October 17, 2010

Gates Agriculture Grants Focus on Seeds, Climate

Gates Foundation, which has donated $1.5 billion to agriculture in developing countries, is focusing more investments on seeds and technology to help small farmers adapt to climate change, the foundation's chief executive said on Thursday.

October 15, 2010

UN Climate Body to Push for Reforms, But Pachauri Stays

The UN panel of climate change scientists agreed Thursday to push for reforms after coming in for strong criticism over errors in a 2007 report.


Shareholders Challenge Big Oil Efforts to Kill CA Climate Law

Shareholders have filed resolutions with three oil companies asking for their boards of directors to review political spending in light of their support for overturning California's climate law.

Analysis: Cleantech Opportunities Return After Dismal Year

Green energy opportunities are emerging after dismal returns this year, led by a buoyant solar industry and government renewable energy targets.

Barton Hits EPA on Clear Air Rule Costs

The top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is accusing EPA of rolling out pollution rules that will cost industries billions without fully weighing the economic effects.

Europe Switches to Plan B in New China-US Climate Pitch

Europe pushed China, the U.S. and a host of emerging powers on Thursday to extend a soon-to-expire deal to combat global warming at crunch talks in Mexico.


BLM Moves On Round 2 of Colorado, Utah Oil Shale Deals

Nominations for three more leases of federal land in Colorado and Utah for oil shale research are advancing for more review, the BLM said Wednesday.

Pennsylvania Republican Promises Tax Break for Natural Gas Industry

Tom Corbett, a Republican who is well ahead in the race for governor, says he will undo a Democratic initiative to impose a drilling tax on natural gas industry.

Environmentalists Join Mountaintop Fray

Environmental groups from Appalachia moved Thursday to join the federal government in fighting an industry lawsuit that would weaken oversight of mountaintop coal mining.

Government to Conduct Surprise Oil Rig Inspections

The U.S. offshore drilling agency will begin conducting surprise inspections on oil rigs, the agency's head said on Thursday.

U.S. Offshore Agency Excited Over Google Power Line

The U.S. offshore energy czar said Google Inc's surprising decision to get involved in wind energy is an exciting development.

Oil Co. Says It Won't Ship Big Loads All Decade

An oil company is denying an environmental group's report that says huge loads of refinery equipment will be shipped over scenic U.S. 12 in the Rocky Mountains for the next decade.

Shell Urges U.S. to Adopt North Sea Drilling Rules

Royal Dutch Shell urged the U.S. to adopt the tougher drilling rules applied in the North Sea, which it said could have helped prevent the mistakes that contributed to the BP disaster.

U.S. Solar Companies Expect to Create 24,000 Jobs Next Year

A review of national solar employment said the number of workers in the industry will increase by 26%, representing nearly 24,000 net new jobs by August 2011.

Plug-In Cars Pose Riddle for E.P.A.

Just two months before the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf enter showrooms, how the E.P.A. will measure the cars' fuel economy remains a question.

Walmart Sows Seeds for Sustainable Farming Revolution

Walmart yesterday hailed a "new era" in its approach to the agricultural sector, launching a new initiative designed to promote sustainable farming techniques among its suppliers.

October 14, 2010

Rich Must Make Clearer Climate Cuts: UN

Rich nations must spell out their plans for cutting carbon more clearly to enable UN talks in Mexico to agree the cornerstone of a pact to slow warming, the U.N.'s climate chief said.

Europe Contemplates Raising Carbon Target to 30%

European environment ministers meet today to consider raising 2020 carbon cuts target from 20% to 30% against 1990 levels.

African Leaders Urged to Tackle Climate Change

African leaders came under pressure on Wednesday to take concrete actions against global warming at the African Development Forum in the Ethiopian capital, organisers said.

U.S. Clean Energy Sector Buffeted by U.S. Election Winds

U.S. business leaders, venture capitalists and government officials echo a similar concern: political uncertainty is roiling an industry once brimming with promise.

Ethanol Decision Seen as Corn Belt Pandering

The Obama administration's decision to allow more ethanol in gasoline was met with fury from environmentalists and Big Oil, but it could help Democrats in the nation's Corn Belt.

Pentagon Going Green, Because It Has To

The US military's heavy dependence on fossil fuels is a dangerous vulnerability, officials said Wednesday as they made a fresh push to develop renewable energy solutions for the battlefield.


Joe Barton Makes Play for Energy Gavel

Republicans don't even have the House majority yet, but Rep. Joe Barton is already making a play for a powerful energy chairmanship his leadership is highly unlikely to give him.

Gulf Moratorium Is Over But Drilling Has to Wait

The Gulf of Mexico is a mix of furious activity and tortured waiting around, one day after the end of the federal moratorium on deep water drilling.

Oil Spill Panel Chief Defends Report After White House Attacks

The co-chairman of the presidential commission probing the BP oil spill is defending draft staff findings critical of the federal spill response that drew heavy White House pushback.

EU Suggests Drilling Ban in Case of Safety Doubts

EU governments should stop deepwater drilling projects if they have any safety doubts, the EU said Wednesday, stopping short of an outright ban.

California Tops ACEEE State Rankings for a Fourth Year

California again leads the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's annual list of the states that do the most to advance energy efficiency, but Massachusetts is closing in.

GM Hits Back at Volt Critics

GM has been on defensive this week after the run up to the launch next month of its Volt was marred by press reports suggesting the plug-in car is little more than a standard hybrid electric vehicle.

Brazil: Environmentalism Not a Top Priority for Voters

The unexpectedly strong performance of Green Party candidate Marina Silva in the Oct.  presidential elections could lead to a deceptively optimistic interpretation of the importance given to environmental issues by voters.

Q&A: India's Climate Chief on Making India Greener

India's environment minister and chief climate change negotiator Jairam Ramesh answers questions on the challenges he faces to chart out a green path for India.

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