November 8, 2010

With Wheat Comes a Harvest of Worry

Along with the wheat these days comes a harvest of worry. Yields are not keeping up with a world growing hungrier, crops are stunted in a world grown warmer, a devastating fungus is spreading out of Africa.

Gas Rules Offer More Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals.

Proposed revisions to Pennsylvania's oil and gas law will force drillers to disclose for the first time the names and amounts of chemicals they inject underground to coax oil and gas from rock.

Study: EU's Thirst for Biofuel Will Deprive Poor of Food

Europe's thirst for biofuels will drive farmers in poorer nations to convert wild land equivalent in size to the Republic of Ireland into plantations, depriving the poor of food and accelerating climate change.

November 7, 2010

In Climate Politics, Texas Aims to Be the Anti-California

The state has filed seven lawsuits against the EPA, and its members of Congress want to check the EPA's efforts to curb greenhouse gases

E.U. Sees U.S. Disappearing as Partner on Climate

The European Union sees the United States "disappearing as a partner" in international climate talks after President Barack Obama suffered setbacks in midterm elections.

Chu Applauds China's Green Investment Strategy

US energy secretary Steven Chu said advances in the development of renewable energy in China may improve his administration's chances of convincing climate change doubters in the US.

UN: Annual $100bn for Climate Funding Possible

The U.N. has released its recommendations for how the international community can raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to offset the impact of global warming on developing countries.

80 Nations Want Farming as Part of Climate Talks

An 80-nation conference on food security is urging U.N. climate negotiators to consider agriculture when drawing up strategies to fight climate change.

Dead Coral Found Near Site of Gulf Oil Spill

A survey of the seafloor near BP's blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico has turned up dead and dying coral reefs that were probably damaged by the oil spill, scientists said Friday.

When a Rig Moves In Next Door

In states accustomed to its risks, drilling for natural gas is seen as an economic lifeline. But in the Northeast, some residents fear the long-term environmental impact.

Oysters at Risk in Acid Oceans

Oysters have formed a succulent and nutritious part of the human diet for thousands of years, but a new report is warning they could disappear because of ocean acidification.

EU to Tackle Gaming of Carbon Offsets

The European Union will announce measures to tackle "gaming" of the U.N.'s system of carbon offsetting before the end of this month, the EU's top climate official said on Friday.

Climate Change Harming Sugar Maples Faster than Expected

A University of New Hampshire professor says sugar maple trees largely are suffering the effects of climate change faster than expected.

Nuclear Waste Shipment Faces German Protests

Tens of thousands demonstrated Saturday against a shipment of nuclear waste traveling to a storage site in northern Germany in protest of a government move to extend the country's use of atomic energy.

Bloomberg to Promote Electric Taxis in Cities

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to promote the use of electric taxis as he takes over the leadership of a global coalition of major cities.


November 5, 2010

GOP Lawmaker Vows to Haul Climate Czar before Congress

Rep. Fred Upton is promising expanded oversight of the White House as he angles for a powerful committee chairmanship.


EPA Policy Chief Steps Down

Lisa Heinzerling, a Clean Air Act and global warming expert at EPA, is stepping down as policy chief to return to her position as a Georgetown University Law Professor.

Republican Victories Boost Effort to Block EPA's Climate Rules

Along with the Democrats, one of the biggest losers on Election Day was U.S. EPA, which is expected to be the target of bruising congressional attacks.

TransCanada Pushes Back against Request for Pipeline Review

TransCanada is rejecting claims by Nebraska GOP Sen. Mike Johanns that the State Department needs to expand its review of the company's proposed Canada-to-Texas oil sands pipeline.

China Says Its Car Boom is Ruining Air Quality

China's booming car sales have had a devastating effect on the environment, the national environmental watchdog has warned in its first-ever report on pollution caused by vehicle emissions.


Post-spill, Gulf of Mexico Still Key to BP's Fortunes

BP Plc is headquartered at St. James's Square in London, but the energy company's fate lies in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Prentice Resignation a Blow to Tory Environmental Agenda

Jim Prentice's surprise resignation has dealt another blow to the Harper government's battered environmental agenda.

What Happened to House Investigation of Massey's Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster?

Now that the Republicans have taken back the House, it is unclear what will come of the investigation. 

Google’s Next Energy Play: Weather Forecasting?

Google is looking into ways to make its weather forecasting data better, which, in turn, could be used to make the power grid smarter.

Native Americans Sue U.S. over Desert Solar Power Plant

The Quechan tribe alleges that Tessera Solar's 709-megawatt project on 6,000 acres near El Centro could damage 'cultural and biological resources of significance.'

November 4, 2010

Clean-Energy Action Shifts to States Post-Election

Clean-energy industry professionals say that state-level efforts to encourage green technology and efficiency are more important in the wake of national elections.

Obama Vows to Work with GOP on Energy Policy Overhaul

President Obama yesterday singled out energy policy as one area where the administration can work with the newly Republican-controlled House of Representatives.


India's Demand for Fossil Fuels to Rise 40% in Ten Years

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh predicted India's future demand for hydrocarbon fuels  will rise 40 percent over the next ten years.

Climate Cues From the Next House Speaker

Any legislative progress on climate change will depend on the cooperation of the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the incoming majority leader, John Boehner of Ohio.

Regional Carbon Markets Survive Elections

Regional U.S. carbon markets got a boost from Tuesday's mid-term elections but their backers have a lot of work to do before they notch significant environmental gains.

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