April 17, 2018

BP Aims to Keep Carbon Emissions Flat into 2025

BP says it intends to keep carbon emissions flat into 2025, even as the company is expanding its oil and gas production. The announcement follows shareholder pressure to respond more forcefully to climate change. Read more from ICN about shareholder resolutions targeting energy companies on climate issues this spring.

Shell CEO Tells Shareholders to Trust Him on Climate Change

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden says investors should reject a shareholder resolution calling for targets on greenhouse-gas emissions. He has previously said the company will cut its "net carbon footprint" in half by 2050, which critics say is not specific or ambitious enough. Read more from ICN about Shell's history with climate change.

April 16, 2018

Alberta and British Columbia Battle Over Oil Sands Pipeline

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says an oil pipeline from Alberta's tar sands to the coast in British Columbia is in the national interest, putting himself in the middle of a dispute between the two provinces. Read more from ICN about the difficulty companies are having getting tar sands pipelines built in Canada and the impact that's having on the industry.

World Agrees to Cut Shipping Emissions 50 Percent by 2050

The UN's International Maritime Organization (IMO) has approved a broad agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. The Marshall Islands and other island states at high risk from sea level rise were among the strongest proponents of a deal — and they worry the one approved doesn't go far enough.

Alaska Climate Change Panel Told to Be Bold

A government-convened panel looking at policy responses to climate change was told by one member to "be bold" as the group begins drafting recommendations for Alaska. The panel likely will suggest a target for emissions reductions by 2030 and may include additional steps for the state to adapt to a changing climate.

April 13, 2018

White House Abruptly Orders EPA to Loosen Clean Air Rules

President Trump directed the EPA to make national clean air standards easier for states and companies to meet, a move that could put poor communities at greater risk. He also opened a door to restricting the use of scientific research in setting clean air rules. Read more from ICN on the attempt to cut science out of EPA decision-making.

April 12, 2018

EPA Advisers Got Oil Funding for Studies Against Car Rule

At least two members appointed to the EPA Science Advisory Board by Scott Pruitt received industry funding for research that's helping the agency as it attempts to weaken greenhouse gas emissions regulations for cars, E&E reports. Read more from ICN about how the auto emissions changes could be President Trump's most climate-damaging move yet.

April 11, 2018

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