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For almost two decades now, Congress has found it impossible to pass comprehensive climate legislation. It came close in the last session, but the Senate let a House bill die before reaching the floor for debate. What now?

The Obama administration’s final carbon pollution rules placed steeper expectations on coal-dependent states that have not been striving to cut emissions.
After months of strategizing in Kentucky about how the state might meet emission targets proposed...
08/14/2015 | Read More
White House praises commitment that surpasses China's and could motivate other developing nations on the road to Paris climate talks.
Mexico promised on Friday that its emissions of greenhouse gases will peak by 2026 and then begin...
03/27/2015 | Read More
"What is effective is talking to voters," says a founder of Climate Hawks Vote in an interview. "Luckily, that kind of work doesn't take a lot of money."
Earlier this month, Hawaii Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz won his party's primary race by just 1,769...
08/20/2014 | Read More
Tar sands, deepsea drilling and other projects would lose money if lower demand, CO2 restrictions or other factors forced crude prices below $95.
Critics of environmentally risky oil projects proposed for deep undersea and Canada's tar sands got...
08/18/2014 | Read More
Republicans and Democrats, environmentalists and the business community, get behind the groundbreaking bill.
Adapting for climate change is no longer just a recommendation in New York State. It is about to...
08/05/2014 | Read More
This year, $230 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will go to programs for low-income and minority people.
One-quarter of the $872 million generated by California's 18-month-old cap-and-trade scheme will go...
06/25/2014 | Read More
With the deadline to expand the cap-and-trade program less than six months away, energy companies are urging the two governments to pull back.
OTTAWA—When you combine climate change, an unlikely partnership between Californians and French-...
06/12/2014 | Read More
The Bloomberg administration has done what it can to require future mayors to deal with global warming. But will Bill de Blasio follow Bloomberg's lead?
Global warming experts around the world say New York City's plans to reduce its greenhouse gas...
11/22/2013 | Read More
Sandy struck the city. Fory-four New Yorkers died. Thousands of homes were lost. The devastation pushed adaptation to the top of Bloomberg's priorities.
Global warming experts around the world say New York City's plans to reduce its greenhouse gas...
11/21/2013 | Read More
The city's economic reality flipped 180 degrees. The budget deficit reached $4 billion. Bloomberg's climate plan would suffer, but only briefly.
Global warming experts around the world say New York City's plans to reduce its greenhouse gas...
11/20/2013 | Read More