May 26, 2011

Ohio House Approves Bill Allowing Oil, Gas Drilling in State Parks

Tempers flared Wednesday as the Ohio House voted 54-41 to open parks, forests, and other state-controlled lands to potential oil and gas drilling as a means of raising cash.

Extreme Weather Will Upset Global Food Output During Next Decade: UN

Global food output may be hurt as climate change brings more extreme weather over the next decade, said the World Meteorological Organization.

U.S. Promotes Climate Aid to Skeptical Congress

The U.S. administration said that assistance to poor countries worst hit by climate change was crucial to U.S. credibility as it struggled to convince a skeptical Congress.


Europe Divided Over Nuclear Power after Fukushima Disaster

In the wake of the Japan crisis, the UK and France are lobbying to have safety checks watered down, while Switzerland moves to phase out its nuclear power plants.

China Drought Impact Widens, Reaching Shanghai

China's worst drought in a half-century is deepening, with parched weather that has left millions in the Yangtze River region without enough drinking water and created widespread power shortages.

2011 Most Deadly Tornado Year Since 1953

The U.S. is only halfway through what is considered tornado season and there have already been more than 500 deaths from twisters. 2011 is already the deadliest year since 1953.

Japanese PM Pledges 10 Million Solar-Powered Homes

Japan will have ten million solar homes, Prime Minister Naoto Kan pledged Wednesday, as the country makes a major push in coming years towards renewable energy following its nuclear crisis.


Exxon Calls Gas Drilling Safe, Despite Risks

The oil-and-gas industry is embarking on a campaign to persuade Americans that drilling for massive new supplies of natural gas is safe, Exxon's CEO said.

Michigan Adds Water Withdrawal, Record-Keeping Regs for Fracking

Environmental regulators in Michigan have approved new rules for fracking that would require drillers to meet additional requirements for public disclosure and protecting water resources.

New Mileage Stickers Include Greenhouse Gas Data

New U.S. fuel economy window stickers will compare a vehicle's emissions of carbon dioxide with those of all other vehicles, as well as provide miles-per-gallon data.

U.S. Wind Growing Again, but Business Still Choppy

The U.S. wind industry is growing again, yet turbine makers and wind farm developers are finding few reasons to celebrate as the clean energy source struggles to secure long-term government support while facing stiff competition from cheap natural gas.




Americans Say No to Electric Cars Despite Gas Prices

Nearly six of 10 Americans -- 57% -- say they won't buy an all-electric car no matter the price of gas, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

Greenpeace: Cash, Technology Key in Climate Fight

Greenpeace has ambitious plans for how South Africa, which hosts international climate change talks this year, can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

UN Climate Panel Sets One-Week Deadline to Fix Errors

The U.N. committee of climate scientists will fix any future errors "within a week or so," it said, after coming under fire last year for bungling a forecast of when Himalayan glaciers would thaw.


Boosters See Northwest Future in Aviation Biofuel

Boosters of aviation biofuel say the U.S. Northwest could lead the way in developing the industry that would produce it.

Biofuels 'Viable' for Australia, NZ Aviation: Report

Producing commercially viable quantities of aviation biofuels is a viable option for Australia and New Zealand and could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent, a new report said.


GE Unveils Power Plant in Paris

At a Paris event on Wednesday, GE announced a new gas-fueled power plant it says offers more flexibility and efficiency than many other options currently available.

Bonds Could Aid Shift to Green Economy: OECD

Green bonds could raise hundreds of billions of dollars a year to spur a shift to clean economic growth if governments set strong climate and environmental goals, the OECD said.

Australia Releases First Rules for CO2 Farming Scheme

Australia released rules on Wednesday that would allow farmers and indigenous land owners to earn carbon credits for changing the way they burn-off grasslands, a regular practice in the fire-prone north.

iPhone App Uses Google Earth to Track Climate Change Impact on Redwoods

The Save the Redwoods League is partnering with Google Earth Outreach and to connect citizens and scientists in an effort to track the effects of climate change on redwood trees and forests.

May 25, 2011

Risk From Spent Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is Greater in U.S. Than in Japan, Study Says

Pools that hold spent nuclear fuel at American plants typically contain far more radioactive material than the spent fuel pool at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant, a new report says.

Brazil's Lower House Amends Forest Protection Law

Brazil's lower house passed legislation that would loosen restrictions on how small farmers use their land in the Amazon, but lawmakers dropped a change that most worried environmentalists.

Amazon Rainforest Activist Shot Dead

José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, who fought against illegal loggers and had received death threats but was refused police protection, has been gunned down in the Brazilian Amazon.

Ore. Lawmakers: Don't Put Nuclear Waste at Hanford

A group of Oregon legislators told federal officials Tuesday that the Hanford nuclear reservation should not be considered for permanent storage of radioactive waste.

Google Invests $55 Million in Mojave Desert Wind Farm

Google Inc. is investing $55 million in a large Mojave Desert wind farm, pumping fresh air into California's struggling wind power industry.

Interior Plans Oil Royalties Overhaul

The Interior Department is planning to overhaul the way it calculates royalties that energy companies owe the U.S. government from production of oil and gas on federal lands and offshore.

Obama Calls on Agencies to Transition to Alternative Vehicles

President Obama issued a memorandum Tuesday calling on agencies to develop a plan for transitioning the entire federal fleet to alternative fuel vehicles by 2015.

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