May 23, 2011

Tornado Strikes Missouri City, Hitting a Hospital and Killing Many

A tornado steamrolled across Joplin, Mo., Sunday night, directly hitting a hospital and causing many deaths, according to various reports.

Forest Fires Rage in Russia's Far East, Siberia

Fires are spreading fast across vast Siberian forests in a reminder of last year's worst drought on record which killed dozens of people and forced Russia to suspend grain exports.

Texas Farmers Struggle to Survive Brutal Drought

While much of the nation focuses on the flooding Mississippi River, the Oklahoma panhandle is enduring its longest drought on record. Some communities have not had rain in eight months.

Sea Levels Set to Rise by Up to a Meter: Report

Sea levels are set to rise by up to a meter within a century due to global warming, a new Australian report said Monday as it warned this could make "once-a-century" flooding more common.


GT Solar Could Be Next Solar Takeover Target

Solar and LED equipment manufacturer GT Solar International's string of contract wins this year could attract suitors eager for a foothold in a relatively stable corner of the volatile solar industry.

Swiss Protest Nuclear Power

About 20,000 people took part in an anti-nuclear demonstration in north Switzerland on Sunday ahead of a government decision on the future of atomic energy in the country.

Brazilians Protest against New Environmental Laws

Brazilian authorities say about 1,000 people gathered in South America's biggest city to protest against environmental law changes that they say would increase deforestation in the Amazon.


Cairn Energy Gets Permit to Drill in Waters Off the Costa Del Sol

The British energy company that has angered British environmentalists by drilling off Greenland has won the rights to operate oil rigs in 4,000 square kilometers in the Gulf of Valencia.

Forest Plan Limits Virginia Drilling, Considers Wind

A draft management plan for the George Washington National Forest would limit the type of natural gas drilling that occurs in its 1.1 million acres and open the door to the development of wind power.

Drill in Lake Erie?

Environmental groups are concerned about a change in the wording of an Ohio bill that would open state lands to oil and gas drilling. Language that apparently would have exempted Lake Erie has been removed from the measure.

Marcellus Operations Show No Impact on Short-Term Air Quality

An air quality study near Marcellus Shale gas operations in Pennsylvania's Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan and Tioga counties found no emission levels that would pose a public health concern, according to a report.

Arizona Regulators Asked to Credit Trash Burning as Renewable Energy

State utility regulators are being asked to treat burning trash as a renewable energy source, and it has drawn the ire of environmentalists who prefer wind farms or solar panels to trash incinerators.

Locals Clash with 'Sustainable' FSC Logging Company in the Congo

Two separate protests against logging companies by local communities have turned violent in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), leaving at least one dead.

Green Economy Needs Respect for Indigenous Rights

Nations must pay more than lip service to the idea of indigenous rights if they hope to seriously address problems like species loss and climate loss, say delegates at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Maldives a 'Technology Lab' Towards Reducing Carbon in the World

The Maldives Islands, which is aiming to be a zero-carbon nation by 2020 ahead of any other country, is becoming a lab of technology for finding ways to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

May 22, 2011

Koch, GOP Fire Back at Waxman Over Oil Sands Pipeline Inquiry

Koch Industries and House Republicans are criticizing Rep. Henry Waxman's probe of whether Koch stands to gain from a proposed pipeline to import Canadian oil sands.

S.F. Judge Puts State's Cap and Trade Plan on Hold

California must put an immediate halt to work on its cap and trade program until it completes a review of alternative approaches to reducing climate change, a state judge said Friday.

NRC Questions New Nuclear Reactor Design

Westinghouse must fix problems with its reactor design before regulators decide whether the system can be used for the next generation of nuclear plants, the chairman of a federal panel said.

NRC Report: Inspection Rules for Nuclear Storage Sites are Lacking

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission does not have an adequate system in place for the inspection of nuclear spent fuel storage sites, the agency's inspector general said this week.

Germany's Merkel Backs Nuclear Exit within a Decade

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday backed proposals to shut down all of the country's 17 nuclear power plants within about a decade.

Most German Nuclear Power Plants Off the Grid

More than three-quarters of Germany's nuclear plants were offline Saturday due to maintenance work or shutdowns ordered by the government, utility companies said.


Japan, China, S. Korea: Nuclear Energy Still Important

Leaders of Japan, China and South Korea pledged to increase their cooperation on nuclear safety and disaster preparedness and reaffirmed the importance of nuclear energy.

Gov't Issues New Review for Chukchi Sea Oil Leases

The federal government released a revised environmental review for petroleum leases in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast, but environmentalists said it still contains critical gaps.

Australia: Big Banks 'No' to Coal Plant

Australia's four major banks have rejected funding a coal plant proposed for Victoria, raising doubts about its viability despite its controversial approval by the Environment Protection Authority.

Prime Minister Gillard Warns 'We Don't Have Time to Waste' on Carbon Tax Debate

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has claimed the climate change debate was being hijacked by U.S.-style, hard right politics, accusing some of mounting an hysterical fear campaign.

China Rare-Earth Exports Rise

China's exports of rare-earth ores and metals in the first four months this year rose 33%, even as Beijing orders drastic cuts to country's rare-earth exports.

Greenpeace, Analysts Slam Indonesian Logging Pause

Environmental group Greenpeace said Friday it was "very disappointed" in a long-awaited Indonesian moratorium on logging concessions, saying it would do little to protect the country's forests.

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