December 21, 2010

Fuel Cells Popping Up in California

An office park in Alhambra, Calif. is about to start drawing a quarter of its electricity from the devices. It joins commercial properties in more than 40 cities statewide.

Next Up for Schwarzenegger: Tackling Federal Energy Policy?

Will California Gov. Schwarzenegger be the next Obama Administration energy policy official? It's just one idea that Schwarzenegger, who will soon step down from the governor role, kicked around in an interview with the L.A. Times on Friday.

GM Using Oil Spill Boom Material in Chevy Volt

Boom from the BP oil spill is getting a new charge from the maker of the Chevrolet Volt electric car. GM says that instead of going to landfills, roughly 100 miles of plastic boom material will be converted into vehicle parts.

South Korea Delays CO2 Trade Bill Introduction

South Korea will not present emission trading laws to the parliament until next February instead of this year amid opposition from business groups, a government official said.

December 20, 2010

2010's World Gone Wild: Quakes, Floods, Blizzards

Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts killed at least a quarter million people in 2010 -- the deadliest year in more than a generation.

3 States in Regional Compact Raid Pollution Funds

Two of the 10 Northeast states that agreed to dedicate millions to reduce carbon emissions have reneged on their promise, instead diverting substantial funds to saving their budgets.

Report: Green Stimulus Funds Attached to Eco Exemptions

The Center for Public Integrity reports that funds from the stimulus package for clean power and efficiency were issued with "sweeping exemptions" from basic environmental oversight.

China Rare Earths Exports Double in November

China's monthly exports of rare earth metals more than doubled in November to 2,000 tons, bouncing back after falling by more than three-quarters in October.

U.S. Mounts Rare-Earth Challenge

Responding to China's squeeze on the global supply of rare earths, a U.S. company plans to reopen its mine that produces the metals, which are critical to making high-tech products.

Lead U.S. Climate Negotiatior Calls for Climate Change 'Educational Effort'

The United States' top climate negotiator is calling on scientists and policymakers to orchestrate an "educational effort" to change the public's perception about climate change.


Australia: Toxic Chemicals Used to Tap Coal Seam Gas Faces Ban

The use of toxic chemicals in the exploration and extraction of coal seam gas is likely to be banned in NSW after pressure from green groups and a similar decision by Queensland.

Councils in Bid to Delay Scots Climate Pollution Targets

Local authorities have launched a campaign to delay Scotland's world-leading targets to cut climate pollution, opening the first crack in the political consensus on climate policy.

Death Toll Rises in Mexican Pipeline Explosion

At least two dozen people were killed and thousands fled after a state-owned oil pipeline exploded on Sunday in San Martín Texmelucan, in central Mexico. The explosion was caused by thieves trying to steal oil.

December 19, 2010

Murkowski Sees GOP Traction for ‘Clean’ Energy Standard

Sen. Murkowski said Saturday that a "clean" energy standard for utilities could gain traction among Republicans in the next Congress even though it would create a new federal mandate.


No Senate Vote Seen This Year on EPA Carbon Rules

Legislation imposing a two-year pause on EPA regulation of CO2 pollution appeared to be dead for this year as Sen. John Rockefeller accused Republicans of withholding their support.

Inhofe Bashes Rockefeller’s Claim that GOP Abandoned Block-EPA Effort

Sen. Inhofe didn't take kindly to Sen. Rockefeller's claim that Republicans are to blame for inaction on the West Virginia Democrat's effort to halt looming EPA greenhouse gas rules.

Survey: More Fox News, More Climate Doubts

Climate science doubts increase the more you watch Fox News, finds a new survey by the University of Maryland.

Obama Administration Issues Guidelines Designed to Ensure 'Scientific Integrity'

The Obama administration Friday issued guidelines designed to protect federal scientists from political interference -- the first time the government has had an explicit policy of this kind.

Study: Wind Could Be 24 Percent of New England Power

New England's winds blow strong enough to supply 25% of the region's electricity by 2020, though upgrades are needed to handle that much more wind power, according to a study.

Environment Canada Says Alberta Top Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emitter

New figures on greenhouse gases in Canada suggest Alberta's economy is dangerously dependent on carbon-emitting industries, experts say.

Suncor Targeting 1M Barrels Per Day by 2020

Canada-based Suncor Energy Inc., which pioneered commercial development of the Athabasca oil sands in 1967, plans to increase production to more than one million barrels of oil equivalent per day by 2020, beginning with the company's 2011 capital spending plans.

Global Warming Causes Flash Floods in Pakistan

The latest research shows that global warming was to blame for flash floods that killed over 2,000 people in Pakistan in July and August 2010, environment analysts said.

Dalai Lama Pushed Climate Change Over Politics: Cable

The Dalai Lama said last year the world should focus on climate change in Tibet rather than politics as environmental problems in his Himalayan homeland were more pressing, a leaked U.S. diplomatic memo says.

Industry Group, BLM Spar Over Decline of Oil and Gas Leases

An industry report last week showing a 79% decrease in oil and gas leases issued on public lands has ignited a debate over whether the Obama administration's leasing policies are stifling job creation and energy production.

Executive Order Suspending Fracking Brings Little Change

NY Gov. Paterson's executive order to suspend the approval of certain types of fracking permits in the Marcellus Shale formation does little to change the status quo, according to experts.

In Hills Outside Paris, Tapping Vast Oil Reserve Presents Risk But Promises Profit

A large supply of oil found underground in France's agricultural region could bring the country closer to energy independence, but the fracking process to obtain it could have environmental costs.

Coast Guard: Little Seafloor Oil from Gulf Spill

Federal scientists said Friday extensive sampling of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor found oil in quantities too small to collect and in concentrations below harmful levels, except in the area surrounding the BP well.

Bligh Denies Clean Coal 'Bungle'

The Queensland state government today confirmed it would not fund the proposed clean coal power station "at this time" because of concerns about its viability.

Britain's New Generation of Green Power Plants Are Caught in Planning Delays

The opportunity to create up to 50,000 badly needed jobs in the construction sector by building a new generation of "greener" power plants is being thrown away by long delays in the planning process, ministers have been warned.

Scottish Cod Stocks Hit by Food Shortage

Dwindling cod stocks in the seas surrounding Scotland have been partially caused by a rise in summer ocean temperatures which has left the fish with a deplenished food source, according to new research.

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