A Collaborative Reporting Project

American Climate intends to be a long-lived collaborative project dedicated to reporting on the human costs of extreme weather events related to climate change. Tens of thousands of Americans have had their lives upended by climate-related disasters. It’s a big story that keeps getting bigger.

We are asking readers and viewers who have been harmed by hurricanes, coastal storms, wildfires, floods, droughts and heat waves to tell us their stories so that we can share their submissions with our partners in the U.S. media – TV, radio, online and print.

News organizations interested in joining the project and gaining access to these submissions should email us from the contact form on our web site and choose American Climate Project Partner on the drop down menu. We’ll respond right away.

We’ll be collecting partners’ stories and linking to them below as this collaboration moves forward.

American Climate: A Shared Experience Connects Survivors of Disaster

In three U.S. communities devastated by disaster, themes of loss and survival resonate through personal stories of those who were there.

InsideClimate News – 11/25/19