December 7, 2010

L.A. Scales Back Renewable Energy Goal

The Department of Water and Power is quietly backing way from his ambitious goal of generating 40% of its power from renewable sources by 2020.

Indonesia's Billion-Dollar Climate Experiment

Can rich nations pay a corruption-riddled government to protect its rain forests?

Giant Alberta-bound oil-sands shipments stall in Idaho

Imperial Oil is finding its initial 34 shipments of heavy equipment stranded, lacking state highway permits to complete the U.S. portion of the trip to Alberta's oil sands, and facing activist groups.

Drought and Warmer Weather Threaten Wheat, Water Supplies.

Unusually high November temperatures and low rainfall were threatening water supply and the growth of winter wheat in the North China Plain, a senior water resource official revealed on Saturday.

"Alarming" Amazon Drought—River Hits New Low

The Negro River, a major tributary of the Amazon River, dropped to a depth of about 46 feet (14 meters)—the lowest point since record-keeping began in 1902.

China Buoys Climate Talks with "Binding" Target

China on Monday offered for the first time to submit its voluntary carbon emissions target to a binding U.N. resolution, buoying climate talks after Bolivia accused rich world policies of causing "genocide."


Improved Car Batteries Only 5 Years Off

Cars that run on batteries will begin to be competitive with ones that burn petroleum fuels in about five years, the U.S. energy secretary Chu said at the annual U.N. climate meeting.

Mistletoe Could Vanish within 20 years, says National Trust

Conservationists warn today that mistletoe, favourite plant both of pagans and stealers of Christmas kisses, could vanish from the nation's halls and doorways within 20 years

Coral Reefs 'Could Disappear in Our Lifetime'

Unless we change the way we live, the Earth's coral reefs will be utterly destroyed within our children's lifetimes, says marine scientist Jen Veron

Saudi Wants Nuclear Power 'Soon': US Official

Saudi Arabia plans to be producing nuclear power within 10 years. "They want to have civil nuclear power as a part of their mix ... relatively soon," a senior US trade official said.

Rich Countries Failing to Deliver £30bn Climate Aid Promise

Rich countries were accused of failing to deliver on their promise of $30 billion in aid to countries that will experience the worst ravages of climate change.

NM Regulators Approve Gas Emissions Cap

New Mexico regulators approved a proposal for capping greenhouse gas emissions. It was the state's second attempt in a month to get a handle on the pollutants blamed for causing global warming.

December 6, 2010

Ocean-Going Ships to Get Ratings on Energy Efficiency

A free internet database set up by Richard Branson will list the energy efficiency of almost every ocean-going vessel, in the hope of reducing shipping emissions by nearly 25%.

At Climate Summit, They're Feeling Like Deserted Islands

Members of the Alliance of Small Island States, already suffering the ill effects of global warming, are furious that the big emitters of greenhouse gases aren't doing more to ensure their survival.

Climate Change Fans Deep-Burning Fires in Alaska

Climate change is fanning longer- and deeper-burning fires in interior Alaska, changing the area from a carbon sink -- where planet-warming gases are stored naturally in the soil -- to a carbon emitter.

Climate Change Threat to Tropical Forests 'Greater than Suspected'

The risk of tropical forests succumbing to drought brought on by climate change as well as the acceleration of methane emissions from melting permafrost, is greater than previously thought.

187,000 Square Miles in Alaska Designated as Polar Bear Habitat

The Obama administration is setting aside 187,000 square miles in Alaska as a "critical habitat" for polar bears, an action that could add restrictions to future offshore drilling for oil and gas.


Venezuela's Chavez Blames Capitalism for Deluges

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez blamed "criminal" capitalism for global climate phenomena including heavy rains that have killed scores and left tens of thousands homeless in Venezuela and Colombia.

Britain, Brazil to Seek End to Kyoto Climate Impasse

Britain and Brazil will seek to break the deadlock over the future of the Kyoto Protocol that has overshadowed U.N. talks to try to work out a modest climate deal in Mexico.


Fiat Eyeing Natural Gas Vehicles for U.S.

Marchionne, chief executive officer of Fiat and Chrysler Group LLC, says natural gas engines offer a better way to cut emissions because they're cheaper than competing technologies.

Gore's Climate Group Shrinking

The Alliance for Climate Protection has scaled back its field operations. It was operating in about 25 states at its peak, but the group now has field offices in just seven states.


Shipping Industry, a Big Emitter, Largely Ignored in Talks

The global shipping industry gives rise to more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire German economy. Yet shipping has been all but ignored in international climate change negotiations.

December 5, 2010

In Texas, Piles of Wood Look Like Electricity

Aspen Power is building a first-of-its-kind power plant in Texas: one that will burn woody debris to make steam, which turns generators to make electricity.

Heavier Crudes, Heavier Footprints

Relying on heavy oils and tar sands as the feedstock for liquid fuels will exaggerate the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with fossil-fuel use, a new study finds.

Climate Activists Shut Down Australian Coal Conveyor

Two climate change activists chained themselves to a conveyor belt carrying coal to one of Australia's largest power stations on Saturday, temporarily shutting the belt down, supporters said.

American West's Forests Face Troubling Carbon Trend

Crippled by drought, scorched by wildfires and dying from beetle infestations, forests in the American west are struggling, and in some states they now exude more carbon than they absorb, experts say.

Climate: A Million Deaths a Year by 2030

By 2030, climate change will indirectly cause nearly one million deaths a year and inflict 157 billion dollars in damage, according to estimates presented at UN talks on Friday.

UN Climate Chief in Tears over Insufficient Progress

The head of the Cancun climate talks fought back tears in a meeting with youth activists as she frankly admitted the insufficient ambition of global leaders to protect the future. (Video)

India May Apply Brakes to SUVs - 'Socially Useless Vehicles"

Indian owners of sports utility vehicles and luxury cars, who have been benefiting from subsidies on diesel meant to help farmers, may soon have to pay real prices for their fuel, government officials warned.

North Sea Supergrid is Boost for Clean Energy

The creation of a North Sea electricity supergrid moved a step closer yesterday, as ten European countries signed up to making the project a reality.

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