November 4, 2010

South Korea to Cut Coal Imports Ahead of Green Revolution

South Korea has signalled that it will cut coal imports as it looks to wean itself off fossil fuels and boost green investment.


Maersk First in Shipping Industry to Verify Emissions of Vessels

Maersk Line has become the first in its industry to independently verify its carbon emissions vessel by vessel.

November 3, 2010

Voters Keep California's Global Warming Law Intact

California voters defeated a ballot measure Tuesday that would have suspended the state's climate change law until the unemployment fell below 5.5 percent for a year.

GOP Wins House in Huge Swing

Republicans leaders won control of the House and Democrats managed to retain their majority in the Senate following months of voter discontent over the economy and government policy.

Republicans Make Gains in Governorships

Republicans seized control of a majority of the nation's governorships Tuesday, recapturing conservative states and displacing Democratic governors.

GOP Seizes Control of Key State Legislatures

Republicans seized control of about a dozen state legislative chambers Tuesday night, delivering a major blow to Democrats and picking up key redistricting powers along the way.

S.Korea to Build $8.2 Billion Offshore Wind Farm

South Korea said Tuesday it would build a massive offshore wind farm off the west coast by 2019 to develop new sources of renewable energy and help wind turbine exporters.

Republican Wins to Hurt Obama's Clean Energy Plans

Big Republican wins in Tuesday's election will not only kill chances of a broad climate bill during President Barack Obama's first term, but clean energy legislation as well.

Global Warming May Bring Giant, Voracious Crabs to Antarctica

Changing ocean temperatures may allow giant, voracious, predatory crabs to enter the unique continental-shelf ecosystems of Antarctica.

Dems' Day of Reckoning Comes for Climate Vote

House Democrats who voted for the 2009 bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions – dubbed cap-and-tax by GOP opponents – had a terrible night.


New Mexico Adopts Cap-and-Trade

New Mexico adopted  greenhouse gas reduction regulations—called the most stringent in the US—that will reduce pollutants through a regional cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

Extensive Corrosion on BP Pipelines in Alaska

The extensive pipeline system that moves oil, gas and waste throughout BP's operations in Alaska is plagued by severe corrosion, according to an internal maintenance report.

Idaho Court Punts on Oil Shipments

Efforts to block shipments of giant oil processing equipment along a historic stretch of Highway 12 in Idaho, were dealt a blow by the state Supreme Court on Monday.

Rising Seas and the Groundwater Equation

Worldwide overpumping of groundwater, particularly in northern India, Iran, Mexico, northeastern China and the American West, is responsible for about 25 percent of the current rise in sea level.

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals

The city's board of supervisors votes to forbid restaurants from giving away toys with meals with high levels of calories, sugar and fat. That includes most of McDonald's Happy Meals.

November 2, 2010

Big Oil Spends $69.5m to Get the Congress It Wants

It's worth a lot to the oil and coal lobbies to get the Congress they want and the investment seems to be paying off.

U.S. Wind Power Posts Slowest Quarter Since 2007

Investors turn away from the sector after Congress does not pass a renewable power mandate, an industry group says.

Indian Wind Giant Eyes Chinese Market

India's Suzlon Energy sees China as the wind energy hub of the future, the firm's chairman said, and is moving to tap into the massive market. 


Can Nuclear Plants Work for 80 Years?

The nuclear industry recommends that reactors work for decades beyond retirement age -- for as long as 80 years.


Senior Kerry's Top Climate Staffer Departs

One more sign that a comprehensive climate bill isn't going to move in 2011: Kathleen Frangione is leaving Sen. John Kerry's (D-Mass.) staff on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Climate Computer Game Lets You Decide Earth's Fate

Ever wondered how one person could save the planet from the effects of climate change? A British-made computer game on trial release creates different ways of doing just that.

GOP Firebrands in House Ready Assault on Interior

It is a 20-block trip from the Interior Department headquarters to the House Natural Resources Committee's Capitol Hill hearing rooms, and Secretary Ken Salazar may get to know it well.

Clearing Tropical Forests is a Lose-Lose

Clearing tropical forests for farmland is bad for the climate, no surprises there. But a new study shows it's also an inefficient way to feed people.

BP Spill Cost Hits $40 billion as profits dive

BP lifted its estimate of the likely cost of its Gulf of Mexico oil spill to $40 billion on Tuesday, denting profits.

Sen. Johanns Asks Clinton for Additional Review of Pipeline

Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to prepare an additional environmental analysis of a proposed Canada-to-Texas oil sands pipeline project. 

Gas Drilling Playing Minor Role in Texas Elections

For candidates in New York and Pennsylvania, regulation of gas drilling near residential communities is a hot issue. Not so in Texas.

Second Poll: Californians Will Protect Climate Change Law

A second poll in a week shows Californians remain steadfast in their support for the state's pioneering climate change law and don't want it suspended.

Chicago Climate Exchange to End

Jeff Sprecher, chief executive of the InternationalExchange and CCX's owner, said participants in the Chicago Climate Exchange's voluntary cap-and-trade scheme want to pull out.

World's Greenest Parking Garage in Denver

Denver International Airport is knee-deep in its attempt to offer frequent flyers access to one of the world's greenest parking facilities. Electric vehicles can plug in for free. 

November 1, 2010

Swiss Solar Plane Broke Multiple Records

Aeronautical authorities on Friday confirmed world records for a Swiss solar-powered aircraft that flew around the clock in July, including those for the longest and highest flight by such an aircraft.

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