Businesses are under pressure as climate change knowledge grows and public opinion shifts. It's playing out in the courts, in policies and in consumer choices.

Exxon's 25 Years of 'No'

A narrative chronology and detailed spreadsheet examine Exxon's refusal to support dozens of shareholder resolutions on climate change since 1990.

By Elizabeth Douglass

InsideClimate News reviewed 25 years' worth of shareholder proposals at the three largest U.S. oil companies—ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips—to see how they responded to investor concerns about climate change.

Fired: Texas Oil and Gas Regulators Say They Tried to Enforce Rules, Lost Jobs

By David Hasemyer

EARSALL, Texas—During their careers as oil and gas inspectors for the Texas Railroad Commission, Fred Wright and Morris Kocurek earned merit raises, promotions and praise from their supervisors.

They went about their jobs—keeping tabs on the conduct of the state's most important industry—with gusto.

But they may have done their jobs too well for the industry's taste—and for their own agency's.

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