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Clean Economy

A clean economy is a segment of an economic system in which supply chains are transformed to meet demand for low-carbon energy technologies. It's based on the idea that shifting to clean energy can unleash economic growth and job creation. Maria Gallucci, our clean economy reporter, examines this idea each week in all its variety and controversy.

The amount of energy Walmart gets from renewables has decreased from 4 percent to 3 percent, a new study finds.
For the past decade, Walmart has touted itself as a leader in sustainability, boasting about its...
11/20/2014 | Read More
OP-ED: 'Displacing fossil fuels won’t be easy. But it will be profitable once governments intervene.'
Carl Pope, a veteran leader of the environmental movement, is the former executive director and...
11/17/2014 | Read More
The business presence at this year's Climate Week went well beyond the 'green bubble' that has long surrounded such climate advocacy.
Climate Week presented a two-front push for nations to take action on climate change. The moral...
09/29/2014 | Read More
IEA pegs cost of addressing climate change at 1.3 percent of global output of goods and services. The investment would also stoke a clean economy.
A two-year-old number is changing the way governments, companies and investors approach the fight...
09/15/2014 | Read More
Hundreds of companies are working toward clean energy solutions as governor freezes statewide targets for renewables.
As the state of Ohio freezes climate policy, the city of Cleveland and its surrounding area are...
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This year, $230 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will go to programs for low-income and minority people.
One-quarter of the $872 million generated by California's 18-month-old cap-and-trade scheme will go...
06/25/2014 | Read More
Study finds air emissions from biomass facilities could be dramatically improved if so-called loopholes are closed in power plant regulations.
A new study charges that government regulations for biomass plants are riddled with loopholes that...
04/09/2014 | Read More
Like most of the world's billion cars, they use a potent super greenhouse gas in their air-conditioning systems.
America's electric cars are better for the environment, but they share a dirty little secret. The...
03/19/2014 | Read More
PowerWorks is part of a niche market that is emerging for selling second-hand turbines to mainly developing countries and island nations.
The sprawling hills of California's Altamont Pass are covered in thousands of wind turbines nearly...
02/25/2014 | Read More
For all its faults, the Renewable Fuels Standard is the only federal policy that is steadily eroding the oil industry's de facto monopoly on motor fuels.
The American oil industry could be on the verge of winning its war on the federal Renewable Fuel...
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