March 27, 2011

California Clean Energy: 'No on 23' Is Back

A successful alliance between cleantech businesses and environmental groups that defeated Prop. 23 last year has been resurrected. "Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs" will support the rollout of new regulations under the state's global warming law.

March 25, 2011

Japan Raises Possibility of Breach in Reactor Vessel

Japan's effort to contain the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a setback, an official said on Friday, citing evidence that a reactor vessel may have been damaged.

Japan Disaster Raises Questions About Backup Power at U.S. Nuclear Plants

The batteries that back up power at most U.S. nuclear plants are required to last about as long as the average cellphone battery -- four hours. Critics say that's not enough.

Calif. Regulators Scramble in Wake of Court Ruling on Climate Law

California's climate law is not in danger of outright reversal following a court decision this week that suspended it, but the cap-and-trade carbon market is in doubt, according to experts.

Report: EPA Didn't Properly Assess Coal Ash Risks

The federal government promoted some uses of coal ash, including wallboard or filler in road embankments, without properly testing the environmental risks, according to a report.

Survey: Religious Blame Climate Change Not Sin for Natural Disasters

Half of Americans believe in a God who controls everything, yet a new survey finds that most see natural disasters as increasing in severity because of climate change rather than God's wrath.

UN Climate Chief Urges Governments to Deliver on Cancun Pledges

The UN's top climate official has issued a call for governments to accelerate efforts to deliver on last year's Cancun Accords, ahead of the year's first round of climate talks in Bangkok.

Head of Energy Group Says Domestic Energy Production Would Help Solve Economic Woes

An all-out push for domestic oil and natural gas production could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and provide relief to budget-pinched states, the head of an energy trade group said.

Race to Save Oil Slicked Penguins on Remote British Island

A race to rescue up to 20,000 endangered penguins from an oil spill in an isolated south Atlantic British island group was underway Thursday after a cargo ship ran aground.

Arctic Sea Ice Ties for Smallest Area This Winter

Even at its biggest, Arctic sea ice extent this winter was among the smallest ever seen, apparently tying with 2006 for the least amount of ice covering the region, U.S. researchers reported.

Nuclear Safer than Coal, Chinese Atomic Official Says

Even in the wake of Japan's Fukushima nuclear crisis, nuclear power remains a safer and cleaner choice for China than coal, Pan Ziqiang, the chairman of the science and technology committee at the China National Nuclear Corporation, said.

Cutting Carbon Dioxide Could Help Prevent Droughts, New Research Shows

Recent climate modeling has shown that reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would give Earth a wetter climate in the short term.

Anti-Nuclear Protesters March in Indian Capital

About 100 protesters marched to India's Parliament on Friday demanding that the government give up plans to build a large number of nuclear power plants because of safety issues.

March 24, 2011

SolarWorld Sees Japan Crisis Boosting Sales

SolarWorld, Germany's No. 2 solar company, sees higher sales this year and next, taking heart from a strong U.S. market and a boost to the renewable industry following Japan's nuclear crisis.

Japan's Fishing Industry a Major Casualty of Nuclear Crisis

In harbor towns hit by the March 11 quake and tsunami, residents worry that radioactive contamination of the seafood chain may cost them their livelihoods.

German Minister Says Nuclear U-Turn 'Not Rational:' Report

Germany's economy minister told a closed meeting of business leaders that Berlin's sudden U-turn on nuclear power was based on electoral politics and was "not rational."

Initial Loss of Well Control Doomed Deepwater Horizon

An analysis of the blowout preventer in the Gulf showed that the initial loss of well control — and the violent surge of oil and gas — caused the drillpipe to buckle and move slightly off center.

EPA Pursues Michigan's Largest Coal-Fired Plant

The EPA and the Justice Department are aggressively suing electric utilities across the Midwest to get them to install the latest technology to capture smog-causing emissions.


Lobbying Intensifies Ahead of Md. Offshore Wind Vote

With only days remaining before a key vote in Maryland's House of Delegates, intense lobbying efforts are underway on all sides of a plan by Gov. O'Malley to build an offshore wind farm.

China to Raise Resource Tax on Rare Earths from April: Report

China will increase a tax on rare earths from April 1, according to a local media report on Thursday.

Bush's Rulemaking Czar Blasts EPA's Use of 'Guidance'

As businesses and states challenge EPA's new regulations on emissions, coal mining and water pollution, they are putting pressure on the agency's use of "guidance" to explain the rules.

Canada Study: Climate Change Models Have It Right

Canada is getting warmer as temperatures are rising, especially in the north, just as predicted by climate change models, researchers say.

Utah Counties File Lawsuit Over BLM Wilderness Policy

A new Interior Department wilderness policy threatens the continued production of oil and natural gas on public lands, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday by Utah counties against the federal government.

Warmer Arctic Could Increase Threat of Disease

Climate change in the Arctic could change the balance of power between humans, animals and the germs or pathogens that make them both sick, according to a new paper.

March 23, 2011

Germany Set to Abandon Nuclear Power for Good

The world's fourth-largest economy stands alone among leading industrialized nations in its decision to stop using nuclear energy because of its inherent risks.

Clean Tech Gets Some Money in Canada Budget

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's sprinkled a series of environmental items into his 2011 budget, including funding for cleantech and the elimination of some tax incentives for the oilsands.

Interior Touts Support for Coal, Oil Amid GOP Attacks

The Interior Department rolled out plans to allow expanded coal production on federal lands in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.


Nuclear Power Loses Support in New Poll

What had been growing acceptance of nuclear power in the United States has eroded sharply in the wake of Japan's crisis.

Nuclear Agency Expects to Restore Cooling Soon

Cooling systems are expected to be restored in the next few days at some reactors of a Japanese nuclear plant, as the impact from radiation leaks begins to spread to food and water.

New York Nuke Plant Seismic Review Gets Top Priority

U.S. regulators have promised to make the Indian Point nuclear power plant near New York City their top priority in a review of seismic risk at U.S. nuclear plants.


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