January 30, 2011

EU Says Spot Carbon Market May Reopen Next Week

The spot market in EU emissions permits may reopen this coming week, the EU executive Commission said, but some carbon exchanges and registries doubted a restart.

New Zealand Government to Formalize Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

The New Zealand government is to make law a planned 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050.

China to Import More Fuels Despite Clean Energy Drive

China will ramp up conventional fuel imports and production to power its economy in 2011 despite accelerating efforts to develop clean, renewable and alternative energy.

Utah Mayors Express Concern over Pipeline Restart

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon are expressing concern over Chevron's plans to restart a pipeline that burst twice last year.

Canadian Official Calls Well Leak "Very, Very Worrying"

An Environment Department official calls an uncontrolled gas leak at a shale gas well in southwestern Quebec "very, very worrying," and fears the leak "could lead to contamination of underground water."

Talisman Suspends Shale-Gas Fracking after Pennsylvania Well Incident

Calgary's Talisman Energy Inc. suspended all "fracking" operations for about eight days across North America this month after what it described as "a well-control incident" in Pennsylvania.

Ethanol Trade Groups Bash Draft EPA Report

The ethanol industry is quickly attacking a draft EPA study that details a slew of ecological harms that could accompany increased biofuels production.

BP to Cut Production Amid Impact of Deepwater Horizon Spill

Bob Dudley, BP's chief executive, will scrap the company's production targets when he lays out his vision this week for a smaller, more exploration-focused company after last April's Gulf of Mexico disaster.

India's Suzlon Wins $1.28 Bn Wind Power Deal

Suzlon Energy, the world's third-biggest wind turbine maker, said on Friday it received a $1.28 billion order from Caparo Energy to develop 1,000 megawatts of wind power projects in India.


January 28, 2011

Arctic Current Warmer than for 2,000 Years: Study

A current flowing into the Arctic Ocean is warmer than for at least 2,000 years in a sign that global warming is likely to bring ice-free seas around the North Pole in summers, a study showed.

UN Climate Talks in Focus at Davos Forum

Businesses, especially U.S. ones, must get more involved in the effort to slow climate change and help pressure politicians to enact policies that promote green growth, international leaders said.


Alberta Conditionally Approves Totals New Joslyn Oil Sands Mine

A Joint Review Panel of the Government of Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has conditionally approved Total's Joslyn oil sands mine.

European Commission Extends Carbon Market Freeze Indefinitely

Europe's suspension of trading in carbon allowances to put a halt to hacker theft has been extended indefinitely until countries can prove their systems are protected from further fraud.

ICE Extends Spot CO2 Trade Suspension to February 7

ICE Futures Europe has extended the suspension of its spot emissions contracts for another week to February 7, it said in a note on Thursday.

EU Watching Rare Earths Closely: Trade Chief

The EU is watching the market for rare earth minerals closely and is determined to secure supplies from China and alternative sources, its top trade official said on Thursday.

Calderon and Zuma Urge U.S. to Step Up on Climate Change

Presidents Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Jacob Zuma of South Africa, hosts of global climate change summits, on Thursday urged the U.S. to take stronger action on the issue.


VantagePoint Sees Big Cleantech Deals in 2011

Up to 10 companies in the cleantech sector will go public in multibillion dollar U.S. offerings this year and many will be acquired in equally significant deals, VantagePoint Venture Partners said.

Edmunds CEO: Impose a $2-Per-Gallon Gas Tax

Congress should pass a federal gas tax on consumers instead of continuing to impose CAFE regulations on automakers, says the CEO of Edmunds.

Koch Industries Unamused by Climate Spoof

Koch Industries wants to unmask the pranksters who issued a phony press release suggesting that the company, which supports global warming skeptics, had had a change of heart.

Renewable Energy Generation Rejects £70 Million Bid Approach

Windfarm developer Renewable Energy Generation rejected a $111.5 million offer approach from an unnamed UK-listed firm, saying that the bid significantly undervalued the company.

AP Interview: Electric Car Boss Sees Global Change

Electric car pioneer Shai Agassi predicts that before 2020, more people everywhere will be buying electric cars than those powered by gasoline.

Bovine Bellies Yield Clues for New Biofuels

Researchers looking for better ways to make biofuels turned to experts at breaking down grass -- cattle -- and found more than a dozen new compounds in their guts that might help make new, cheap sources of energy.

UK Rail Revival and Tourism Boom Forecast

Disused rail lines may be reopened – or new ones commissioned – if the climate change that raises Britain's summer temperatures also proves a boon for domestic tourism.


January 27, 2011

Industry Ramps Up Oil-Sands Campaign Ahead of Key Decision

The oil industry is ramping up its campaign to pressure the Obama administration to approve a massive oil-sands pipeline project, arguing that approval would aid the country's economic recovery.

Obama Energy Plan Best Chance for Clean Power

President Obama's new plan to double U.S. clean power output could provide the kind of compromise needed to pass a divided Congress.

Obama's Clean-Energy Goals Have Industry Questioning Feasibility

Pres. Obama has grand plans — 1 million electric vehicles on the road within 4 years and clean power sources providing 80% of the nation's energy by 2035. Executives say steady funding would help.

Chu Plugs R&D to Hit Obama's Clean-Energy Target

Energy Secretary Steven Chu sheds light on how the White House defines "clean-energy sources" as it seeks to push ahead on energy innovation to boost the economy.

Interior Secretary: 'I'm Staying'

Ken Salazar has warned against reading too much into his absence at the State of the Union Address, saying he's not leaving his post any time soon.

Europe's Green Energy Faces Subsidy Shake-Up

The EU looks set to overhaul the way renewable energy projects and power grids are financed, launching a new type of infrastructure bond and converging the EU's tangle of overlapping subsidies.

Koch Conference Now a Target

Critics have launched a campaign to highlight what they say is the systematic way in which the Kochs use their political giving to further the interests of their oil and manufacturing empire.

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