Today’s Climate: December 4, 2009

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India’s Climate Target Mirrors China’s (Reuters)

India set a goal today for slowing growth of its greenhouse gas emissions, an announcement that contrasted with a harder line a day earlier when diplomats said India, China, Brazil and South Africa opposed the a goal of halving world emissions by 2050.

Denmark Rushes Laws to Stop Carbon Trading Scam (Guardian)

Europe’s flagship carbon trading scheme suffered a blow today as the Danish government was forced to rush an emergency law through parliament to clamp down on a virulent form of VAT fraud.

IETA: Copenhagen Talks Must Mandate CDM Reform (Reuters)

The multi-billion dollar Clean Development Mechanism to drive clean-energy investment in poorer nations urgently needs reforms during the Copenhagen summit, the International Emissions Trading Association says in a report released today.

US Study Finds No Evidence Wind Farms Hurt Property Prices (Business Green)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory assessed data from 7,459 home sales in nine states and concluded "neither the view of the wind facilities nor the distance of the home to those facilities is found to have any consistent, measurable, and statistically significant effect on home sales prices."

IPCC to Examine Hacked Climate E-Mail Case (Guardian)

Claims that researchers manipulated climate change data are to be investigated by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "This is a serious issue and we will look into it in detail," IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri said.

US Emissions Down 2.2% in 2008 (Green Car Congress)

Total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell 2.2% from 2007 to 2008 due to higher energy prices, a struggling economy and lower demand, the Energy Information Administration reports. Transportation emissions fell 4.7%.

China Puts Cost of Climate Goal at $30B a Year (AFP)

China will need to invest up to $30 billion a year to meet its goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, the state press reported today, citing an academic study.

Centrist Democrats Send Copenhagen Wish List to White House (Greenwire)

“Verification is essential" for the next international agreement, the group headed by Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter writes.

Cameron Hit by Tory Backlash on Environment (Independent)

Britain’s David Cameron is facing a growing challenge to his authority from senior members of his own party who say they have doubts about the Conservatives’ stance on global warming.

US Plan to Fight Black Lung Disease May Not Lower Dust Limits (Charleston Gazette)

The Obama administration kicked off a campaign to "end black lung," but said it may not follow through on a proposal to tighten the legal limits on coal dust that causes the deadly disease.

Glacier Loss Threatens Water Source for Bolivia Capital (BBC)

Scientists monitoring Andes glaciers say the ice is showing signs of shrinking faster than previously forecast, raising fears for the future of water supplies in one of Latin America’s fastest-growing urban areas: Bolivia’s sprawling capital of La Paz and its twin El Alto.

‘We Are a Harbinger of What Is to Come’ (IPS)

A group of indigenous people have travelled to Copenhagen with dramatic documentary videos they made about the immediate impacts of climate change on their homelands and way of life. "Our animals are all dead,” said one young Massai.

Everest Hosts Nepal Cabinet Meeting (CNN)

Nepal’s cabinet met at the base of Everest on Friday to highlight the impact of climate change on the Himalayas and adopted a 10-point Everest Declaration.

Barnett Shale Drilling Site Tests Raise Concerns in Texas (Dallas Morning News)

Tests showing high concentrations of benzene and other toxic chemicals near Barnett shale gas drill sites in Texas have brought a new focus on the natural gas industry and public health.

Global CCS Institute To Launch A$50 Million Funding Round (Dow Jones)

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute will seek industry applications starting Monday for its first annual funding round of up to A$50 million, with a tight deadline for applications of Jan. 8.

California Gives Green Light for Space-Based Solar (CNet)

Under a power purchase agreement approved by California regulators, Pacific Gas & Electric will purchase electricity from technology provider Solaren starting in 2016 if it successfully deploys its space-based solar collectors, which would be the first of its kind.