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Exxon dilbit spill 2013

Groups opposed to the $5 million ExxonMobil settlement are worried that drinking water for 750,000 Arkansas residents isn't protected.
ExxonMobil's $5 million settlement for polluting water during the Pegasus oil pipeline spill may be...
07/28/2015 | Read More
Unprecedented secrecy in a class action suit that is seeking to determine if oil giant was negligent in upkeep of burst pipeline.
Oil giant ExxonMobil is seeking "unprecedented secrecy" by labeling nearly 900,000 pages of...
10/31/2014 | Read More
Exxon's pipeline stress test plan, obtained by ICN through a FOIA request, may leave crack threats lurking in the 1940s-era pipe, expert says.
ExxonMobil could restart the northern leg of its Pegasus oil pipeline within a year, but the...
07/07/2014 | Read More
Potentially potent lawsuit claiming Exxon violated pollution laws after its 2013 Mayflower oil pipeline spill survives dismissal attempts.
Federal and state attorneys who sued ExxonMobil Corp. over its Arkansas pipeline spill have won...
06/30/2014 | Read More
'What gets everybody really suspicious is that you don't have access to watch it, which raises all kinds of issues about transparency.'
Federal pipeline regulators and ExxonMobil lawyers will spar Wednesday in Houston over a proposed $...
06/11/2014 | Read More
Are dilbit spills more dangerous to people and the environment than leaks of conventional oil? For the first time the U.S. will study this question.
The federal government said Tuesday it will study a critical question in the battle over oil...
05/21/2014 | Read More
What caused Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline to split apart while the line was running well below maximum pressure? It's still anyone's guess.
It's been a year since a broken oil pipeline sent an estimated 210,000 gallons of Canadian dilbit...
03/28/2014 | Read More
Residents have been left in the dark about whether the Texas leg of the idled Pegasus has been made safe. The 211-mile segment could reopen this week.
The southern leg of ExxonMobil's idled Pegasus oil pipeline, a segment regulators say is...
03/25/2014 | Read More
After nine months, there's still no discussion of what actually caused the Pegasus pipeline to split apart and spill oil across an Ark. community.
ExxonMobil has landed a new deadline extension for telling regulators how it plans to safely...
01/07/2014 | Read More
Several other major pipelines intended to transport diluted bitumen from Canada's tar sands could be affected by the Pegasus outcome.
Industry analysts and others who have wondered whether ExxonMobil will restart the broken Pegasus...
01/02/2014 | Read More