November 17, 2010

South Korea Unveils Carbon Trading Scheme Rules

The South Korean government on Wednesday unveiled proposed legislation governing its carbon emissions trading scheme.

Some 60 Cities to Sign Worldwide Climate Pact in Mexico

Some 60 cities from across the globe will this weekend sign a voluntary pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Mexico City authorities said Tuesday.

EU Says It Fulfills Climate Aid Pledge, But Is It New?

EU governments have fulfilled a promise to deliver $3 billion to help poor countries tackle climate change, reports show, but critics say the money might have come from rebranding existing pledges.

Reid Punts Gas, Electric Vehicle Vote

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is dropping plans to vote Wednesday on legislation to promote natural gas and electric vehicles.

Reid Won't Commit to Scheduling Vote to Block EPA Climate Rules

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday it is not clear whether he will schedule a lame-duck vote on Sen. Rockefeller's (D-W.Va.) bill that would block looming EPA rules for two years.

White House Reviewing 2011 Ethanol Standard

The White House is reviewing the EPA's final rule on how much ethanol and other renewable automobile fuels will be sold next year.

Schwarzenegger Helps Launch Climate Nonprofit

Nearly two dozen local government leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas have started their own coalition to harness private investment in their fight against global warming.

Tiny U.N. Climate Fund Could Take Bigger Role: Chair

A tiny U.N. fund that is starting to help developing nations adapt to climate change could expand to manage part of a planned $100 billion aid mechanism to be debated at U.N. talks.

Deutsche Bank, Investors Seek Action to Combat Climate Losses

Deutsche Bank and the California Public Employees' Retirement System are among 259 investors urging policymakers to combat global warming or face economic disruptions in the next 40 years.

U.S. Agency and BP Faulted in Spill

A breakdown in BP's management system and a failure to consider risk contributed to the rig explosion that flooded the Gulf with oil, a preliminary report by a team of scientific experts found.

Feds: Forensic Testing of Blowout Preventer Begins

Testing started Tuesday on a key piece of evidence in the investigation of what led to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, federal investigators said.


EPA Alerts Coastal States on Ocean Acidification

States with coastal water that is becoming more acidic because of carbon dioxide should list them as impaired under the Clean Water Act, the EPA said.

Kiribati Mulls Resettling Population If Seas Rise

The president of Kiribati has said the low-lying Pacific nation must begin planning to relocate its population in case global warming causes sea levels to rise and swamp the country.

Climate Change Is Top Fear in Canadian North: Report

Northern Canadians are more worried about the impacts of climate change on their communities than terrorist threats, according to a report on Arctic security by the Conference Board of Canada.

Exelon to Invest Nearly $5 Billion in Low-Carbon Technologies

The utility giant revealed it would invest nearly $5 billion through 2015 on a range of clean energy and efficiency projects as part of a broader effort and strategy dubbed Exelon 2020.


GM to Step Up Production for Chevrolet Volt

General Motors is stepping up production of its new Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle to try to meet "huge demand," a top executive said on Tuesday.

Extreme Weather Forecasts: Web Users Unite to Power Climate Change Project

From today, anyone with internet access can be part of a huge, pioneering climate change experiment, probing the controversial question of whether extreme weather events will become more or less common as the world warms.


November 16, 2010

U.N. Climate Talks Seek Limited Deal as Costs Soar

Nearly 200 nations meet in Mexico this month to try to agree to a fund for poor countries and other steps toward a climate treaty amid warnings that inaction is driving up the costs of tackling  warming.

UK Says India Carbon Tie Could Help Global Deal

Bilateral agreements to develop clean technology and unlock private sector finance could help fill the gap in the absence of a climate change pact, Britain's climate and energy minister said.

Major Pipeline in Northern Canada Years Away, Despite Approval

A proposed $16 billion pipeline project in northern Canada could still be years away from beginning construction, despite getting a green light from the federal and Northwest Territories governments.

Rockefeller, Reid to Talk Climate Vote

Sen. John Rockefeller is planning to meet Tuesday with Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss a lame duck floor vote on a two-year freeze of the EPA's climate change agenda.

Issa Downplays Prospect of Oversight Committee 'Climategate’ Probe

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) -– the likely next chairman the Oversight and Government Reform Committee -– signaled to reporters Monday that his interest in probing "climategate" has waned.

Climate Scientist Says He Did Nothing Wrong

A year after he was plunged into the center of a storm over hundreds of leaked climate emails, the researcher at the heart of the controversy, Dr. Phil Jones, has come out fighting and unrepentant.

Troposphere is Warming Too, Decades of Data Show

Not only is Earth's surface warming, but the troposphere -- the lowest level of the atmosphere, where weather occurs -- is heating up too, U.S. and British meteorologists reported on Monday.

Green, Labor Groups Offer Lame-Duck Wish List

Green and labor groups Monday offered up a seven-item wish list for Congress to pass in the lame-duck session beginning this week.

U.S. Wants China to Reciprocate Green Energy Subsidies

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said on Monday that China should allow foreign companies to qualify for its subsidies aimed at encouraging renewable energy projects.

Chinese Wind Power Producers Plan Hong Kong IPOs

Two of China's top power producers plan to raise $2.5 billion by listing their wind-power units in Hong Kong, reports said Tuesday, the latest among several green firms to list in the city.


Nissan-Renault Aims for 500K Electric Cars by 2013

Bullish on green cars, the chief executive of the Renault-Nissan automotive alliance said Monday they plan to produce and sell 500,000 electric vehicles a year around the globe by the end of 2013.

Sapphire Energy: Algae Oil in 18 Months?

Sapphire Energy -- which hopes to produce oil with genetically modified algae in open ponds at an economically attractive price -- will soon break ground on a 100-acre facility for growing algae in New Mexico.

California Pilots REDD With Brazil, Mexico States

California has reached agreement with states in Mexico and Brazil for pilot projects to protect their rainforests in return for carbon credits under thel climate initiative of outgoing Gov. Schwarzenegger.

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