February 10, 2011

Obama's Foreign Aid for Climate Change Bound for GOP Chopping Block

When Congress passes appropriations legislation this year, the short list of programs getting more money is unlikely to include international climate aid.

Analysts: Don't Expect 'Fracking' Standards Until after 2012 Election

A federal proposal laying out new standards for fracking likely won't be issued until after the 2012 elections, an energy analyst said Thursday.

'Massive' Closures of U.S. Coal Plants Loom, Chu Says

The U.S. has an aging inventory of coal-fired power plants and many units might be closed before the end of the decade, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said.

More Utilities Switch from Coal to Cheap Natgas

A narrowing gap between coal prices and natural gas is accomplishing in the short-term what U.S. regulators hope to achieve in the long-term -- forcing plants to burn gas instead of coal.

Republicans Propose $1.6 Bln Cut to EPA

Republicans have launched an attack on the Obama administration's powers to act on climate change, proposing a 17% budget cut to the Environmental Protection Agency.

GOP-EPA Fight Lives Up to Hype

EPA chief Lisa Jackson played defense for nearly three hours Wednesday against a panel full of congressional Republicans looking to strip her regulatory powers.

Md. Governor Readies Offshore Wind Power Mandate

Maryland utilities would have to sign multi-decade contracts to buy offshore wind energy under a proposal Gov. Martin O'Malley could introduce as soon as Thursday.

British Wind Farms Blow Vestas Towards 25% Profit Rise

Strong demand from British windfarms helped the world's biggest turbine manufacturer, Vestas, raise profits by 25% over the past year and have boosted future prospects.

NY Gas Drilling Draft Rules Expected in June

New York's new environmental chief said Tuesday the state doesn't need to wait for the EPA to complete a tww-year federal review of fracking in order to proceed with new drilling.

U.S. Group Sets Oil Talks with China

A group of prominent business executives and national security figures will visit China next month as part of their drive to reduce U.S. dependence on oil.

UK's Prince Charles Blasts Climate Change Skeptics

Prince Charles lashed out Wednesday at climate change skeptics, saying they are playing "a reckless game of roulette" with the planet's future.

Midwest Playing Catch-Up in Preparing for Electric Cars

In a bid to catch up with their coastal counterparts, Midwestern cities are racing to acquire electric vehicles and build charging stations.

Gevo Shares Rise in Market Debut

Shares of biofuels and renewable chemicals maker Gevo Inc. made their debut on the market above the company's expected IPO price.

February 9, 2011

Global Warming Fix Heats Up Hearing with EPA Chief

The head of the EPA on Wednesday goes before a House committee that is determined to block her agency's steps to address climate change.

Clean Air Rules Seen Adding 1.5 Million Jobs through 2015

Looming U.S. rules that power utilities face on air pollution could create nearly 1.5 million jobs over the next five years, according to a report.

Climate Skeptics Unpersuaded by Extra-Warm 2010

Remember 2010? U.S. and international scientists reckon it tied for the warmest year on record, supporting findings of unequivocal global climate change. Climate sceptics remain unconvinced.


U.S. EPA Releases Draft Plan for Fracking Study

U.S. environmental regulators issued a draft plan on Tuesday outlining how they will determine whether a technique for drilling natural gas harms supplies of drinking water.

City of Buffalo Bans Hydraulic Fracturing

Buffalo banned fracking on Tuesday in a largely symbolic vote that fuels debate over the potential harm to groundwater from mining shale gas.

Obama to Propose Electric Vehicle Rebate Plan

President Obama's budget request will call on Congress to pass legislation offering consumers a rebate of as much as $7,500 for purchasing electric vehicles.

Australia Aims to Delink Economic Growth and Pollution

Soaring emissions mean Australia must put a price on carbon and invest to ensure a growing economy does not have to mean growing fossil-fuel pollution, the climate change minister said.

UN Praises Pakistan for Climate Change Efforts

A UN official on Tuesday praised Pakistan, which is still reeling from catastrophic floods, for its voluntary efforts towards reducing the emissions responsible for climate change.


Oil-and-Gas Companies are Being Vilified in Tax Debate, Trade Group Says

After recently being branded "yesterday's energy" by Pres. Obama, the oil-and-gas industry is pushing back at Democratic efforts to roll back tax credits and deductions used by energy companies.

Govt: Voluntary Rules for Wind Farm Bird Impact

The Fish and Wildlife Service Tuesday proposed voluntary guidelines for onshore wind energy developers to avoid bird deaths and other harm to wildlife as part of the Obama administration's big push for renewable and clean energy.

Lugar: Tea Party Needs to 'Get Real'

The moderate Indiana Republican is facing at least one tea-party challenger heading into 2012 and wasn't shy about his criticism of the movement in an interview with a Fort Wayne TV station.

Keep Courts Out of Climate Policy, G.O.P. Lawmakers Say

A petition from three Republican lawmakers is novel: all three lawmakers have expressed skepticism about the reality of human-caused global warming, yet in their brief they say that the political system, not the courts, should deal with the problem.

Bordeaux Wines Face Climate Threat: Experts

Bordeaux's fabled wine grapes are under threat from global warming, climate experts told a meeting of industry leaders Tuesday.


February 8, 2011

Gas Drilling Oversight Measure Rejected in Colorado

Fracking won't see more oversight in Colorado after a Republican-led House panel on Monday rejected an idea to step up reporting of water complaints that may be related to drilling.

Australia Admits CO2 Emissions Will Balloon

Australia's climate change policies will lead greenhouse gas emissions to balloon out of control in the next few years, the federal government says in an annual report to the UN.

Climate Scientist Sues Skeptic for Libel

A prominent Canadian climate scientist is suing a leading climate skeptic for libel, arguing that an article published online in January contained false and malicious claims.

Upton Plans Talks with Senate Counterpart Bingaman to Find ‘Common Ground’

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) is planning further talks with his Senate counterpart – Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) – to seek areas of agreement.

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