October 14, 2010

Ethanol Decision Seen as Corn Belt Pandering

The Obama administration's decision to allow more ethanol in gasoline was met with fury from environmentalists and Big Oil, but it could help Democrats in the nation's Corn Belt.

Pentagon Going Green, Because It Has To

The US military's heavy dependence on fossil fuels is a dangerous vulnerability, officials said Wednesday as they made a fresh push to develop renewable energy solutions for the battlefield.


Joe Barton Makes Play for Energy Gavel

Republicans don't even have the House majority yet, but Rep. Joe Barton is already making a play for a powerful energy chairmanship his leadership is highly unlikely to give him.

Gulf Moratorium Is Over But Drilling Has to Wait

The Gulf of Mexico is a mix of furious activity and tortured waiting around, one day after the end of the federal moratorium on deep water drilling.

Oil Spill Panel Chief Defends Report After White House Attacks

The co-chairman of the presidential commission probing the BP oil spill is defending draft staff findings critical of the federal spill response that drew heavy White House pushback.

EU Suggests Drilling Ban in Case of Safety Doubts

EU governments should stop deepwater drilling projects if they have any safety doubts, the EU said Wednesday, stopping short of an outright ban.

California Tops ACEEE State Rankings for a Fourth Year

California again leads the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's annual list of the states that do the most to advance energy efficiency, but Massachusetts is closing in.

GM Hits Back at Volt Critics

GM has been on defensive this week after the run up to the launch next month of its Volt was marred by press reports suggesting the plug-in car is little more than a standard hybrid electric vehicle.

Brazil: Environmentalism Not a Top Priority for Voters

The unexpectedly strong performance of Green Party candidate Marina Silva in the Oct.  presidential elections could lead to a deceptively optimistic interpretation of the importance given to environmental issues by voters.

Q&A: India's Climate Chief on Making India Greener

India's environment minister and chief climate change negotiator Jairam Ramesh answers questions on the challenges he faces to chart out a green path for India.

Report: Many Birds Still Face Threats From Gulf Oil

Six months after the start of the BP oil spill, the Audubon Society reports that many species of migratory birds and shorebirds face continuing threats from oil and tar balls.

Egypt Must Go Green to Save Red Sea

The Red Sea's ecosystem is under threat from pollution and Egyptians refusing to accept there is an environmental problem.

Rainbow Warrior Denied Entry to Indonesia: Greenpeace

Global environmental pressure group Greenpeace said on Thursday its Rainbow Warrior flagship had been denied access to Indonesian waters, and insisted the government had no grounds to have turned it back.


October 13, 2010

Drilling Ban Lifted; Uncertainties Still Face Gulf

Deepwater oil drills quieted by a six-month moratorium will again hum off the Gulf Coast. What's less certain is just how soon the jobs on hold because of the ban will come back.


Drilling Backers, Critics Raise Eyebrows at Lifting of Drilling Ban

Reaction to the administration's lifting of the deepwater oil-and-gas
 drilling moratorium about six weeks ahead of schedule raised eyebrows 
among both defenders and critics of drilling.

Obama Push to Unclog Backlog of Contested Mine-Safety Citations is Backfiring

A high-priority Obama administration push to unclog a backlog of contested mine safety citations is backfiring.

Sharp Solar Squares Up Against "Frenemies"

The new head of Sharp Solar's U.S. business expects the country's renewable energy sector to take off in the coming years, overshadowing the leading German market and and attracting heavy investment.

EPA: Hope for Progress with China Despite Friction

China and the U.S. are working together on cutting greenhouse gas emissions despite the deadlock over a broader global agreement on fighting climate change, the head of the U.S. EPA said Wednesday.

Sources: EPA Expected to OK More Ethanol in Gas

EPA is expected to raise the maximum amount of ethanol that can be blended with gasoline for vehicles manufactured since 2007.

S.Korea Unveils Huge Clean Energy Investment Plan

South Korea Wednesday unveiled a five-year plan to spend $36 billion developing renewable energy as its next economic growth engine.


Sea Change: Corals Reveal Climate Change's Impact on Ocean

The place where the ocean's cold deep water blends with the warmer water of the upper ocean is on the move due to climate change, new research reveals.

Agency Releases New Chukchi Drilling Assessment

Two months after a judge found flaws in the government's environmental assessment of oil drilling in the Chukchi Sea, federal regulators released a revised analysis that was immediately denounced by environmental and Alaska Native groups.

GE to Challenge First Solar in Thin-Film Panels

GE wants to make solar power as big a business for it as wind power is today — and it's starting to look to thin-film solar technology to do it.

Economic Scene: A Climate Proposal Beyond Cap and Trade

The death of cap and trade doesn't have to mean the death of climate policy. The alternative revolves around much more, and much better organized, financing for clean energy research.

October 12, 2010

Gov't: Offshore Oil Drilling Ban To Be Lifted

The Obama administration is lifting the six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico imposed after the BP oil spill, officials said Tuesday.


Gasoline Pump Prices Rise On Oil and Corn Rallies

Drivers have seen gas pump prices jump by nearly a dime a gallon in the past week because of a rally in prices for oil and corn, from which the gas additive ethanol is made.


UK: Failure to Impose CCS Levy on Energy Bills Would be 'Disastrous,' MPs Told

Experts fear the government will not impose the levy needed to raise £4bn for demonstration carbon capture and storage plants.


Trans-Elect to Propose U.S. Offshore Wind Power Line

Trans-Elect, a developer of transmission lines, will unveil a plan on Tuesday to build a high-voltage cable to carry power from future offshore wind farms to U.S. East Coast.

Poll: Obama Would Rout Palin in 2012

A new poll shows that the president would lead the former Alaska governor by 16 points.

Shell CEO Criticizes Gulf Spiill

The head of Royal Dutch Shell says that his company would never have made the mistakes that led to BP's devastating Gulf spill.

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