February 24, 2011

White House Report Parries Attacks on ‘Clean Energy Standard’

A White House report unveiled Wednesday seeks to rebut GOP claims that Obama's energy proposals amount to "picking winners and losers" among energy technologies and are too costly.


Canadians More Concerned than Americans About Climate Policy

A new poll conducted by U.S. and Canadian think tanks found 80 percent of Canadians believe the science behind climate change, as opposed to 58 percent of Americans.

EPA Scales Back Final Air Pollution Rules for Boilers

Bound by a court-ordered deadline and facing intense pressure from Congress, U.S. EPA has overhauled its rules for toxic air pollution from industrial boilers to go easier on businesses.

Penn. Govenor Scales Back Drilling Policy on Public Land

A policy that environmental advocates view as an important shield for certain state parks and forests against damage from gas drilling has been repealed by new Penn. Gov. Tom Corbett.

Broun Touts Plans for Climate Science Hearings

The chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee's oversight panel is planning hearings aimed at showing that climate science is unsettled, according to a news account.

Solar Energy Faces Tests On Greenness

Five solar thermal projects in California are being challenged in court by labor, environmental and American Indian groups.

Google Ventures Invests in Power-Saving Technology

Google Inc's venture capital arm on Wednesday announced an investment in an energy conversion technology that could save power in everything from consumer electronics to hybrid cars.

Solar Decathlon Houses Now Have a Home on the Mall

After complaining for weeks that they had plenty of houses but no home, competitors in the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon got a surprise message Wednesday on Twitter: they're back on the Mall.

Trina Solar to Spend $1.5 Billion on R&D in Next 5 Years

Chinese solar company Trina Solar plans to spend 10 billion yuan ($1.52 billion) over the next five years on R&D as rising competition drives down product prices across the industry, an executive said.

S.Korea Says to Invest $266 Million in Green Ships

South Korea will spend 300 billion won ($266.1 million) over the next 10 years to develop technology for low carbon "green" ships in a bid to reclaim its status as the world's leading shipbuilding country from China.

Global Warming Rate Could Be Halved by Controlling 2 Pollutants, U.N. Study Says

The projected rise in global temperatures could be cut in half in coming years if world governments focused on reducing black carbon and ground-level ozone, including methane -- rather than CO2 alone, according to a U.N. study released Wednesday.

PM Council on Climate Change Okays Green India Mission

The Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change has approved the Green India Mission, which targets 5 million hectare improvement in forest and tree cover besides adding another 5 million hectare to existing forest cover.

Mayor Vows to Keep Gas Drilling Fight Despite Move

The tiny rural town of Dish at the heart of the natural gas drilling controversy in Texas is losing its most high-profile crusader: Mayor Calvin Tillman, who has sold his house over concerns about his children's escalating health problems.

February 23, 2011

Oil Soars as Libyan Furor Shakes Markets

Turmoil in the Arab world drove oil prices higher and stocks lower despite efforts by Saudi Arabia to calm turbulent markets.

Mideast Unrest Shows Need for Alternative Fuels: Navy Secretary

Oil price rises spurred by spreading unrest in the Middle East underscore why the U.S. military should reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, said U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

Big Mass. Utility Signs Deals, Bypasses Cape Wind

The second-largest utility in Mass. has agreed to buy electricity from three wind power companies to help it meet renewable power mandates, but it won't be buying from Cape Wind.

Increase in Natural Gas Production Could Slow Interest in Minn. Wind Power

Minnesota is the nation's fourth largest producer of wind energy, but a potential game-changing development in natural gas production could erode interest in wind power.

Hearings on Polar Bear Status Back in Court This Week

A federal judge will hear arguments next week in a case that speaks to a central question regarding Arctic animals affected by climate warming: When is a species endangered?

Oxfam Battles Big Oil Push for Disclosure Exemptions

Oxfam America is urging the SEC to hold back the exemptions that major oil companies are seeking from forthcoming requirements to disclose data on payments to foreign governments.

Solyndra and Government Support for Cleantech Under Fire

As public and political eyes turn to the federal budget and cost-cutting, Silicon Valley startups backed by Department of Energy loan guarantees and grants are coming under scrutiny.

Energy Department Loses Senior Official, Chu's Chief of Staff

The Energy Department will feature an altered lineup as it confronts GOP efforts to slash funding for several green energy programs.

S.E. Asia Urged to Exploit Abundant Clean Energy

From surging rivers to volcanic steam, Southeast Asia is blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy but governments are not doing enough to exploit them, experts and activists say.


Feinberg: His Oil Spill Claims Work 'Unparalleled'

The administrator in charge of Gulf oil spill claims argues in a court filing posted Tuesday that the openness of the process has been "nothing short of extraordinary" and his efforts to compensate victims have exceeded what is required by federal law.


U.P.S. Finds a Substitute for Diesel: Natural Gas, at 260 Degrees Below Zero

U.P.S. is about to add 48 trucks powered by liquefied natural gas and would like to deploy more. The final frontier for alternative motor fuels, powering big tractor-trailers, has been crossed.

San Diego Group Becomes U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce launched this week in San Diego County, California, where the San Diego Green Chamber decided to become a national organization.

EPA E-Mail Stirs Call for Agency Documents on Range Resources Order

Responsibility for methane contamination of two Texas water wells, a controversy pitting the U.S. EPA against Fort Worth-based natural gas producer Range Resources, is drawing attention in Congress after disclosure of an e-mail written by an EPA Regional Administrator.

'Climategate' Undermined Belief in Global Warming Among TV Meteorologists, Study Shows

A new paper by George Mason University researchers shows that "Climategate" undermined belief in global warming and possibly also trust in climate scientists among TV meteorologists in the U.S., at least temporarily.

February 22, 2011

Tar Sands Row Threatens Canada-EU Trade Deal: Sources

Canada has threatened to scrap a trade deal with the European Union if the EU persists with plans that would block imports of Canada's highly polluting tar sands, according to EU sources.

U.S. Sees Major Emitters Setting Own Climate Goals

Major greenhouse gas emitters should set voluntary curbs on emissions for the time being since a U.N. climate treaty looks out of reach in 2011, the U.S. climate envoy said on Monday.

Ethanol Execs Fear U.S. Budget Cuts to Hurt Growth

Budget cuts by Congress and fresh fears about food security are among many obstacles threatening growth of U.S. ethanol, according to industry leaders.

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