April 1, 2019

A Texan’s Big Bet on a Fossil-Fuel Future for California

Andrew Beal, a billionaire and major Trump backer, could upend California's carbon-free power goals with a case before federal regulators. Beal, who owns a natural gas power plant in California's Central Valley, is arguing before federal regulators that state policies discriminate against fossil fuel generators.

March 29, 2019

Extreme Weather Disasters Hit 62 Million People in 2018, UN Says

Extreme weather, intensified by climate change, affected about 62 million people around the world last year, the UN's World Meteorological Organization says. Its annual "State of the Climate" report says flooding affected 35 million people and droughts affected 9 million. Officials note the number of disasters around the world is growing because of climate change.

Google, GM, Other Corporate Giants Form Alliance to Spur Clean Energy

Some of the nation's top tech firms, manufacturers and consumer companies are banding together to create a boom in renewable energy purchases throughout corporate America. Their new Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is a trade organization to help companies take advantage of new ways to purchase clean energy. 

The Race to Build the World's Largest Solar-Storage Plant Is On

NextEra Energy says it will build the largest solar-powered battery in the world. The 490 megawatt battery will be added to an existing 74.5 megawatt solar farm near Tampa. The announcement indicates that a worldwide race is underway to build the largest battery, with the new project larger than other would-be leaders in Saudi Arabia and Texas.

March 28, 2019

Global 'Collapse' in Number of New Coal-Fired Power Plants?

A report from the NGO-backed Global Energy Monitor says the number of coal plants starting construction each year has fallen by 84% since 2015, and the number of completed plants has dropped by more than half since 2015. It cites falling costs of other energy sources and financial institutions avoiding coal producers.

March 27, 2019

The 3 Democrats Who Voted Against the Green New Deal

The three Democrats who voted with Republicans on a procedural maneuver opposing the Green New Deal on Tuesday explained their break with party unity while emphasizing the need for some action on climate change. Read more from ICN about what Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell hoped to gain from orchestrating the vote.

Can the Tools of Capitalism Curb Climate Change?

Trillium Asset Management is part of a wave of concerned shareholders trying to use the tools of capitalism to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for climate change. But the Trump administration is threatening the efforts of environmentally aware investors and shareholders.

Iran Flooding Leaves at Least 21 Dead, and More Rain on the Way

Twenty of Iran's 31 provinces were experiencing floods or facing an imminent threat of flooding after extreme rainfall in the region, and with more to come. "Climate change is forcing itself on our country," said Energy Minister Reza Ardekanian. "These unprecedented floods in our country are because of climate change worldwide." 

Newspapers and the Costs of Environmental Reporting in Coal Country

Newspapers are struggling, and one casualty is environmental reporting. The New Yorker talked with ICN's James Bruggers for an article about the loss of environment reporters at major newspapers in Kentucky. Here's more on what ICN is doing to support local environment reporting, including expanding our National Environment Reporting Network, training reporters across the regions and collaborating with local newsrooms. 

March 26, 2019

4 Things to Know on Today's Green New Deal Vote in the Senate

Before U.S. lawmakers have even come up with the details of the Green New Deal, they're being asked to take a stand on it in a vote in the Senate today. The vote, orchestrated by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in an attempt to embarrass Democrats, could reveal more about Republican denial than Democratic disunity. Here's what you need to know.

Wall Street Is Masking the True Cost of Climate Change for Coastal Homes

Coastal homes are increasingly vulnerable to flooding as sea level rises, but that may not be fully reflected in insurance costs as new investment capital that has gone into insurers and reinsurers has increased competition in the industry and held premiums down, artificially suppressing the cost of coastal homeownership, Bloomberg reports. 

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