National Environment Reporting Network

National Environment Reporting Network

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A national ecosystem that informs the public about critical environmental issues is collapsing, and its survival hinges on an endangered species: the local environmental journalist. In the last 10 years, conversations around climate, energy and basic pollution protections have suffered from a hollowing out of local environmental news, particularly in the country's interior.

InsideClimate News is working hard to bring this species back from the brink through our National Environment Reporting Network.

We are hiring experienced reporters based in key regions of the nation to write stories, train local reporters, and collaborate with newsrooms to produce more in-depth environment reporting.

Our first training was held in Nashville, Tennessee in September 2018 and others will be announced soon. Our goal? To revive and strengthen environmental journalism so it is embedded in the DNA of local news outlets, as fundamental to readers as the crime or sports beat.

We are grateful to the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the Park Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund for their support in launching this project, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for a major grant in support of  our vision. 

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