May 12, 2011

Exxon CEO Lays Out Industry Defense

The head of ExxonMobil says Democratic efforts to curb incentives for it and the other four largest private U.S. oil companies are "discriminatory" and "counterproductive."

Texas Grid Says EPA Rules Force Gas-lants to Shut

The electric grid agency for the state of Texas said that stricter federal air, water and coal regulations could force the retirement of more than 8,000 MW of natural gas generation in the state.

Bill Gates Calls for More U.S. Clean Energy Investment

Microsoft founder and clean energy supporter Bill Gates downplayed the notion that China is overtaking the U.S. in renewable energy at a breakfast meeting about climate change in Seattle.

UN Proposes Global System to Provide New 'Climate Services' for Developing Nations

The UN is proposing a global system to provide new "climate services" for developing nations trying to cope with a warmer world.

Clinton Arrives for Arctic Cooperation Talks

Secretary of State Clinton arrived Wed. in Greenland for talks with her Arctic counterparts on cooperation over increased oil and mineral exploration as global warming melts the region's ice.


Army's Ambitious Renewable Energy Goals Run into War-Zone Realities

A much-touted military complex slated to become the main hub for future Afghan security forces is also being looked to as a key proving ground for renewable energy.

For Colorado, a Solar Farm Made in the U.S.A.

Cogentrix Energy has been granted a $90.6 million conditional loan guarantee from the DOE to build a 30-MW concentrated photovoltaic solar plant in Alamosa, Colo., the company announced.

Offshore Wind Can Shed Subsidy in 10-15 Years: Study

Offshore wind power technology will become economic without state subsidies in 10-15 years' time, most government bodies said in a survey published on Thursday by consultancy PwC.

Bangladesh Sees Surge in Small-Scale Solar Power

Power-hungry Bangladesh has doubled the number of homes with solar-generated electricity systems to 800,000 over the last year.

Philippine Nuclear Plant to Become Tourist Site

Tourists will soon be able to wander through a nuclear power plant in the Philippines that was built nearly three decades ago but never used, a government official said Wednesday.


India Set to Reveal Stringent CAFE Standards of 40.7 MPG by 2015

India's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards will require automakers to increase the fuel economy of gasoline-burning vehicles from the current average of 33.2 mpg to 40.7 mpg by 2015.

Google Prediction to Make Ford Plug-Ins More Efficient

Ford presented a use case scenario for its upcoming plug-in hybrids and Google's Prediction API that would analyze driving patterns to make cars even more fuel efficient.

May 11, 2011

Senate Democrats Push to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies to Cut Deficit

Senate Democrats unveiled a plan Tuesday to save $21 billion over the next decade by eliminating tax breaks for the nation's five biggest oil companies.

Appeals Court in NYC Puts Chevron on Defensive

A lawyer for Chevron found himself on the defensive Tues. as he argued that it was urgent that the courts protect the company from an $18 billion judgment against it in Ecuador.

Shell's Hopes Raised on Arctic Drill Permits

The White House is ratcheting up its involvement in a decision on whether to grant Royal Dutch Shell permission to drill for oil off Alaska, raising the firm's hopes that it can secure needed permits.

Judge Orders Action on 6 Gulf Drilling Permits

A federal judge has given the Obama administration 30 days to act on six permits for deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.


Canada Opens Up North to Mining

The government of Quebec has unveiled a massive plan to turn 1.2 million sq km of land into a major area of mining and renewable energy.

Ontario Opposition Vows to End Green Power Program

Ontario's opposition said they would scrap the province's feed-in tariff as well as the biggest deal signed under the green energy scheme if the party wins the October provincial election.

Japan Says Nuclear Policy Must Be Reviewed from Scratch

PM Naoto Kan said on Tuesday that renewable energy would be a key pillar of Japan's energy policy and that its nuclear policy must be reviewed from scratch.

Report: Yucca Termination Set Back Search for Nuclear Waste Site by 20 Years

The decision to abandon plans to build a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain would "restart a costly and time-consuming process" to find another site, the government's watchdog said.

Ala. Nuclear Plant Cited for Safety

Federal regulators ordered inspections at a nuclear plant run by the TVA in Alabama after deciding the failure of an emergency cooling system there could have been a serious safety problem.

US, China Must Ensure Climate Success: Clinton

Secretary of State Clinton asked China on Monday to work with the United States on climate change, saying the two largest carbon emitters could together ensure the success of UN talks.

China Leading the World in Climate Change Battle

While Denmark earns the biggest share of its national revenue from producing windmills and other clean technologies, no country can match China's pace of growth in the clean-tech sector, according to a new report.

Public Health Groups Slam Barton's Emissions Claims

A half dozen prominent public health organizations wrote a letter Tuesday to the No. 2 Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee letting him know that they were "shocked" by his unscientific skepticism of the health risks of pollution.

Interior Dept. Strikes Deal to Clear Backlog on Endangered Species Listings

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it will clear a decades-long backlog of petitions for the endangered species list, agreeing to decide within six years whether 251 species deserve federal protection.


China Says EU Airline CO2 Cap Should Protect Poor Countries

Plans by the EU to impose a blanket carbon emissions cap on global airlines should be adjusted to reflect the differences between rich and poor countries, said the head of China's aviation regulator on Wednesday.

SunEdison Signs on for 23MW of Solar Projects at 5 Calif. Prison System Sites

SunEdison will be constructing and maintaining five solar installations for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Toyota Opens Hydrogen Station in California

Toyota and Shell opened the first hydrogen refueling station in the U.S. that is connected directly to a hydrogen pipeline. The Torrance, Calif., station will serve the fuel cell vehicle test fleets for Toyota and other nearby manufacturers.

May 10, 2011

Keystone Pipeline Shut Down after Oil Spill in North Dakota

TransCanada said on Monday its Keystone oil pipeline will remain closed for a few days after a fitting at a North Dakota pumping station failed and spilled about 500 barrels of oil.

South Africa: Western Cape Nixes Fracking Plan

The Western Cape government says it "strongly" objects to Shell's proposed exploration for shale gas in the Karoo using the fracking method, calling it a "really big shot in the dark."

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