December 8, 2010

Push for Ethanol Credits in Tax Package

Corn-belt senators are preparing to push for inclusion of a proposal to extend ethanol tax credits as part of a broad tax package negotiated by the White House

Wind Group Warns of Job Losses

The wind industry urged Congress on Tuesday to extend a cash grant program for production of renewable energy, claiming tens of thousands of jobs are at stake.

Rockefeller Eyes Omnibus to Block EPA Climate Rules

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is pinning his hopes for blocking EPA climate change rules on the uncertain prospect that lawmakers will move an omnibus federal spending package this year

Archaeologists Warn of Climate Threat to Past Treasures

Mummies decaying in Siberia, pyramids vanishing under the sand in Sudan, Maya temples collapsing: climate change risks destroying countless treasures from our shared past, archaeologists warn.


Defense Department to Test Concentrating Solar

Skyline Solar says that two military bases in desert areas will use its solar arrays to test how quickly the concentrating photovoltaic systems can be installed and upgraded in the field.

Canada Fights to Stop States From Lowering Fuel Carbon Levels

How Alberta, Ottawa and oil sands corporations are teaming to oppose climate change laws across America. First in a multi-part series.

EPA Wants More Time to Rework Boiler Emissions Rule

EPA is requesting more time to issue a final rule meant to reduce potentially harmful air emissions from industrial boilers

The Peasant View of Cancún: 'They want to turn the air into a commodity'

"What they are proposing is good only for capitalists. Capitalism has caused climate change and now it wants to make new business from it. They want to turn the air into a commodity."


Supreme Court to Hear Key Global Warming Case

 The Supreme Court said Monday it would consider a key global warming case over the right of US states to regulate carbon emissions as a "public nuisance."

U.S. Launches Drive to Boost Clean Energy Exports

The United States onTuesday launched a new drive to boost exports of renewable energy products with a warning from Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

Overhaul of Oil Industry Urged

The oil and gas industry needs a "major transformation" in its approach to safety to avoid another big offshore-drilling disaster, a leader of the panel investigating the BP accident plans to say.

China and U.S. Narrow Gap on Climate

With narrowing differences over a key issue, verification, there is growing hope of modest success at the conference.

Closing Coal-Fired Plant Could Set Precedent.

The early closure the Boardman coal-fired power plant could set a national precedent. But it puts the utility in a bind: How to afford a massive slate of investments without driving rates to the stratosphere.

Pact Could Be Near to Save Tropical Forests

For years, policymakers and scientists alike have spoken of the need to save tropical forests as a way of curbing climate change. By week's end, U.N. negotiators may finally set the rules of the road for doing it.

U.N.'s Ban Urges Climate Deal, Short of Perfect

Saying the health of the planet is at stake, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged 190 nations meeting in Mexico on Tuesday to agree to steps to fight climate change.

EPA Says Gas Driller Contaminated Texas Aquifer

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued an emergency order accusing a Texas gas driller of contaminating an aquifer.

Report Says Drilling Agency Needs More Inspectors

The Interior Dept's top watchdog calls for increasing the number of offshore drilling inspectors, more surprise inspections and stiffer penalties on companies found to violate federal rules on drilling.

December 7, 2010

Mount Everest Shows Signs of Heavy Metal Pollution

Following in Edmund Hillary's footsteps? Don't drink the water on your way up. Dangerous levels of arsenic and cadmium have been found in snow samples from Mount Everest.

Future Uncertain for White House Energy Post

Would anyone notice if the White House didn't have a special energy and climate office? That's the question as the President considers giving Carol Browner a promotion to deputy chief of staff.

Canada among Top Climate Change Culprits

Canada is the fourth worst out of 57 countries evaluated for their performances in helping halt climate change. The top three are Saudia Arabia, Kazakhstan and Australia, according to a new report.

Republicans Urge Opening of Arctic Refuge to Deepwater Drilling

The leading GOP candidate to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee is calling for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and a massive increase in deepwater oil production

If an Island State Vanishes, Is It Still a Nation?

Encroaching seas in the far Pacific are raising the salt level in the wells of the Marshall Islands. Waves threaten to cut one in two. "It's getting worse," says Kaminaga Kaminaga, the nation's climate change coordinator.


L.A. Scales Back Renewable Energy Goal

The Department of Water and Power is quietly backing way from his ambitious goal of generating 40% of its power from renewable sources by 2020.

Indonesia's Billion-Dollar Climate Experiment

Can rich nations pay a corruption-riddled government to protect its rain forests?

Giant Alberta-bound oil-sands shipments stall in Idaho

Imperial Oil is finding its initial 34 shipments of heavy equipment stranded, lacking state highway permits to complete the U.S. portion of the trip to Alberta's oil sands, and facing activist groups.

Drought and Warmer Weather Threaten Wheat, Water Supplies.

Unusually high November temperatures and low rainfall were threatening water supply and the growth of winter wheat in the North China Plain, a senior water resource official revealed on Saturday.

"Alarming" Amazon Drought—River Hits New Low

The Negro River, a major tributary of the Amazon River, dropped to a depth of about 46 feet (14 meters)—the lowest point since record-keeping began in 1902.

China Buoys Climate Talks with "Binding" Target

China on Monday offered for the first time to submit its voluntary carbon emissions target to a binding U.N. resolution, buoying climate talks after Bolivia accused rich world policies of causing "genocide."


Improved Car Batteries Only 5 Years Off

Cars that run on batteries will begin to be competitive with ones that burn petroleum fuels in about five years, the U.S. energy secretary Chu said at the annual U.N. climate meeting.

Mistletoe Could Vanish within 20 years, says National Trust

Conservationists warn today that mistletoe, favourite plant both of pagans and stealers of Christmas kisses, could vanish from the nation's halls and doorways within 20 years

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