January 26, 2011

Key Republicans Outlining Proposal in Coming Weeks to Block EPA Climate Authority

A coalition of Republicans will outline a proposal in the coming weeks to permanently block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Greens Play Public Health Card

With environmental regulations under siege on Capitol Hill, Democrats and green advocates are falling back on a familiar and, they hope, persuasive argument: These rules will save American lives.

EU Awaits CO2 Registry Security Reports to Reopen

The European Commission said on Tues. it was waiting for the bloc's national emissions registries to confirm they have put in place minimum security requirements before it reactivates them.

AP Interview: Gingrich Calls for Replacing EPA

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called Tues. for the elimination of the EPA, which he wants to replace with a new organization that would work more closely with businesses.

The Future of Algae Fuels Is ... When?

Advocates of algae-based fuels disagree with a new study on the technology's near-term commercial viability.

France Sees Transaction Tax as Best to Raise Climate Funds

A financial transactions tax is the best way to raise funds to battle global warming, but France expects a tough fight to get an agreement during its G20 presidency, Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said Tuesday.


EC Commissioner Backs CCS as Key Climate Technology

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) stands out as one of the most important technological solutions if Europe is to achieve its goals for energy and climate change, insists the EU Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger.

Official Solar Installations in Italy Soar to 5.8GW in 2010

Official PV installations in Italy reached an accumulated 7,000MW at the end of 2010, according to new figures. Installations had reached just 1,142MW at the end of 2009.

Industry Boos Oscar Nod for 'Gasland'

The natural gas industry maintains that allegations in the film Gasland about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing have been disproved, and it has reacted scornfully to news of the film's Oscar nomination.

January 25, 2011

Obama Climate Adviser to Depart in Latest Staff Change

A key climate adviser to Pres. Obama will step down soon, administration officials said, in the latest staff departure as the White House adapts to a shift in power in Congress.


EU Carbon Trading Thefts Reveal Systemic Flaws

The news last week that hackers had stolen $38 million in emissions permits from carbon trading firms revealed just how vulnerable Europe's emissions trading market was.

Indonesia Grants Slew of Last-Minute Logging Concessions on Eve of Moratorium

Indonesia's Minister of Forestry granted nearly 3 million hectares of plantation forestry concessions the day before it was due to sign a decree for a two-year moratorium on new logging licenses.

Cost of Natural Disasters $109 billion in 2010: U.N

Natural disasters caused $109 billion in economic damage last year, three times more than in 2009, with Chile and China bearing most of the cost, the UN said Monday.

South Africa Flood Death Toll Rises as Government Declares 33 Disaster Zones

Flooding in South Africa has killed more than 100 people, forced at least 8,400 from their homes and prompted the government to declare 33 disaster areas.

China Province Hit by Worst Drought, Warning on Wheat

Most of China's wheat-growing areas in the north are suffering from drought with some seeing no rain for three months while the province of Shandong is facing its worst drought in a century.

Oil Giant Saudi Arabia Looks to Alternative Energy

With vast oil reserves that are far from exhausted, Saudi Arabia, facing rising domestic energy demand that could cut into its oil exports, has decided to explore nuclear and renewable energy.


S.Korean Industry Wants CO2 Trade Delay

South Korean industries object to the timing of national carbon trading, set to start in 2013, citing restrictive rules and uncertainties over global climate change policies.

Missouri Senate to Take Up Resolution to Weaken 2008's Prop C

The Missouri Senate is poised to debate a resolution this week that would determine how and where certain utility companies can buy wind and solar power.

Scenario to Cap World Emissions by 2020 Is Fading Fast, Warns IEA Economist

Unless the U.S., Europe, China, India and the other emerging economies get on a crash course to slash greenhouse gases, the IEA's top economist contends, world leaders can simply forget about stabilizing the average global temperature rise at 2 degrees Celsius.

Lawmakers Gear Up to Drill Commission on Oil Spill Report's Findings

This week the leaders of the presidential commission that investigated last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will take their case for increased funding and offshore drilling safety reform to Capitol Hill, but their specific legislative recommendations may reach deaf ears.

BLM Proposes Rule to Curb Oil and Gas Production Waste and Emissions

The Interior Department is developing a new rule seeking to reduce the amount of wasted oil and gas from public lands and rein in a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food System Must Transform on Scale of Industrial Revolution, Says Report

The world will not be able to feed itself without destroying the planet unless a transformation on the scale of the industrial revolution takes place, a major government report has concluded.

Aging and Failed Satellites Jeopardize Efforts to Collect Data on Climate Change

Understanding climate change requires a breadth of information on variables from atmospheric CO2 to the condition of Arctic ice, and scientists say that satellites are vital for this at a time when many are in dire need of replacement.

W.Va. Sen. Rockefeller Among Top Pols ‘Blocking Progress’ on Warming

Rolling Stone magazine has listed West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller among the 12 politicians and executives doing the most to block progress on dealing with global warming.

A New Research Project to Focus on Climate Change in the Arctic

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is coordinating a project that demonstrates new methods for mitigating climate change in the Arctic.

Some Coastal Areas, Islands in Caraga Sinking Due to Rising Sea Water Level

Shorelines in coastal areas in the Caraga Region of the Philippines are slowly disappearing as they are being submerged in seawater because of rising seawater, according to two NGOs.

Nissan to Reach Full Leaf EV Output Speed by March

Nissan said it would add overtime and holidays at one if its Japanese factories toward the end of the business year in March to bring production of the Leaf electric car up to full speed.

Mazda to Lease Electric Vehicles in Japan in 2012

Mazda is developing its own electric car for leasing in Japan starting in spring 2012, joining the rush to develop green vehicles, an area in which it's lagging General Motors, Nissan and other rivals.

January 24, 2011

One Oil Pipeline Too Many for Texas?

TransCanada's plan to pipe in tar sands oil angers Texas landowners who say they resent being pushed around by a foreign company.

France to Launch Offshore Wind Tender on Tuesday

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will detail on Tuesday a tender for the construction of the country's first offshore wind power farms, an ecology ministry spokeswoman said.

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