October 28, 2010

Poll: Tea Party More Skeptical on Climate than Republicans Overall

A new Pew climate poll finds that Republicans who identify with the Tea Party movement are more skeptical about global warming than other GOP-ers.

Seattle Fuel Spill Spreads Slick Across Salmon Bay

A Washington state ecology official says a fuel spill at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal has spread a slick across nearby Salmon Bay.

U.S. Sets Up Security Zone Around BP Oil Spill Site

A security zone has been set up around the site of the BP oil spill in the Gulf to safeguard any evidence of the environmental disaster earlier this year, the Justice Department said.


Clinton to Question China on Minerals

Hillary Rodham Clinton said she would question Chinese officials about reports that China had halted shipments of strategically important rare earth minerals.

World Bank Launches Scheme to Green Government Accounts

The World Bank on Thurs. launched a program to help nations put a value on nature just like GDP in a bid to stop the destruction of forests, wetlands and reefs.


Cane Ethanol Leader Brazil Considers Using Corn

Sugar cane ethanol pioneer Brazil, which touts the efficiency and environmental qualities of its biofuel, could soon begin making it from less-efficient corn to soak up excess grains.

Global Warming Issue May Determine Key Races

For the first time in 10 years, not one Republican running for the U.S. Senate supports proposals to limit CO2 emissions. Most openly question the science of global warming.

Futuristic Climate Schemes to Get UN Hearing

Futuristic schemes for slowing climate change such as dimming sunlight are fraught with risks but will get a serious hearing from the UN panel of climate scientists.

Leaked Memo Depicts Bare-Bones Regulatory Environment for NY Gas Drilling

The leaked memo that led to the dismissal of New York's top environmental official last week depicts a severely understaffed agency that has struggled to adequately perform its duties over the past two years and is ill-equipped to supervise natural gas drilling.

Islanders Lead World on Personal Carbon Test Scheme

Norfolk Island will introduce the world's first trial of a personal carbon trading scheme. If successful, it could improve the health of the residents as well as reduce GHG emissions.

UK Holds Back Offshore Oil Licenses

A total of 144 new licences have been granted to explore oil and gas off the UK coast today. But the industry isn't happy -- 99 have been held back for further assessments on the likely ecological impact.

SF Bay Area Taps Better Place for Electric Taxis

San Francisco-area residents will see electric car taxis and automated battery-switching stations by the end of next year as part of a Department of Transportation-funded project.

China to Focus on Promoting Electric Cars

Chinese authorities have agreed to promote electric cars to address the country's intensifying energy and pollution concerns, as auto sales surge, an official said Thursday.


October 27, 2010

At Least 230 Ducks Die in Latest Syncrude Incident

About 230 ducks were euthanized after they landed on a toxic waste pond owned by Syncrude, just three days after the oil sands producer was fined C$3 million for a similar incident.

W.H.: No Regrets on Health, Climate

The White House doesn't regret simultaneously pushing health care and climate change legislation, despite the failure to pass cap and trade, Pres. Obama's policy adviser said Wed.

Graham: GOP Should Work with Obama on Energy

Republicans in Congress should look for opportunities to work with Pres. Obama in the next two years onon an energy bill that doesn't include cap and trade, Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

California Green Vote Could Hurt Voluntary CO2 Market

A ballot measure to suspend a Californian global warming law could stall activity in the voluntary carbon market if it is passed next week, market players said on Wednesday.

U.N. Talks to Save Nature Zero In on Historic Deal

Ministers worldwide began on Wed. a final push for a UN deal to protect nature, as the World Bank urged them to value the benefits of forests, oceans and rivers on economies.

Japan Offers $2 Bln Environment Rescue Package

Japan announced a $2 billion environment rescue package for developing countries in a bid to kickstart tense UN talks aimed at securing a pact on saving biodiversity.


EU, U.S. Grapple With Crunch in Rare Earth Supplies

The EU and the U.S. said on Tuesday they were pressing for solutions to concerns China may be exploiting its stranglehold on rare earth metals.

Pennsylvania Governor Bans Fracking in State Forests

Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania signed an executive order on Tuesday effectively banning further natural gas development on state forest lands.

Pacific Fisheries Face Collapse by 2035: Study

Pacific island fisheries face collapse in the next 25 years as overfishing, population growth and climate change threaten one of the region's main economic resources, a study warned.


UK Private Sector Urged to Stump Up for Renewables Projects

Without a systematic approach towards infrastructure, skills and funding, the investment in UK wind turbine factories could prove something of a one-off, business leaders were warned.

Electric Cars Need 2 Years of Government Aid: Renault CEO

Electric cars will need two years of government support in developed markets before they can take off on their own, Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said on Tuesday.

New EPA Rules Could Impair Power Grid

Upcoming EPA rules could have a "significant impact" on electric grid reliability by forcing the closure of many power plants, according to a new report.

Greenpeace: HP Up, Apple Down in Green Ranks

In its latest Guide to Greener Electronics, Greenpeace points to some major changes among computer makers in keeping it clean. Apple, for example, dropped, from fifth place to ninth.

October 26, 2010

U.S. Energy Firms Still Getting China Rare Metals

The U.S. Department of Energy is not aware of any U.S. clean energy companies experiencing disruptions in their rare earth metal shipments from China.

EU Prepares to Ban Carbon Permits from Chinese Industrial Gas Projects

The use of carbon permits from industrial gas projects in China could be banned because of their "total lack of environmental integrity", the EU climate commissioner said.

Antarctic Snowfall Linked to West Australian Drought

The significant drought in southwest Australia may be linked to increased snowfall in the Antarctic over the past 30 years, researchers say.

Campaign Ads Slam Stimulus Bill Program for Renewable Energy

Republican and Democratic campaign leaders clashed over the accuracy of GOP political ads attacking a stimulus bill program that gives money to renewable power companies.

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