at the White House to help direct environmental and energy policy.

Ex-TV Anchor Named Environment Minister

Prime Minister Stephen Harper named former television journalist Peter Kent as environment minister on Tuesday and made it clear he will not alter the nation's existing policies on climate change.

Turkish Government Approves Feed-In Tariff

After months of speculation surrounding the country's solar feed-in tariff, Turkey has now made photovoltaic power generation subsidy payments law.

Sources: Bloom Box Costs $12.50 Per Watt

Natural gas fuels the Bloom Box with low-carbon emissions and efficiencies in the range of a natural gas genset. But the pricing of the Bloom Box could be considerably more expensive if you consider the NG genset as the competition.

2010 in Review: The year Climate Coverage 'Fell Off the Map'

Media coverage of climate change in 2010 slipped to levels not seen since 2005, after spiking in late 2009 in the run-up to the much-hyped climate talks in Copenhagen and the release of private emails from climate scientists stored on a English university server.

Study: No-Till Farming Reduces Greenhouse Gases

No-till farming releases far smaller amounts of a potent greenhouse gas into the air than conventional farming, according to a new study that suggests no-till may help combat global warming.


January 4, 2011

In Australia, Economy Takes Toll as Waters Rise

Floodwaters continued to rise in northeastern Australia, with 200,000 people affected and several billion dollars worth of economic losses.

EPA Ordered to Wait on Taking Over Texas' Greenhouse Gas Permitting

Texas is now the only place where businesses cannot apply for greenhouse gas permits that the Obama administration now requires.

EPA Board Stops Shell's Arctic Clean Air Permits

Alaska Native and conservation groups have succeeded in challenging clean air permits granted to Shell Oil to drill exploration wells in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.

Interior Allows Some Suspended Drilling to Resume

The Obama administration said it will allow 13 companies to resume deepwater drilling without any additional environmental scrutiny, just months after saying it would require strict reviews.

Oil Refineries Sue EPA Over Ethanol Plan

A ruling by the Obama administration allowing the sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol is running into legal hurdles from trade groups opposing the plan.

Wind Industry Outlines Priorities for This Year

The wind industry is calling on lawmakers to pass this year a "long-term energy plan" that includes tax incentives for wind energy and a renewable electricity standard.

Siemens Invests in Expanding Wind Power

Clean energy is a big moneymaker for Siemens, and the company wants to become one of biggest suppliers of wind power equipment.

Sinovel Wind to Raise Up to $1.4 Billion in Shanghai IPO

Sinovel, China's top turbine producer, plans to raise up to $1.4 billion in one of the most expensive IPOs in Shanghai, hoping to ride on the back of demand for Chinese renewable energy stocks.

China Claims New Nuclear Technology

China's ambitions to lead the world in nuclear power were boosted this week by reports that its scientists had mastered a key technique in the reprocessing of spent uranium.

Lawrence Berkeley Lab Considering Second Campus to Further Energy Research

In the context of the urgent national need to make breakthroughs in energy research, the DOE's  Lawrence Berkeley National Lab says that it faces a critical lack of space for its current and future programs.

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