November 26, 2010

Small Islands Seek 2011 Deadline for Climate Deal

Small island states want U.N. climate talks in Mexico next week to set an end-2011 deadline for agreeing a new treaty as a step to slow the rise in sea levels, a spokeswoman said.

Copenhagen Climate Activists Found Guilty

Two Danish activists who took part in the Copenhagen protests last year have been found guilty of instigating violence and vandalism, and have been given four-month suspended sentences.

Critics Say Obama Lagging on Endangered Species

Environmental groups are criticizing the Obama administration for what they say is a continuing backlog of plants and animals in need of protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Alaska Gov: Interior’s Climate-Change Polar Bear Decision Hinders Oil Drilling

Alaska Gov. Parnell is slamming the Interior Dept's designation of Arctic regions as "critical habitat" for polar bears threatened by climate change, alleging the decision will slow drilling.

Oil-Rich South Sudan Weighs Cost of Progress

South Sudan officials are concerned at the environmental damage being caused by the oil industry and are promising a tough new line if the oil-rich region gains independence next year.

Government Opens Final Settlement Process in Gulf Oil Spill

BP's $20-billion compensation fund will begin lump-sum payments to those affected by the spill, a U.S. official says. But recipients will forfeit all future claims against BP and others.

Growing Emission Credit Market Lures Foreign Partners

Global environmental exchange operators are seeking partnerships in China to assure a place in the fledgling emissions trading market as the nation heads toward becoming a world leader in the low-carbon sector.

China Launches Hourly Air Quality Data Index

China has started publishing hourly air-quality information for major cities across the country as the world's top source of greenhouse gas emissions tries to rein in its notorious pollution.


Leading Model Undervalues True Cost of Reducing Deforestation, Says Report

A widely used representation of greenhouse gas reduction costs doesn't reflect the true costs of forest conservation, making the proposed REDD mechanism seem cheaper than it actually is, argues a new report.

November 25, 2010

Japan Says Extending Kyoto Pact is Meaningless

Japan opposes extending the Kyoto Protocol binding only rich nations to limit carbon emissions and will fight for a broader deal even if it finds itself isolated at UN talks, a senior official said.

EU Launches 2013 Ban on Disputed HFC Carbon Offsets

The EU has proposed banning HFC-23 carbon offsets from 2013, mostly from India and China, in order to boost money flowing to offset projects in the poorest countries.

2010 So Far "Tied for Hottest Year"

This year is so far tied for the hottest year on record in a new sign of a warming trend, the three major institutes which calculate global warming estimates said.


Greenhouse Gases 'Rise to Record Levels in 2009'

Greenhouse gas concentrations reached record levels in 2009, the UN's weather agency said, warning that global warming could set off even greater methane emissions from the Arctic.


Investors Hope U.N. Talks Keep Climate Deal on Track

Investors in "green" assets hope that upcoming U.N. climate talks will salvage a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in 2011, and in the meantime widen and simplify existing carbon markets.

Obama Administration Sets Aside 'Critical Habitat' for Polar Bears in Alaska

The Obama administration is setting aside 187,000 square miles in Alaska as a "critical habitat" for polar bears, an action that could add restrictions to future offshore drilling.

First California Carbon Trade at $11.50

The first trade in California carbon emissions allowances has taken place at $11.50 a tonne, according to the broker that handled the transaction.

Netted Tar Balls Close Deepwater Shrimp Fishing

An area off the Gulf Coast hit hard by the BP oil spill was closed Wednesday to fishing for a deepwater shrimp species after a skipper hauled up tar balls in his net, federal regulators said.

BP Made Risky Decisions Before Spill: Panel Document

BP made a series of decisions while drilling its doomed Macondo well that saved time but added risks prior to its massive Gulf spill, according to a White House oil spill commission.

Obama Admin. Backs Spill Figures, Releases E-Mails

The Obama administration defended the integrity of estimates that for months were inaccurate in showing how much oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico, disclosing thousands of pages of internal e-mails written by government scientists on the project.


Pa. Investigating Spill at Natural Gas Well Site

State officials were investigating a leak of drilling wastewater at a natural gas well site in north-central Pennsylvania that polluted a stream and a spring, a Department of Environmental Protection spokesman said Tuesday.

First Solar Wins Reprive in EU Toxic Substance Ban

EU lawmakers voted on Wednesday to exempt solar panels from a ban on toxic substances in electrical goods, enabling leading maker First Solar to keep selling its products in the industry's biggest market.

Chevy Volt Tops Prius in Fuel Economy Rating

General Motors said on Wednesday its Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid will carry an overall fuel economy rating of 60 miles per gallon, topping the Toyota Prius.

Enviro Groups Protest Greenhouse Gas Impacts of BLM Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Environmentalists announced a protest Wednesday of a planned BLM sale of 223 oil and gas leases in Montana and North Dakota, saying the agency is failing to curb greenhouse gas emissions and conserve valuable public minerals.

November 24, 2010

Asian Coal Exports Get Boost from WA Port Approval

Efforts by the U.S. coal industry to expand its export market have taken a step forward, as officials in Washington approved a plan to ship the fuel to Asia through a Columbia River port.

EU's Coal Nations Win Battle in Quest for Subsidies

Europe's coal countries won a key vote for more subsidies in the European Parliament on Tuesday, a win that adds to their lobbying power but carries little legal clout.

Administration Wants to Speed Up Process for Windmills in Atlantic

The Obama administration Tuesday announced a plan to speed up development of wind energy by searching the Atlantic Coast for the most desirable places to build windmills.

White House Clears EPA Renewable Fuels Standard

The White House cleared the way for the EPA to issue a final rule on how much ethanol and other renewable automobile fuels will be sold next year.

World's Lakes Getting Hotter, More Than the Air

A first-of-its-kind NASA study is finding nice cool lakes are heating up — even faster than air.

Study Sees Polar Bears Losing Out to Grizzlies

Polar bears are likely to lose out to grizzly bears in fierce competition for food as climate change drives the two species closer together into shared habitat, biologists said.


Canada Goes into Climate Talks with Little to Offer

Canada will head into climate talks in Cancun with a part-time environment minister, little chance of meeting its own emissions targets and under attack for oil sands development.

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