March 4, 2019

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Wally Broecker, ‘Grandfather’ of Climate Science, Leaves a Final Warning – NBC

Pressed by Climate Activists, Senate Democrats Plan to ‘Go on Offense’ – The New York Times

Green New Deal vs. Carbon Tax: A Clash of 2 Worldviews, Both Seeking Climate Action – InsideClimate News

Coal Ash Contaminates Groundwater at 91% of U.S. Coal Plants, Tests Show – InsideClimate News

Methane in the Atmosphere is Surging, and That Has Scientists Worried – Los Angeles Times

The U.S. is Making an Effort to End the Longest Oil Spill in History. This Company is Fighting Against It in Court. – Washington Post

Finland Wants EU to Agree to Plan for Net-Zero Carbon Footprint – Reuters

Tesla’s Store-Shuttering Strategy May Pull the Rug Out of Solar – Reuters