November 21, 2010

BP Faces New Fines Over Second Alaska Spill

BP is facing new fines in connection with its criminal conviction for a huge oil spill on Alaska's North Slope in 2006.

Forgotten Forests Store Carbon

While the deforestation of tropical rainforests is seen as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the impact of cool-weather rainforests tends to be overlooked when addressing climate change, a panel of scientists said.

On the Road, Obama Eagerly Promotes Electric Cars

President Obama took a break from NATO meetings in Portugal and spent time on what's become one of his favorite activities -- promoting electric cars.

Evangelical Seminary Merges the Bible and Environmentalism

For too long climate change and sustainable living have been the domain of secular environmentalism, even though there's a biblical basis for why Christians should care for the Earth, says the professor who created a new course called Christian Earthkeeping.

Hungry Polar Bears Loiter on Hudson Bay Coast Waiting for Ice

Hundreds of polar bears were spotted on the west coast of Hudson Bay earlier this week, waiting for ice that is almost a month late forming.

November 19, 2010

China Studying Cap-and-Trade System to Cut Emissions

China, the world's biggest polluter, is studying a cap-and-trade system to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, said an official at a state-run research center.

EU Not Ready to Move on Climate Before U.S., China

The EU will not harden its existing, carbon emissions pledge into a binding U.N. decision unless the United States and China do likewise, an unlikely prospect, its chief negotiator said.

Obama Pointman Dismisses Climate Change Skeptics

President Obama's pointman for climate change on Thursday dismissed the impact of GOP election gains on U,S. positions on the issue, voicing hope of progress at the upcoming summit in Mexico.


Climate Talks Should Not Set Deadline for Pact

President Obama's climate envoy said on Thursday world powers shouldn't get bogged down on a deadline for greenhouse gas emission cuts at the upcoming global climate summit.

Democrats Cling to Possibility of RES Bill This Session, Prepare for Next Year

Key Senate Democrats continue to hope they can pass a renewable electricity standard and other smaller energy bills this year despite the dwindling time and interest in the lame-duck session.

UK Climate Economist Warns U.S. of Trade Boycott

A British climate change economist at the heart of international negotiations seeking a greenhouse gas deal said Friday that the US faces a trade boycott if it fails to rein in its carbon emissions.


Italy, Energy Firms Stall EU Carbon Reform: Critics

Italy and some energy firms are out to thwart efforts to restrict the use of carbon credits from controversial projects to destroy industrial gases in developing countries, two green groups said.

Outgoing Rep. Inglis Blasts GOP Skepticism on Global Warming

Outgoing Republican Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.) broke with his party and publicly vented his frustration about the apparent turn toward climate skepticism in the next Congress.

Waxman, Markey Oppose Move to Curb Energy Committee Jurisdiction

Chairman Waxman on Thurs. bashed Rep. Doc Hastings' bid to consolidate energy oversight under the Natural Resources Committee that Hastings is slated to chair when the GOP takes over next year.

Killed Climate Change Bill Flawed: Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has defended Tory senators who voted down a climate change bill ahead of an upcoming UN meeting, calling it "a completely irresponsible bill.".

U.N. Climate Talks Must Solve Forest Carbon Riddle

U.N. climate talks will struggle to agree new GHG targets next month unless they can solve a complex loophole where developed countries currently ignore emissions from logging plantation forests.

Norway Climate Deal to Drive Indonesia Reform

A $1 billion dollar deal with Norway to save Indonesia's forests and cut carbon emissions will trigger a much-needed shake up of Indonesia's notorious bureaucracy, a top official said.

UK Frustration Over Green Investment Bank

The behind-the-scenes battle over the level of government financial support for ambitious new green energy projects broke out into the open on Thurs. when Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary, delivered a coded criticism of the Treasury's stance on the issue.

Midterms Threaten Obama’s Rail Plans

The Obama administration's signature transportation initiative is almost always described as "high-speed rail." But more than half of the $10.4 billion the administration has awarded for rail so far has not gone toward real bullet trains, but to build slower, conventional train lines.

Emotionally Charged Global Warming Messages Can Backfire: Study

A new study has pointed out that dire messages about global warming could backfire and actually increase scepticism about climate change among the general public.

USAID Study Says Climate Impact on Himalayas Remains Unknown, But Worrisome

Glaciers in the Himalayas are shrinking slowly, but their retreat still presents major risks for more than a billion people who rely on glacier-fed rivers, says a new report by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Houston to Deploy Electric Car Charging Network

Houston, the nation's oil capital is making a bid to become the first city to deploy an electric car infrastructure. NRG Energy announced Thurs. that it will finance the installation of personal and public charging stations throughout the city.


Toyota to Sell Plug-in Hybrid in U.S., Europe, Japan

Toyota is planning to sell a plug-in hybrid car in the U.S., Japan and Europe in 2012, targeting sales of 50,000 vehicles a year at $36,000 each without subsidies, as the automaker strengthens its green lineup to keep pace with growing competition.

November 18, 2010

Cancun Climate Talks Only a 'Staging Post'

Upcoming climate talks in Mexico will only be a "staging post" en route to a globally binding deal, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday, pressing notably the US and China to do more.

Canada's Conservatives Kill Bill to Cut CO2 Emissions

Canadian PM Stephen Harper's Conservative government has defeated climate change legislation put forth by opposition parties calling for deep CO2 emissions cuts.

Lisa Murkowski Claims Victory in Alaska Senate Election

Sen. Lisa Murkowski claimed victory Wednesday night over defiant challenger Joe Miller after building a decisive lead in near-final vote tallies.

Hastings Seeks Expanded Energy Role for Natural Resources Panel

Rep. Doc Hastings – the likely chair of the House Natural Resources Committee– is making a play to yank control of energy policy away from the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee.

Coal Plants, Rising and Retiring

While many believe that far stricter regulation of carbon dioxide emissions is inevitable in the next few years, coal plants are still under construction around the country.

Barclays, NRG Energy Reach First Cap-and-Trade Deal Under Calif. Law

NRG Energy Inc., the largest U.S. independent power producer, and Barclays have completed the first deal for carbon-dioxide permits under California's planned cap-and-trade program.

Experts: BP Ignored Warning Signs on Doomed Well

A new report from an independent scientific panel says BP and its contractors missed and ignored key warning signs and failed to recognize risks in the days and hours leading up to the Gulf oil spill.


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