March 3, 2020

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Is Climate Change Urgent Enough to Justify a Crime? A Jury in Portland Was Asked to Decide – InsideClimate News

Trump Replacement of Obama-era Emissions Rule May Not Be as Good for Society, EPA Board Says – The Hill

Americans Are Paying $34 Billion Too Much for Houses in Flood Plains – Bloomberg

Rich Countries Could Be Asked to Pay Billions to Protect Biodiversity – The Guardian

Lawmakers Clamor to Add Provisions to Fast-moving Energy Bill – The Hill

U.S. Vehicle Fleet Sets New Record for Fuel Efficiency in 2018 – Reuters

Delaware Senator Asks EPA Watchdog to Probe SAFE Vehicles, ‘Secret Science’ Rules – The Hill

Prominent Climate Group Endorses Both Sanders and Warren – The Hill

Warren Releases Plan to Regulate Wall Street’s Effect on Climate Change – The Hill