November 5, 2010

China Says Its Car Boom is Ruining Air Quality

China's booming car sales have had a devastating effect on the environment, the national environmental watchdog has warned in its first-ever report on pollution caused by vehicle emissions.


Post-spill, Gulf of Mexico Still Key to BP's Fortunes

BP Plc is headquartered at St. James's Square in London, but the energy company's fate lies in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Prentice Resignation a Blow to Tory Environmental Agenda

Jim Prentice's surprise resignation has dealt another blow to the Harper government's battered environmental agenda.

What Happened to House Investigation of Massey's Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster?

Now that the Republicans have taken back the House, it is unclear what will come of the investigation. 

Google’s Next Energy Play: Weather Forecasting?

Google is looking into ways to make its weather forecasting data better, which, in turn, could be used to make the power grid smarter.

Native Americans Sue U.S. over Desert Solar Power Plant

The Quechan tribe alleges that Tessera Solar's 709-megawatt project on 6,000 acres near El Centro could damage 'cultural and biological resources of significance.'

November 4, 2010

Clean-Energy Action Shifts to States Post-Election

Clean-energy industry professionals say that state-level efforts to encourage green technology and efficiency are more important in the wake of national elections.

Obama Vows to Work with GOP on Energy Policy Overhaul

President Obama yesterday singled out energy policy as one area where the administration can work with the newly Republican-controlled House of Representatives.


India's Demand for Fossil Fuels to Rise 40% in Ten Years

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh predicted India's future demand for hydrocarbon fuels  will rise 40 percent over the next ten years.

Climate Cues From the Next House Speaker

Any legislative progress on climate change will depend on the cooperation of the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the incoming majority leader, John Boehner of Ohio.

Regional Carbon Markets Survive Elections

Regional U.S. carbon markets got a boost from Tuesday's mid-term elections but their backers have a lot of work to do before they notch significant environmental gains.

Science Takes a Hit on Election Day

The Democrats weren't the only big loser in yesterday's election. Science got clobbered, too.

Japan’s Auto Parts Makers Anticipating Shift to Electric Cars

Electric cars will render thousands of companies superfluous in the heart of Japan's auto parts region. That's why they're getting ready.

U.S. Gov't Awards $2.4 Billion for High-Speed Rail

A total of $2.4 billion will go to 23 states as part of federal public works project to build high-speed city-to-city passenger service across the U.S.

IEA: Climate Pledge Failure Would Boost Oil Prices

A reduction of ten percent in oil demand could knock about $20 off the price of a barrel of crude by 2035 if nations meet their pledges to cut fossil fuel consumption.

South Korea to Cut Coal Imports Ahead of Green Revolution

South Korea has signalled that it will cut coal imports as it looks to wean itself off fossil fuels and boost green investment.


Maersk First in Shipping Industry to Verify Emissions of Vessels

Maersk Line has become the first in its industry to independently verify its carbon emissions vessel by vessel.

November 3, 2010

Voters Keep California's Global Warming Law Intact

California voters defeated a ballot measure Tuesday that would have suspended the state's climate change law until the unemployment fell below 5.5 percent for a year.

GOP Wins House in Huge Swing

Republicans leaders won control of the House and Democrats managed to retain their majority in the Senate following months of voter discontent over the economy and government policy.

Republicans Make Gains in Governorships

Republicans seized control of a majority of the nation's governorships Tuesday, recapturing conservative states and displacing Democratic governors.

GOP Seizes Control of Key State Legislatures

Republicans seized control of about a dozen state legislative chambers Tuesday night, delivering a major blow to Democrats and picking up key redistricting powers along the way.

S.Korea to Build $8.2 Billion Offshore Wind Farm

South Korea said Tuesday it would build a massive offshore wind farm off the west coast by 2019 to develop new sources of renewable energy and help wind turbine exporters.

Republican Wins to Hurt Obama's Clean Energy Plans

Big Republican wins in Tuesday's election will not only kill chances of a broad climate bill during President Barack Obama's first term, but clean energy legislation as well.

Global Warming May Bring Giant, Voracious Crabs to Antarctica

Changing ocean temperatures may allow giant, voracious, predatory crabs to enter the unique continental-shelf ecosystems of Antarctica.

Dems' Day of Reckoning Comes for Climate Vote

House Democrats who voted for the 2009 bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions – dubbed cap-and-tax by GOP opponents – had a terrible night.


New Mexico Adopts Cap-and-Trade

New Mexico adopted  greenhouse gas reduction regulations—called the most stringent in the US—that will reduce pollutants through a regional cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

Extensive Corrosion on BP Pipelines in Alaska

The extensive pipeline system that moves oil, gas and waste throughout BP's operations in Alaska is plagued by severe corrosion, according to an internal maintenance report.

Idaho Court Punts on Oil Shipments

Efforts to block shipments of giant oil processing equipment along a historic stretch of Highway 12 in Idaho, were dealt a blow by the state Supreme Court on Monday.

Rising Seas and the Groundwater Equation

Worldwide overpumping of groundwater, particularly in northern India, Iran, Mexico, northeastern China and the American West, is responsible for about 25 percent of the current rise in sea level.

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