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Nuclear Energy

There is talk of a nuclear renaissance across the political spectrum, and tens of billions of dollars in new federal money to kick start it. But critics worry the expensive industry will forever be a ward of the state; or saddle ratepayers with steep electric bills for a generation or more; or compromise national security.

Shutdown of Pilgrim facility in Massachusetts fuels critics' challenge.
Two days after a major New England blizzard contributed to the shutdown of the Pilgrim Nuclear...
01/29/2015 | Read More
Citizens in Berlin are fighting to democratize and decentralize the city's energy system, and they've found an unlikely model—in Sacramento, Calif.
BERLIN, Germany—A decision 90 years ago by the people of Sacramento, Calif. to oust a private...
12/12/2013 | Read More
At the often misunderstood DOE Loan Programs Office, 200 staffers work to fill a critical financing hole for new energy technologies in the United States.
At the U.S. Department of Energy's Washington, D.C. headquarters, the fourth floor feels like any...
10/09/2013 | Read More
Peter Davidson, a former investment banker, takes the helm. 'The truth is not at all what the popular perception is,' he says.
Peter Davidson walked nervously toward a U.S. Senate conference room in Washington, D.C. A lanky...
10/03/2013 | Read More
As the economics of building plants and maintaining old ones erode, some experts see little hope for an industry being touted by some as a climate savior.
A string of plant closures, project cancellations and other setbacks has raised new doubts about...
09/24/2013 | Read More
Likely DOE nominee Ernest Moniz has already drawn fire from some environmentalists for being pro-industry. But his speeches reveal a more nuanced position.
The likely nomination of nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz to lead the Department of Energy has drawn...
02/21/2013 | Read More
Clean Break: Chapter 4 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Bonn, Germany—On the afternoon of April 29, 1986, West Germany's Interior Minister Friedrich...
11/16/2012 | Read More
Clean Break: Chapter 3 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Sankt Peter im Schwarzwald, Germany—The Abbey of St. Peter in the Black Forest has had its ups and...
11/15/2012 | Read More
'To people who say it can't be done here, it worked in Germany. If they can do it there, we can do it here,' says Clean Break author Osha Gray Davidson.
How can the United States turn its clean energy economy into one as robust as Germany's, where 26...
11/14/2012 | Read More
Clean Break: Chapter 2 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Zingst, Germany—"What an eyesore, huh?" the man standing next to me on the beach said, nodding in...
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