March 4, 2020

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Europe Unveils Landmark Climate Law; Thunberg Calls It ‘Surrender’ – Reuters

Breathing Polluted Air Shortens People’s Lives by an Average of 3 Years, a New Study Finds – InsideClimate News

Youth Activists Appeal Ruling That They Can’t Sue Government Over Climate Change – The Hill

Another Mass Extinction is Underway, New Study Suggests – Newsweek

Trump Calls for Full Funding for Conservation Program After Slashing It in His Budget – The Hill

Helping the Snow Gods: Cloud Seeding Grows as Weapon Against Global Warming – InsideClimate News

EPA Revamp of ‘Secret Science’ Rule Will Keep Limiting Research, Scientists Say – The Hill

Fossil Fuels for Power at Turning Point as Renewables Surged in 2019, Data Shows – Reuters