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All Eyes on Keeling Curve: Scientists Anxious as CO2 Levels to Cross 400 PPM

'Stronger storms, droughts, rising seas. We are already seeing the impacts of increased CO2 in the atmosphere ... How much further can we really go?'

Apr 30, 2013
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The Mauna Loa Observatory

"The next big emissions target is 450 ppm," Butler said. "That's the one the IPCC [The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] warns we really don't want to rise above. Based on our current rate of emissions, we could be there in 25 years. That's a scary prospect."

Watch a visual presentation of how CO2 has changed over the last 800,000 years. Video courtesy of Andy Jacobson of the University of Colorado and NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory:

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