March 7, 2011

Scientists Map Human Vulnerability to Climate Change

A first-of-its-kind global map has suggested that climate change will have greatest impact on the population least responsible for causing the problem.

For Electric Car Owners, a Way to Share Juice

Xatori, a Silicon Valley software start-up, has unveiled a free iPhone app that that lets electric-car drivers and outlet owners locate and offer electricity.

EU's Hedegaard Says Climate Change Fueled Middle East Revolts

EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said extreme weather conditions linked to climate change were a factor in the unrest unfolding the Middle East and North Africa.

March 6, 2011

China: 16% Cut in Energy Consumption Per Unit of GDP

China aims to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 16 percent in the five years to 2015, Premier Wen Jiabao said Saturday at the opening of the parliament's annual session.

China Won't Repeat Errors in 2015 Emissions Goals: NDRC

China will not repeat the mistakes made last year as it strives to meet its "tough" new 2011-2015 emissions targets, the head of the country's state planning agency said on Sunday.

California Moving Ahead with Cap-and-Trade Program

California is moving ahead with its cap-and-trade program despite a pullback on the issue by federal lawmakers and other states, California's top environmental regulator said Friday.

EU Backs Away from 30% Emissions Target, Leak Shows

The European Commission will not urge EU nations to set tougher targets on climate change, despite analysis showing that doing so would be cost-effective.

Wash. Senate OKs Bill to Shutter Coal Power Plant

The state Senate on Saturday approved a bill that would eventually shut down Washington's only coal plant, a move that could help the state meet climate change goals set in 2008.

Don't Treat Us Like Power Plants When Setting Greenhouse Gas Limits, Refineries Urge EPA

The Obama administration's plan to create another set of limits on greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act makes more sense for the power sector than for refineries, industry told U.S. EPA officials.

U.S. Appeals Judge's Order on Drilling Permits

The Obama administration has appealed a judge's order requiring regulators to act on seven drilling permit applications.

Spill Analysis Planned for Arctic Offshore Leases

Federal officials will study how a "very large oil spill" would affect the ocean off Alaska's northwest coast as part of a court-ordered environmental review for a 2008 offshore petroleum lease sale.

Germany Lost 850 Million Euros in CO2 Tax Evasion: Report

The German government has lost $1.19 billion in connection with suspected tax evasion in carbon permit trading, far more than previously anticipated, a German newspaper reported.

Climate Change 'Will Wreak Havoc on Britain's Coastline by 2050'

Millions living near the UK coastline are likely to be hit by rising sea levels, erosion and storm surges, warns a new study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Energy Geeks Converge on M.I.T.

Industry insiders, eager start-ups and freelance energy enthusiasts surveyed ideas for solving the planet's seemingly intractable energy problems at the sixth annual M.I.T. Energy Conference.

Antarctic Ice May Be More Stable than We Thought

Whether Antarctica's ice will survive a warmer world is one of the great puzzles of climate science. Now it seems vast expanses of ice may have hung on for the past 200,000 years, surviving the last interglacial.

March 4, 2011

Some See DeChristopher Trial as a Climate Change Game Changer

A Utahn's monkey-wrenching might not have done anything to stop climate change as he had hoped, but some credit Tim DeChristopher for recharging the movement to stop climate change.

4 Dems Join GOP Fight to Block EPA Climate Rule

Four Democrats are joining a Republican effort to block the EPA from reducing heat-trapping pollution blamed for global warming.


Federal Officials Say They'll Examine Fracking Practices

Testifying before Congress on Thursday, Obama administration officials said they planned to scrutinize the waste disposal practices of natural gas producers.

Calls Mount to Tap U.S. Oil Reserves

As oil prices have risen, calls have been growing in Congress for the Obama administration to consider tapping into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve, which is now at its full capacity.

Clinton Says She’s ‘Supportive’ of Increased Canadian Oil Imports

Hillary Clinton says she is "generally supportive" of increasing American oil imports from Canada, but sidestepped questions this week about whether she backs the Keystone XL pipeline.

Trade Group Sues Over Polar Bear Critical Habitat

An Alaska petroleum industry trade group has sued the federal government over its designation of 187,157 square miles as polar bear critical habitat, claiming it covers too much territory.

World's Sixth Mass Extinction May Be Underway

Mankind may have unleashed the sixth known mass extinction in Earth's history, according to a paper released by the science journal Nature.


Questions of Costs, Jobs and Influence Surround O'Malley's Offshore Wind Proposal

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has asked lawmakers to support a proposal to raise almost every resident's electric bill for 20 years to generate some of the nation's first offshore wind power.

DOE Approves $102 Million Loan Aid for Maine Wind Farm

The Department of Energy said on Thursday it has offered a conditional $102 million loan guarantee to support a wind farm in Maine.

Brazil Court Lifts Suspension of Massive Amazon Dam

A Brazilian court lifted an order that suspended construction of the massive Belo Monte hydroelectric plant in the Amazon, a project expected to face barrage of lawsuits by environmental critics.

Energy Companies Lobby EU for Deeper Carbon Cuts

Several of Europe's biggest energy companies said on Friday they would support deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

Talks on 'Green Climate Fund' Postponed

A first meeting to set down the ground rules of a fund to channel hundreds of billions of dollars to poor countries exposed to climate change has been postponed, a UN official said.

U.S. Energy Dept to Sell Surplus Uranium

The U.S. Energy Department plans to sell 2,000 tons of surplus uranium annually 2011-2013, which could push spot prices lower over the next three years.

Better Place a Good Deal for Danish Drivers?

Better Place, which offers battery service for electric vehicles, has opened its first European retail station in Copenhagen, Denmark. Subscription plans are for sale, at a steep price.

March 3, 2011

China Says It Wants Green Growth within Five Years

China, the world's biggest polluter, plans to "go green" in the next five years, emphasising energy efficiency and the battle against pollution in its plans to revamp the economy, experts say.

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