December 12, 2010

2010 on Pace to Be Warmest on Record, NASA Says

An analysis of aglobal temperatures by NASA's Goddard Institute shows 2010 on pace to become the warmest year since the collection of temperature data began 130 years ago.

Philippines: Mining Firms Urged to Reforest Lands

In an effort to mitigate the impact of climate change, lawmakers Sunday filed a bill mandating all mining firms to reforest lands and forests affected by their operations.

Farm Carbon Credit Program Collapses

A national program that paid farmers millions of dollars for reducing greenhouse gasses has fizzled amid uncertainty about U.S. climate legislation.

Clean Energy Dollars Heading to Developing World

For the first time ever, wind energy installations in developing countries this year, more than 22,000 megawatts, will outpace those in industrialized countries.

Logging, Palm Oil Giant Hires U.S. Ambassador as Lobbyist

Sinar Mas Group, the sprawling Indonesian conglomerate that has interests in coal mining, logging and wood-pulp production, palm oil plantations, real estate, and other industries, has hired Cameron Hume, the former U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, as an adviser.

EPA Allowed to Enforce Climate Change Rules With Suit Pending

The U.S. EPA's rules over emissions related to climate change can be enforced while a legal challenge to them proceeds, a federal appeals court said.

Researchers: Maple Trees in Dire Straits

The tree responsible for the most vibrant hues in New Hampshire's fall foliage season — as well its maple syrup industry — may be on the decline, according to some researchers.

December 10, 2010

Heavy Rains Flood Towns in Eastern Australia

Australia's attorney general declared 45 communities along the country's east coast disaster areas Friday, following weeks of drenching rains that have submerged homes, destroyed crops and killed four people.

Clinton to Talk Climate with Canadian, Mexican Counterparts

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Quebec on Monday for talks with her Canadian and Mexican counterparts about the economy, regional security and climate change, her spokesman said.


India Says It May Accept Binding CO2 Cuts

India may eventually commit itself to legally-binding emissions reduction targets, the environment minister said, a shift that could bolster troubled U.N. climate talks in Mexico.

Washington State Officials Happy to Take Rail Funding Others Rejected

Washington state officials say they're happy to take an additional $161 million in federal high-speed rail funding, available from Ohio and Wisconsin, whose incoming Republican governors rejected the funds.

Radioactive Soil in Clean-Up Effort is Lethal

Contaminated soil discovered last month at the federal government's Hanford nuclear-cleanup site in eastern Washington state is so radioactive it could kill on contact.

Renewable Energy Grant Program Extension Likely

A large bloc of House and Senate Democrats rallied behind a Treasury Department plan for renewable energy, bolstering the chances of the cash grant program being extended in the tax cut package.

Tata’s Nano, the Car That Few Want to Buy

The car intended for millions in India has been hurt by delays and safety concerns, and questions about how to cater to people of modest means.

Chevron Budgeting $26Bn for 2011 Capital and Exploratory Program

Approximately 85% of the 2011 spending program is for upstream oil and gas exploration and production projects worldwide

U.S. Climate Cash Pledges in Doubt

The secretary of state's offer to spend billions is met with strong resistance, as Republicans wielding power next year will have no appetite to spend discretionary money on climate-related issues


Czech Senate Slaps 26% Tax on Solar Energy

The Czech Senate has approved a new law, which will add a 26% tax on solar energy production over the next three years, as well as 32% tax on carbon credits awarded to solar companies.

Russia Will Not Renew Kyoto Protocol

The UN climate change conference in Cancún – and the future of the Kyoto protocol – was cast into doubt after Russia said it would not renew its commitment to the treaty.

Kuwait Offers to Invest €600 Million in French Nuke Giant

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund has offered to invest €600 million in French state-controlled nuclear engineering firm Areva for a 4.8% stake in the company.

Tax Bill To Extend 45-cent Ethanol Credit One Year

A tax-cut bill in the Senate will extend the 45-cent a gallon ethanol tax credit -- the major subsidy for the biofuel -- for one year, said two ethanol industry sources

In Cancún, a Roar of Indignation From Bolivia

"If, from here, we send the Kyoto Protocol to the rubbish bin we are responsible for ecocide and genocide because we'll be sending many people to their deaths," he said.

December 9, 2010

Smart Grid in Europe is All about Renewables

George Bernard Shaw once claimed that England and America were "two countries divided by a common language". This adage may hold true even when the language is smart grid.


Cancun Delegates Debate Climate Fund: Who Pays?

Should airline passengers pay a small tax to help out? How about global money dealers? Or perhaps governments should take gasoline subsidies and put it toward the climate cause.


Japan Defiant in Face of Diplomatic Pressure

A senior Japanese negotiator said it had come under intense diplomatic pressure to soften its stance at the climate talks in Cancún, but said his country would not compromise

Industry Launches Campaign to Promote Canadian Oil Sand Imports

The American Petroleum Institute, the powerful oil and natural-gas industry trade group, will launch an ad campaign and "grassroots outreach" effort to sell "the benefits of oil sands to U.S. consumers."

U.S. Govt, Halliburton Reach Deal on Fracking Info

Halliburton has reached an agreement to provide EPA with details about the chemicals it uses in a controversial technique to drill for natural gas, on a rolling basis through the end of January 2011

Climate Change Shifts River's Course between Congo and Uganda

Increased flooding of the Semliki river in recent years has led to major shifts in its course – and the moving river means that Uganda is shrinking.

Climate Pledges Are 9 Gigatons Short

The "gigaton gap" looms large as UN climate talks in Cancún enter their final days without new commitments from big polluters to cut their carbon dioxide emissions: a 5 to 9 gigaton gap. 

EU Coal Nations Near Victory in Subsidies Fight

Germany and other European coal-mining countries looked set on Wednesday for a victory over environmentalists by securing an extension of coal subsidies until 2018

G-20 Determines World's Energy Fate, Says Report

China may lead, but government policies of the 20 most influential nations collectively hold power over how much money is privately invested in clean power projects, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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