March 17, 2011

March 16, 2011

Obama Defends Nuclear Energy

Pres. Obama on Tuesday defended the use of nuclear energy despite the calamity in Japan where a nuclear power plant leaked radiation.


Nuclear Lobbyists' Clout Felt on Hill

Facing its biggest crisis in 25 years, the U.S. nuclear power industry can count on plenty of Democratic and Republican friends in both high and low places.

EU Says 'Stress Tests' Agreed for Nuclear Plants

The EU reached agreement Tuesday to conduct "stress tests" on the continent's nuclear power plants, the bloc's energy chief Guenther Oettinger said.


California Nuclear Plant Operators Say Facilities Can Withstand Large Earthquakes

Operators at California's two nuclear plants say their facilities can withstand a higher magnitude earthquake than scientists predict could ever strike the plants.

State Department: Keystone Pipeline Needs Further Review

The State Department said Tuesday it will subject to further environmental review a massive proposed oil pipeline that has come under fire from environmentalists.

Republicans Move to Stop EPA CO2 Rules

Republicans in the Congress on Tuesday pushed forward with legislation that would kill the EPA's efforts to regulate greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

Senate Dems Scramble to Defend EPA

Senate Democrats are scrambling to combat a GOP-led offensive against the Obama administration's climate regulations ahead of a possible Wednesday floor showdown.

Sen. Rockefeller Continues Push to Block Climate Action

Sen. Jay Rockefeller has filed an amendment that would suspend EPA regulation of greenhouse gases from stationary sources for two years.

GOP Rejects EPA's Climate Finding

House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans don't want Congress to go on record accepting the ideas that global warming is "unequivocal" and humans are likely the cause.

Six States Seek Right to Sue Over Greenhouse Gases

Six states are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to let them sue power companies whose plants emit greenhouse gases, saying legal action is needed as a backup for the Obama administration's climate efforts.

Investor Confidence in Renewables Boosted

As Japan's nuclear crisis unfolds, energy and environmental experts said that investor confidence in the technology was already beginning to wane, with renewable energy and fossil fuels the likely beneficiaries.

China Rivals Narrow Gap on Wind Leader Vestas

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas retained its world-leading market position in 2010 despite fierce competition from Chinese rivals rising up the ranks, a report published on Tuesday showed.

Wind Installations to Rise 40 GW Over 2011

The wind industry has recovered from a slow 2010 and should see installations rise by 20 per cent over the course of this year, according to an industry report released yesterday.

Calif. Regulators to Decide How to Sanction Utility in Fatal Pipeline Blast Near San Francisco

State regulators are expected to decide as soon as Wednesday how they would sanction the California utility under fire for a deadly explosion on a natural gas pipeline, segments of which the company said it was missing key safety records.

Japan's Woes Prompt Venezuela to Halt Nuclear Plan

President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that the crisis at a Japanese nuclear plant after the country's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami have prompted him to halt Venezuela's plans to develop nuclear energy.

March 15, 2011

Radiation Fears Spark Panic Buying, Evacuations in Tokyo

Panic swept Tokyo on Tuesday after a rise in radioactive levels around a nuclear power plant north of the city, causing some to leave the capital and others to stock up on food and supplies.

Nuclear Sector Takes Beating But U.S. Offers Support

The nuclear power industry took a beating as governments addressed its safety and investors bailed out of stocks because of the crisis in Japan, but the U.S. offered some support.

House Dems Call for Hearings on U.S. Nuclear Safety

Top Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are calling on Republicans to hold hearings on U.S. nuclear power plant safety in light of the nuclear crisis in Japan.

Italy's Enel to Press Ahead with Nuclear Plans

Enel SpA will press ahead to launch nuclear power in Italy as part of $43.22 billion spending budget in the next five years, the Italian utility said.

Turkey Debates Nuclear Plans

Japan's massive quake is triggering debate in Turkey over plans to build the country's first nuclear power plants, and reviving fears over the earthquake risk to Istanbul.

Fewer Americans Worry About Climate Change: Poll

The number of Americans who are worried about global warming has fallen to nearly the historic low reached in 1998, a poll released Monday showed.


Illinois Governor Vetoes Bills for Two Coal-to-Gas Plants

Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed two bills that would have paved the way for two coal-to-gas plants to be built in Illinois. The move would have meant higher utility bills for consumers.

NM Uranium Enrichment Plant Considering Expansion

A company building a $3 billion uranium enrichment plant in New Mexico said it wants to expand the project and insisted the facility poses no danger because it's built to withstand earthquakes.

Plans Dropped for Proposed Wash. Biomass Plant

A joint venture between AREVA and Duke Energy is dropping plans to build a 55-megawatt power plant in Washington state that would have burned wood waste to generate electricity.

Chevron Aims to Boost Drilling

Chevron said it plans to increase drilling for unconventional gas and oil reserves in the U.S. and elsewhere, and it plans raise total production 1% this year.

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