January 3, 2011

Drilling Is Stalled Even After Ban Is Lifted

More than two months after the Obama administration lifted its ban on drilling in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, oil companies are still waiting for approval to drill the first new oil well there.

MPs Give Backing to Deepwater Drilling Off UK

Despite risks of drilling in deep water off the UK, the Energy and Climate Change Committee said both the energy and national security of the UK depends on the newly discovered oilfields.

Firing Up the $1  Trillion Network

Growing demand for renewable energy and electricity is spurring the push for a smart electricity grid, which would merge new technologies with changing U.S. energy needs.

Cancer Cluster Linked to Coal?

The Delaware Division of Public Health has finally confirmed what the activists suspected: There's a cluster of cancer cases near a coal-burning plant, the state's worst polluter.

Groundwater in India Reaches New Lows

Nearly a third of India is suffering from chronic water shortages, and making up for it with "the world's largest groundwater mining operation," according to experts.

River Rage: Why Iowa's Flood Risk Is Rising

Changes in Iowa's weather patterns, landscape, cities and farms have rendered some of the state's most trusted flood prevention safeguards outmoded and inadequate, a review by The Des Moines Register shows.

UAW Sets a Strategy on Foreign Car Plants

The United Auto Workers union said it is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in a bid to organize hourly factory workers at foreign-owned car plants in the U.S.

Global Warming Takes Its Toll on Rice Production: Assoc. Chief

Global warming has caused a deceleration in rice production in many regions in Asia, according to a recent large-scale study.

January 2, 2011

Texas Files Again to Block EPA Carbon Rules in State

Texas has filed a fresh motion in federal appeals court to block EPA's attempts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the state, one day after another court rejected the state's petitions.

Green Skeletons Lurk in GOP Closets

It may be heresy to conservatives, but a trip down memory lane shows nearly all of the top-tier Republican presidential contenders want to save the planet from global warming.

Coal's Burnout in the U.S.

A combination of low natural gas prices, shale gas discoveries, the economic slowdown and litigation by environmental groups has stopped -- at least for now -- groundbreaking on new coal plants.

'Biblical' Floods Hit Queensland and Leave Tens of Thousands Homeless

The northern Australian state of Queensland faces a flood of "biblical proportions" a local official warned yesterday, as rising water levels caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.

A Glacier in Flux Plunges Seaward

On the edge of one of the planet's most ice-covered regions, an Alaska glacier is ignoring all climate signals as it advances to sea. Scientists aim to find out what it means for global sea levels.

UK Joins Gas Rush Despite Pollution Fears

A controversial new technique for drilling gas wells called fracking, which campaigners say has polluted water courses in America, is to be tried for the first time in Britain later this month.

The Pitfalls of Europe's New Emissions Trading System

The next stage in the world's CO2 emissions-trading scheme will begin in two years. But nobody knows if the system will really help the environment -- or merely create a burdensome bureaucracy.

India's Hidden Climate Change Catastrophe

Over the past decade, as crops have failed year after year, 200,000 farmers in India have killed themselves.

Rules Eased to Create More Charging Points for Electric Cars

Charging points for electric vehicles will be allowed on streets and in outdoor car parks in the UK without the need for planning permission.

Report: Japan to Promote Use of Refinery Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Cars

The Nikkei reports that Japan's government will launch a public-private initiative to develop technology for applying hydrogen used in oil refining to power fuel cell vehicles.

December 31, 2010

U.S. Court Denies Delay for EPA Carbon Rules in Texas

A federal court on Wednesday blocked an attempt by Texas to delay the EPA's plans to impose carbon regulations in the state early next year.

Climate PR Effort Heats Up

Environmentalists, scientists and lawmakers have renewed public relations efforts to put global warming plainly before Americans' eyes and also rebut opponents who say nothing is happening.

EPA Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress

The first federal regulations on climate-altering gases from factories and power plants take effect on Sunday and set up a dangerous political clash for both sides.

MT Gov Wants to Meet with WA Officials About Port

Montana's governor says he wants to meet with Washington state officials about opposition to a Columbia River port that would ship coal mined in Montana and Wyoming to Asia.

An Evangelical Backlash Against Environmentalism

An increasingly fierce backlash against the mingling of Christianity and environmentalism has emerged from some quarters of the evangelical movement.

'Super' Greenhouse Gases to Draw Stricter Monitoring

Japan's Meteorological Agency will start monitoring levels of "super" greenhouse gases, which have an enormous effect on climate change compared with carbon dioxide, at two observatories.

China Likely Bright Spot in Asia Climate Action

The outcome of UN climate talks in Mexico this month should boost steps in Asia to curb emissions, with China a likely bright spot in 2011, a senior analyst at a leading U.S. think tank said.

Hi-Tech Industries in Disarray as China Rations Vital Minerals

China has struck fear into governments by slashing exports of an array of metals that are crucial for electronics ranging from iPads and X-ray systems, to low-energy lightbulbs and hybrid cars.

WA Utility Customers to See Tiny Wind Credit

Come January, Puget Sound Energy customers will start seeing a wee wind power credit on their monthly bills, due to a renewable energy tax grant the utility has received.

Indonesian Climate Official: Palm Oil Lobbyist Is Misleading the Public

Alan Oxley, a lobbyist for industrial forestry companies in the palm oil and pulp and paper sectors, is deliberately misleading the public on deforestation and associated greenhouse gas emissions, said a top Indonesian climate official.

Scientists Aim to Map and Save Endangered Habitats

]From mangrove swamps in Venezuela to lowland forests in Indonesia, entire communities of plants and animals are under threat. Now scientists are figuring out how to catalog and map the world's most threatened ecosystems.

Cleanup of Oil-Tainted Gulf Coast Nears End

In many places, tar balls and black sticky patties that once littered the Gulf shoreline are gone. The sand is no longer stained brown, and the surf is clear of crude. Beaches that once looked like excavation sites are returning to normal.

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