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Clean Economy

A clean economy is a segment of an economic system in which supply chains are transformed to meet demand for low-carbon energy technologies. It's based on the idea that shifting to clean energy can unleash economic growth and job creation. Maria Gallucci, our clean economy reporter, examines this idea each week in all its variety and controversy.

While some caution a tax on carbon won't fix everything, new research shows it can significantly slow deforestation.
Deforestation will cost the Earth an India-sized patch of forest by mid-century––a crippling blow...
08/27/2015 | Read More
A new company, BioLite, aims to reduce indoor pollution for the more than 3 billion people in the developing world who cook over a dirty open fire.
If you were looking for engineers intent on fighting one of the world's greatest public health...
08/26/2015 | Read More
The Obama administration’s final carbon pollution rules placed steeper expectations on coal-dependent states that have not been striving to cut emissions.
After months of strategizing in Kentucky about how the state might meet emission targets proposed...
08/14/2015 | Read More
Cheap gas puts people back on the road and buying gas-guzzlers, reversing long decline in greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles.
So much for the idea that American gasoline use topped out in the last decade. Lower oil prices and...
08/13/2015 | Read More
With households and large companies turning to solar, SolarCity moves to make its power accessible for the smaller commercial market.
In a move to accelerate the spread of solar power in the United States, the nation's largest...
07/28/2015 | Read More
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative offers blueprint to all states as they begin to think about how they will comply with Clean Power Plan, study suggests.
States looking to comply with the Clean Power Plan should follow the Northeast's example, a new...
07/14/2015 | Read More
Financing the shift to renewable energy will require bonds, which are growing in popularity, but not fast enough.
A critical piece of the funding needed to transition to a low-carbon world—bond financing for...
07/13/2015 | Read More
Obama administration strategy would funnel $520 million into community or shared solar farms, where renters can buy shares or memberships into projects.
When President Obama announced a new initiative this week to expand access to solar energy for...
07/10/2015 | Read More
A new report says updating building codes and energy use reductions will help New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sustainability plan succeed.
This story was updated at 10:30 AM EDT on July 8. With New York City's buildings responsible for...
07/07/2015 | Read More
In a rare state that does not allow third-party electricity generation, a Greensboro church bucks Duke Energy and state law to embrace clean energy.
A jovial ribbon-cutting ceremony at a small red brick church in Greensboro, the third-largest city...
06/30/2015 | Read More